[3.23] Toxic Rain Girl - All hail to our pod Overlords

Hello all!

This is a Take of the Ever popular Toxic Rain Skill, but not with a Ranger but a Scion :)

Why Scion?
The answer for the Switch is simple: DPS and Starting Position
Scion starts near very strong duration clusters as well as Life/Suppression clusters.
Berserker gives flat 15% damage as well as easy access to strength and Stun immunity. With the right Mod on gloves Rage is stacked quite fast.
Raider gives us frenzy Generation on Bosses, perma onslaught, perma Phasing as well as 20% suppress chance.
Last but not least we get extra Damage through tricksters mastery system (this build has 10 - 11 different Masteries active) which leads to a whooping 20-22% more damage multiplier.

This Build features about 30 Million realistic dps vs pinnacle Bosses and still about 10 Million Dps vs Uber pinnacle Bosses. Due to small Area of effect clear is a bit slow, but thats fine, just use maps with small corridors ;)


Changed Discipline to determination, as I've 1k+ ES without it.With soul of steel this build lives through juicy shit (up to 90k eHP against pinnacle bosses)

3.23 Base!!! Duration of Toxic Rain is pushed by quality.
1. Old: 1 Sec Base * 300% increased * 1.1 More = 3.3s = 13ats*5pods = 65 Pods
2. New: 1.2 sec Base * 300% increased * 1.1 More = 3.96 = 15ats*5pods = 75 pods

Also: Early game tinctures for culling strike chaos ress pen maybe - barkskin and more flask uptime.

In Affliction:
t16 Grind, all standard pinnacle bosses, working on simu after I grind enough -.-

Cost & Starter Things
To start this you would need about 6 Divines for decent clear. You could theoretically leaguestart with this(i did), but its a pain. if you still want to do it, Look into the Starter section for more information and some useful tricks.

Simulacrum 30 with one Death and massive Lags
Standard 8 Mod map with Deli and beyond


Toxic Rain:
We use toxic rain as our only Damage skill. To scale the Damage we have 5 different levers:

Skill duration: The longer a pod exists, the more pods you can stack, increasing not only damage instances on a single mob but also help with clear as your damage areas increase as well. This also increases Curse uptime (30 Seconds!) as well as the duration of vaal skills and Steelskin.

Damage over time Multiplier: The strongest scaling mechanic outside Gemlevel. Also very hard to obtain. Can Mostly be found as crafts or on jewels or jewelry.

Skill Gem Level: Gem level increases are done with Amulets with +gem level enchants, and Bow prefixes(+1 to socketed gems, +2 to bow gems) or the catharina enchant if you're packing Empower. While crucible can give one Extra level, its weaker than some alternatives.

Flat (Chaos/Projectile) Damage: Standard Damage increases, mostly done with Hunter slam on belt or essence craft on jewelry or jewels on the skill tree.

Attackspeed: This increases the number of pods we have active at the same time as well as adding defense layers as you are more free to move with better attack times.

Area of effect and Overlapping:
As we can read here The optimal area of effect is 39% This guarantees to maximum overlap of pots. This requires 20% qual on toxic rain, a bow mastery and the aura enchant.

Our selfcast Curse. Thanks to hexpbloom it isn't as annoing as you would think. Just cast it on a pack and with the right chaining it follows you through teh whole map. On Bosses the curse stays up for 30 seconds thanks to increased duration mods.

Withering Step:
Stacks up to 11 Withered Debuffs on all mobs inside range. this is an instant 9*11% damage multiplier (99% increased damage taken) Currenty not used as I lack a gemslot

Ballista Totem:
This an Enhancement for Boss DPS. Put them down far away from the Boss and recast them in Fight regularly. Thanks to focused Ballista Support the DPS is not that bad.


As usual in POE we employ different layers of defense to survive:

Life/ES on Kill This is our Main Source of substain in large Packs and maps. We get 2% of life and ES with every Kill. We also leech a small amount, have recouple and life on hit.

Flasks: This build has some Points in Charge Gain, Enough to have Mana flasks permanently up if needed. Life flasks as well ;)

This Build uses Evasion as its Physical hit mitigation. WE try to get above 30k Evasion, but bigger is always better. We employ Grace as well as defiance banner to achieve his.

Spell Suppression:
We aim for 100% chance to spell suppression. Together with Suppression mastery and Scion skill nodes we can reduce the suppressed damage to 38% in the best case. You will need only one item with spell suppression chance to cap the chance.

Energy shield:
We use energy shield as a buffer to protect our low life(only 5k). Try to get enough ES to fully utilize Ghostshrouds(3% of your Evasion) Real As soon as ES+ Life reaches 6k the build begins to feel immortal.

Armour: With the new Mana Mastery and Essence Craft on Helmet with Mana efficiency we can now pack 3 Auras. Determination is the strongest option.

Chaos Resist: Unfortunately chaos masteries were nerfed hard. But we still can and should stack this. Thanks to scion starting area we get a lot if resistances on the passive tree, so we have enough item budget for chaos resist.

