[3.20] WinterOrb CwC Lightning Warp Sanctum Destroyer. Warp through Sanctum.

For under 10 Divines, you can warp through Sanctum non-stop, Insta kill guards on the way and collect coins. just hold on the Winter Orb key and teleport. (prices has went up a lot on some of the unique items after this post, don't blame me, I didn't profit. maybe just wait a bit for the price to go down again).

This is a Power Charge Stacking, Winter Orb Cast While Channeling Lightning Warp Elementalist build that can move and do damage while still have all maximum power, frenzy, and endurance charges given by the boots as long as
we are channeling winter orb and casting lighting warp.

This isn't my build, I'm just following a video in chinese. you can see the original videos here:


Please watch the video on the mapping below, you can see where
the 4 second cool down can be an issue and where LW can get
stuck on doors and get you killed.

better trade import:

Mapping without NTR and other expensive items:

This is an almost all unique (except the belt) Build that can start off with less than 5 D investment to clear T16 maps and do bosses. for Uber Sear/Exarch you would need the NTR ring.
Current Char (No NTR so half the damage):
End Game Build (the one in the video)

Occulist version fully min-maxed (expensive)
(thanks to superkinga)
Also see page 6 for gears of another Min-Maxed version

Also found an Inquisitor version on Youtube


Pro and Con:


Runs Sanctum in warp speed as you teleport through it super fast and kill guards along the way.
Meme worthy build that floats in air without MTX.
Actually has good damage in T16 maps even without NTR.
Fast mapper as you just warp from pack to pack, instantly kill and shatter them.
Easy and cheap to gear since most items are common uniques.
Can upgrade more as needed.

Moving around with Lightning Warp can be awkward with doors and narrow terrains.
Can be on the squishy side, especially to DoT damages.
Can't click on stuff, as it stops the channeling and you'll need to wait for the 4 second cooldown.
(Please see FAQ on ways to mitigate the cooldown once you have enough damage)
Can be an eyesore as it moves fast and zoom from places to places.
The constant sound from losing charges can be annoying.

How it Works:

We stack power charges to 9 (10 if you get the Unholy Authority from occulist). With Badge of Brother hood amulet we also get 9 Frenzy charges. The Ralakeshi Impatience Boots grants all Maximum charges while we are stationary.
We channel Winter Orb which procs Lighting Warp. By reducing the duration of Lighting Warp close to 0 and stack
cast speed, it is instant and doesn't count as moving so we keep all the charges granted by the boots.
The Wand, the Helmet, and the Shield all grants elemental/cold damage per each power charge which adds a lot.
All the downside from the items are ignored since we always have maximum charges.
The helmet also grants spell block chance per power charge, along with tempest shield we can reach 70% spell block which helps with defense.
The Black Zenith Glove give socket Projectile Gem 150% MORE damage AND adds 4 more projectiles (without damage penalty, unlike GMP).
that in it self is like a 6 link already, with the 4 socket on it, It is like a 10 link skill.
To get around the 4 second cool-down, we use Winter Orb(which is a project skill) and channel it while proccing Lightning Warp.
So as long as we are channeling, the 4 second cool down doesn't apply, and we can move around and do damage with the 10 link skill.
We use TimeClasp Ring to help reduce the LWP duration to 0 (which means instant teleport, as the duration is based on distance).

1. How can I level this ?
This build really starts to work after you can equip all the uniques and have points for the cluster jewels. so just level with cold dot/explosive arrow/hollow palm/wave of conviction ignite or whatever you feel good and respec at around Level 85-90.

2. Can I play as an occulist ?
Yes, Occulist is actually cheaper as it doesn't need the 10D FF for +1 power charge, just pick any of the elemenalist's ascendency instead for your FF. It'll be a bit less damage, but not too much. you can just get whatever FF for elementalist that you can afford.

3. What Maps are good for this build ?
Strand is very good as you can just zoom through it. Any open area map without things like tree/rock/doors to block the lightning Warp would be good. Dune is also good as well, especially for Legion Farming.

