Winter Orb (Worb) does take a lot of investment to push super hard end content such as Uber Bosses, but the build was not designed to do that content. This build is designed to be a fun mapper and Sanctum farmer. If you want a speedy fun mapper this is the build for you. If you want a tank, do not play this build as you will be disappointed. This builds main defenses come from freezing everything. You can make it more tanky and I will be adding that to the guide later for those that may want that but its truly meant to be a speedy mapping build.

Have a detailed POB with a notes section that is detailed on gear/upgrade paths.




3.22 Changes

3.22 brings little to no changes via the patch notes. The tattoos may be a very nice buff as we can convert some INT nodes to more usable stats.


POB/POBB has been updated for 3.21

Gauntlet Viable?

I took the challenge of seeing how far I could take it in SSF HC Gauntlet. I was able to make it to 80 in under 10 hours. I am going to add this version to the POB. It makes a nice way to get damage/survivability until you can obtain the zoomy uniques.



3.22 brings little to no changes via the patch notes. The tattoos may be a very nice buff as we can convert some INT nodes to more usable stats.


Mastery Changes

The Mastery changes makes it to where we don't have access to frenzy charge generation as easy/cheap. Not a huge issue as you can still anoint until you get the frenzy chest. The new masteries are better for us. Getting exposure early on until we get the exposure mod on gloves is a great damage boost. The covered in frost mastery is a great mastery to switch to when we get gloves for some additional damage.


Curse Changes

The curse changes will increase the Single Target while lowering the clear damage a little bit. Neither one of these is an issue.



You use Winter Orb with a few channeled stacks to do most general mapping. We have elusive on critical strike and onslaught on kill on our boots. Once these proc our build becomes pretty zoomy. You just do small channels as you are running from pack to pack to keep your stacks up. The big bonus of this skill/build is it allows us to deal damage while moving.


Budget Endgame

Has about 36 mil Pinnacle/Boss DPS and 40 million Conqueror/T16 Map Boss DPS

$$$ - Endgame

Has 115 mil Pinnacle/Boss DPS

$$$ - Min/Max

Has 140 Mil Pinnacle/Boss DPS (Mr9lives)



+ Amazing for Sanctum
+ The build has very good clear speed for smooth mapping.
+ Can do all map mods other than Elemental reflect (No Regen Can be done just annoying (requires flask or 2 node change on tree))
+ Freezes everything and gets Freeze Shatters
+ Can be done on a smaller budget with more investment to push harder

- Very Squishy build if you can't freeze (Avoid Ailment maps)
- Making it more Tanky sacrifices a lot of damage but can be done
- Can get very expensive to truly push to Uber Boss levels

Leveling Tips

I wouldn't recommend league starting Winter Orb if you aren't good with farming currency. It is very expensive the first few days of the league to get going. I would level wintertide brand which uses the same ascendancy and a lot of the same nodes to farm up currency and switch over to Winter Orb a few days/Week later into the league. If this is not your first character grab some of the leveling uniques and enjoy.

Wintertide Brand League Start

Recommendable Leveling Uniques

Ascendancy Order

1. Forbidden Power
2. Void Beacon
3. Frigid Wake
4. Unholy Authority

Passive Trees

The Comprehensive Winter Orb POB has 3 versions of the build all combined into one. You can go from Leveling to Budget Endgame to $$$ Endgame. It all up to your playstyle and how much you want to invest.

https://pastebin.com/iXWZWriH - POB
https://pobb.in/23FSkzYDd1Q1 - Browser

The Pantheon

For the Pantheon you take what you feel you need/benefits you most.


If you have an questions or need any help always feel free to join Twitch Channel and ask away. If you enjoyed the build stop by and let use know. Mr9Lives is live 100 plus hours a week and streams 20-30 hours at a time regularly. Not only can the channel help with the build Mr9Lives is great with helping/teach economy so you can go from this budget version to the full version. Stop on by it would be great to see ya!!!

If You enjoyed the guide and would like more guides like this drop by MR9Lives channel. I'm always up for making more quality guides if the want and support is there.


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Can say this build is quite survivable without having high EHP, very enjoyable when used for what it excels at. SJ is always around on my stream helping people with the build, he truly knows everything about this build, it's been his favorite for a long time and he helps ALOT of people with it.
Hi, just checking. The endgame setup has a 6 count on the Worb. I'm guessing this is a mistake?
Hehulk wrote:
Hi, just checking. The endgame setup has a 6 count on the Worb. I'm guessing this is a mistake?

Nope endgame setup uses Awakened GMP which gives you 5 where regular only gives you 4 additional projectiles.
Top quality guide, I am about 2 mirrors into the build and it's beautiful. Very nice build can do nothing but recommend this to anyone who's looking for a good WORB build.
Damn, it was so good you made it twice?
Any updates for crucible ? (:
No major updates but will updating pob.
Thanks for the guide and POB. Really good work.
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Hello I really wanna try the build, but apparently i can't see any videos of the build. Youtube channel does not exist

Edit : only the mapping video, my bad :)
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