Weekend Stash Tab Sale

Raymonator wrote:
Try #38

Can you please add a button to mute the sound of charges dropping? Because the game is unplayable with sound effects on if you equip Ralakesh Impatience boots. My wallet is closed until you fix this. I just want to play with sounds man, i get it the game is free but seriously, how hard is it to fix this small issue that a lot of people have been complaining about for the past 3 years? How hard is it to add a mute button? Seriously.

Thanks for listening, hopefully i can play with sounds before the league ends...

Om my gosh i rerolled my build couse of that pleeaaase separate Skill and what ever sounds my charakter does from actual sound effekt mixer i would really love to hear the monsters and in game sound effekt of any dangerouns thing like the delrium volite dead ameyzing telegraphed sound effekts that make me jump ^^
Finish poe 2 already I'm bored
T0astedd wrote:
Finish poe 2 already I'm bored

Same here...same ol same ol...boooooring
Chameleon wrote:
Longing for the day we can upgrade regular tabs into quad tabs...

OMG! I am so with you on that!


Allow exchanging regular tabs for quads. yes, technical problems....but it's the year 2022. thx GGG.

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My QoL List: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3279646
Please increase the room storage capacity or make the sanctum take fewer maps
Also Permanent skin transfers for any cross league items when? :^) alt arts need justiceee
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any chance to trade 4 stash tabs for 1 quad tab?

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