4. What League Contents are good for this build ?
Harvest/Legion/ritual are good as you can wait for the cool down to be over, click, kill everything and pick up loot. I'm currently doing boss-rushing on strand for invitation progress along with harvest, and getting sanctums. Beast might be a good option too as there is nothing to click, just kill.

5. Do I really need the Nimis ring and the FF for +1 max power ?
If you are just mapping, no. the Nimitz and FF are QoL for killing Uber.

6. I keep getting interrupted in my channeling, please help !?
Please make sure you have freeze immunity (pantheon), and use level 5 awakened CwC so you are immune to stun while channeling. If you can't afford the awakened CwC, then you'll need to pick up some stun avoidance nodes on the tree.

7. What map mods/altar mod should I avoid ?
the only bad one I found was the 60% less recovery on life/energy shield. and the reduce defence per frenzy charge, as we run out of energy shield for channeling and get stuck.
(after looking at Fyregrass's video on the altars, this build is probably best for doing the Red Altars instead of the Blues)

8. How should I map my keys ?
I would recommand to not put the WinterOrb on any mouse buttons but put it in a key as you'll need to hold it constantly. I find it is much easier to move around by holding down the Q key for winter orb and just move the mouse pointer to where I want to go. Please note the divine bless zealory interrupts the channeling, while vortex doesn't. so pop the aura before your big fight, and just spam vortex on a pack. If you got Vaal Grace, it also doesn't interrupt the channeling, just don't map it to the left mouse key.

9. I'm on SSF, do I really need the Badge of the Brotherhood ?
After a quick testing, it seems you just lose some damage with the amulet as you won't have that many frenzy charges. So it is not absolutely mandatory, please see my video in the playlist for a run on strand without it and judge for yourself.

10. How can the 4 second cooldown be mitigated/bypassed?
If you have enough damage, can use a 4 link with WO-CwC-LW-PoC somewhere other than gloves just for mapping, and use the ones in the glove for boss. this will mean that you can pick loot all you want without worrying about the cooldown.
Or you can use Second wind in the glove so you have 2 use of the WinterOrb, it'll be less damage, but we should have enough already.
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Oh my...

This reminds me of one of my favorite builds. Poets Pen Body Swap! I will test its HC viability and probably die in yellow maps. Can't wait!
going to test it aswell
looks very nice

sorry im noob,
what is those link in the chest for? why is it only 5 link?
Ok so i have a few questions: 1. on poe ninja i see some occultists using the same build, how do i determine if i should choose occultist or elementalist? 2. how would i level a character using a tree similar to this?
Seufari wrote:
Oh my...

This reminds me of one of my favorite builds. Poets Pen Body Swap! I will test its HC viability and probably die in yellow maps. Can't wait!

Good Luck my friend, this one can be very squishy, but if you have good positioning, you might survive long enough for red. It does have close to max spell block....
zenrom wrote:
sorry im noob,
what is those link in the chest for? why is it only 5 link?

I didn't want to buy a 6 link as it cost a lot more chaos.
the links are running vortex to apply chill/exposure and curses.
the vortex also has enough damage that it can slow down enemies for you when you run away during cool down.
abujery wrote:
Ok so i have a few questions: 1. on poe ninja i see some occultists using the same build, how do i determine if i should choose occultist or elementalist? 2. how would i level a character using a tree similar to this?

I think probably occulist cold dot is good choice ? elementalist has higher damage scaling in the end game but it costs more as you'll need to spend 10D on the FF for +1 power charge on the occulist side. but if you just want to try it out for fun, occulist should be good enough. I'll see if I can find the ascandencies for Occulist.
If you have ever played a version of this build in the past, you might remember damage being an issue at some point.

This does not have that issue, ever.

Thank you, its fun.
If you are doing eater altars with this build, MAKE SURE TO READ THE DOWNSIDES!
The mod that gives 20% reduced cooldown recovery rate per power charge will disable your skills!
Other than that, very cool and smooth build for running strands.

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