Molten Shell and Vaal Grace:
Molten Shell as well as its Vaal Version push our tankiness into absurd realms. 2k normal absorb and 4k additional armor during effect as well as a 30 seconds vaal molten shell helps tremendously with crucible. The Normal shell also packs 10 second duration.
Vaalgrace caps our evasion on 95%as well make spells unlucky and holds for 15 seconds. Enough time to kill all normal bosses ;)

Elemental Ailments:
Thanks to essence craft, Elder mod and the unique Jewel Ancrestal Vision we are now immune to elemental ailments yay.

Last but not least, this build is quite fast with permanent onslaught and rage and about 0.25 secs attack time. You can shoot and dodge at mostly the same time. You can make a killing field of flowers and enjoy them offscreen.

How To Die:
1. Excessive stacking of dangerous Map modifiers like reduced aura effctiveness combined with more monster damage or reduced resistances in dangerous. But mostly crucilbe 100% is dangerous. Not much else
2. Simulacrum last 3 Waves, funnily enough korvis is the less dangerous boss most of the time.
3. Ubers - need special tactics to manage their damage(like purities etc)

Gods and Bandits

Just kill all bandits.
Major god is either lunaris for eater of worlds and most mapping or solaris for true single boss encounters
Minor god is hands down abberath. Burning ground is insane in POE. Just skip that shit.

Gem Links

Mainlink in Bow: Toxic Rain - (Awakened) Void Manipulation - (Awakened) Vicious Projectiles - Efficacy - (Divergent or anomalous) Mirage Archer - (Empower) Damage on full Life
All costly Choices can be found in brackets. As first choice update to awakened void manipulation, the plus one to chaosgems is insane.

Auralink: Determination - Vaal Grace - Malediction - Enlighten lvl3(lvl4 only gives a little quality of life)
Main aura link, but it in the armor slot you have +1 to auragems/area increse crafted.

Support Link: (Vaal)Molten Shell(23 Qual) - (anomalous) Withering step(23 Qual) - Enhance(lvl4) lvl4 - (anomalous)Despair - Hexbloom
primary Support Link. We try to scale up cooldown reduce of steelskin as well as number of withered stacks inflicted by withering step with quality.

Ballista Link: Ballista support - Toxic Rain - withering touch - focused Ballista

Other things: Frenzy - Vaal Haste - (divergent)Defiance Banner - Flame Dash

Playstyle and Mapmods

Shoot away in front of you, mobs will die behind you - loot.
At bosses pop your Cds (vaal haste and vaal Grace) and shoot away. Thanks to a lot of movement speed, dodging most shit is as easy as pie.
Most mapmods don't pose a problem,but be aware that increased accuracy will be dangerous and reduced aura efffect will be annoying.
Try to dodge Charge steal and hexproof too. On a positive note, All reflect modes, all leech and regen modes etc don't pose any problem.


This is the section concerning Level 85 Content, normal pinnacle Bosses can be killed easily by this build.
Annoint: Crystal Skin seems to be a requirement to offset oneshots through clipping skills, nobody dodges everything.
Maven: get a Sapphire Flask and use it to safely stack the debuffzone in the middle. As long as you're able to do that the fight is doable. You still need to dodge most shit. Maybe even use purity of ice instead of discipline.
Good thing through, the maven regen debuffs doesn't really matter to us in p3 as long as you dodge shit.

Searing Exarch: Only two dangerous things in the fight: Annihilation is a lot faster, maybe use a fire flask for it or use purity of fire instead of discipline.
The ballgame is insane... dodge or die.

Path of Building

Chase (and not realistic) Builds:

"Ultimate Edition" Armour Based and some other goodies, unending flasks and insane dps and good Defences: https://pastebin.com/f61Qpamb

"Ultimate Edition" ES based Version, focused more on tankiness while still providing good dps: https://pastebin.com/5e6jGY18

Current(3.21 Crucible): https://poe.ninja/pob/W4Z

Current with a lot more Gear (~30 Div) https://pastebin.com/6r8L3As6
Berserker/Trickster/Raider Version: https://pastebin.com/eZqH4DDB
Triple Curser Version(not actually build, just thought about) https://pastebin.com/f36ACWQQ
Isane gear bullshit: https://pastebin.com/uwP1axyC

3 Core Items for DPS:

A Bow with 3 To bowlevel(or 1 to socketed gem and catarina craft when you have empower). You could just buy a bow with those gem prefixes and one open prefix and hunterslam it (it did) Alternatively with a little more money and the Catrina craft a good hunterbase with dual craft mod becomes stronger if you pack empower:

Broadhead is the way to go, with huntermod of course. increased Damage with bowskills and life are a bonus

Amulet with +1 chaos gems. ashes of the stars would be best. As for anoint potency of will is not the highest dps option but it also pushes steelskin and our vaal skills.

On the other Slots try to max your resistances, get - mana cost of skills on rings and try to get minimum frenzy charge and % chance to gain frenzy charge on kill.
My exarch/eater mods are mostly shit, there are better options. I will make a optimal PoB "soon"

We want culling strike and effect of withered on charms. Evasion Rating per frenzy charge is also not bad! Last but not least we want hexproof penetration, especially when running with the two curse setup! If you're sweating money +1 Projectiles is also fine


League Start

First off, i would not recommend to leaguestart with this. Damage is low throughout the story if you don't luck into a quillrain early. With a quill rain the build gets a lot stronger but you will need a lot of mana at bosses, so plan with two slots for mana flasks in the worst scenarios.

List of the best Level Uniques:

Bow: https://www.poewiki.net/wiki/Quill_Rain
This Baby carries you to endgame. The Insane Attackspeed guarantees high stacks of Pods. You will only switch it with a +3 skillgem Bow with attackspeed. Its worth the chaos you need to invest in the first days!

Ring: https://www.poewiki.net/wiki/Praxis This bad boy has helped many an exile to reach maps. And it clear why. Cost reduction paired with regen. You will likely use the ring until you have eleron ring crafts.

Here is a PoB for leveling(work in progress):


Current Build: Penance Brand
God build?! https://pobb.in/bO32dZtLjji5
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Crucible Update:

First in Path of building deployed in build section

This Build will not only work in Crucible, it will likely be a lot more powerful. Not only because of weapon trees, but because mainly changes in masteries. This build can easily reach 150% spell supp so the new masteries as well as the new jewel will be insane.

As soon as there is a working PoB Version I will update the build. And thanks to the league mechanic leveling this may not be as much of a pain as last season ;)


Manaforged Arrows opens up some interesting interactions like auto frenzy shots or entangling arrow

and lets not forget the nerfs:

Chaos masteries are gone :( meaning that withered annoint reign supreme.
And was also nerfed :( (Corruption is now 20% withered inc.)
ALL reservation efficiency masteries gone yay.
Current Build: Penance Brand
God build?! https://pobb.in/bO32dZtLjji5
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Would this be viable to level with and transition into Tornado Shot late game?
LegendAlts wrote:
Would this be viable to level with and transition into Tornado Shot late game?

I don't think so. Tornado shot needs other paths on the skill tree for the most part, seems like a waste. And this build is a mid-game build for clearing standard endgame bosses and a delirium farmer. At this point you should have enough currency to comfortably change anything you could possibly have to a tornado shot build.

Current Build: Penance Brand
God build?! https://pobb.in/bO32dZtLjji5
Will likely league start this to prepare for ward loop later on. I'll let you know how it goes :)
Same for me, league start with this. Farm a bit currency and respec to wardloop
League start went well, helped by the fact I got a Quill Rain at level 5 lol.

Gotta be honest, i picked this build without looking at Ascendency choices - Berserker and Raider, with Trickster from Forbidden Flesh/Flame - very interesting.

I picked Raider first, and since I won't get the FF for awhile, wondering if I should go Trickster on the tree since it seems more beneficial to early mappin g than Berserker.
i still picked berserker, because strength check is easier especally early game without currency and i play softcore anyways so the little rippy playstyle is not that bad. but yeah trickster is, if you have teh strnegth you need on items, the better choice as it gives about the same amount of damage with more defensive options. the main point why i used trickster as forbidden skill is, because it is by far the cheapest option ;)
Current Build: Penance Brand
God build?! https://pobb.in/bO32dZtLjji5
What are the chances you'll be doing a "midendgame" guide?

Just started hitting maps and I'd like to know what now other than the usual
- get 75% resistance
- get money to buy the stuff from POB.

What to focus on buying first and stuff.
Vacoh wrote:
What are the chances you'll be doing a "midendgame" guide?

Just started hitting maps and I'd like to know what now other than the usual
- get 75% resistance
- get money to buy the stuff from POB.

What to focus on buying first and stuff.

Hey there, I'm already past that but i remember doing the following things:

1st: get a cheap 6-link fast bow with the right colors or uncorrupted. best with either socketed gems or +2 bow gems (or both!)
2nd: get the restless ward, especially if you still have overcharged or another source of endurance charge generation.
3rd: get your atlas tree set up for essences and syndicate. You need the area of effect enchant es well as weapon chaos multi recipes and - mana cost ring enchants.
Essence is a fine way to craft a halfway decent bow and quiver.
get a totem link for bossing if you haven't already.
get enough oils for a decent amulet enchant and buy also buy a cheap +1 chaos skills amulet, those with shitty stats are under 10c right now.
Farm currency for forbidden flame/flesh, should be around 100c for both last time i looked. try to get a good number of toxic rain gems up for corrupting
Don't bother with large cluster until your way into 90+ of level. Specc to dmg over time growth and decay for dps instead.
Don't charge crucible all the way ;) brutal is a fine place to be most of the time. Also most crucible trees are shit. and they don't get better. But try to hit wither effect and attack speed. Or a 7link like mine (lifetap adds its own problems through)
Current Build: Penance Brand
God build?! https://pobb.in/bO32dZtLjji5

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