[3.20] Ephemeral Edge Flicker Strike Trickster - Super tanky mapper

Yep, sorry for that I did not play for a while and I hadnt realized Aura effect medium cluster were removed.

I agree with the solution to use a small reservation cluster instead + the eater implicit on the helmet.

My "dream end of league" POB now looks like this :https://pobb.in/_o7AI5m7K3W4

(with a chanced Ephemereal Edge with a full crucible tree - sounds OK for a T5 unique, but not Aegis. 40k chances is a bit too much for me).
A rare ES shield with a full tree might be worth it, I'd have to test. You could get +1000ES and 15% more DPS over the aegis, but loosing the ES on block might be a big hit.

I have been switching to this build at lvl 93 with about 8div budget, and been playing it to 97. It feels really great, and honestly I feel the stun immunity and the ailments immunity would be nice bonuses, but you have so much constant regen thanks to overleech that you can do whithout.

However :
- I'd recommend being spell block capped or close to it without relying on a flask (Rumi's) You may be blasted by on death effect once in a while without it.
- Do not go for the One Step Ahead ascendancy instead of Soul Drinker, the extra dmg does not make for the huge perk of overleech (you can stand in degen after death effect no problem for example)

And I just finished my first endgame craft, 10% more dmg and 15% more ES on a single slot :D :

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Thanks for this! I just leveled my character up to 70 and am in the process right now of switching over, so this is perfect timing for me.

I managed to pick up an Ephemeral Edge with both Resolute Technique and Fortify on Melee Hit corruptions, and an Aegis with the +80 Strength node, so I'm pretty happy about that foundation.

I love both One Step Ahead and the overleech node from previous Trickster experience, so I got some Forbidden Jewels for the cheaper one and am planning to use those. I'd rather have those than the Split Personality jewels, I think.
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Heinarc wrote:

My "dream end of league" POB now looks like this :https://pobb.in/_o7AI5m7K3W4

Hey, here's a question for you. I'm trying to decide what gem setups to use, and I really want to try out the Vengeance/Innervate/Pulverise/Overcharge setup an earlier poster had in his POB, which puts some gem slot pressure on the build.

How do you feel about Berserk and Frenzy? You use Berserk but not Frenzy, which the original developer of the build had. Have you felt the lack of Frenzy? How useful have you found Berserk?
Hey !

Great idea with Forbidden Flesh, I did not think about it. I'll tinker with it!

Some more feedback with the build

General :
- It's already fucking great on my modest setup (20-25div?)
- I clapped Sirus, Maven and Uber Elder easily by just swapping out Flicker for Lightning Strike. You loose significant DPS but its OK as for the most part you can disrespect the bosses tanking their shit like a chad. Its not fast, but it works. I prolly don't have enough DMG for the uber versions yet tho.

Gems :
- A single Vengeance Gem (even unlinked) allows to run "cannot regen life/mana/ES" maps easily, even if you find yourself at 0 mana it will leech some back. You can link Culling Strike on it (or on the totems) if you don't have another source.

- I really like the Overcharge idea, that is something to try out. (Plus you may consider awakened ele focus on the main link, may not be worht it in maps tho).

- I don't use Frenzy at all - I don't have satisfying charge generation on a pure single target (awakened MS should help) but its enough for elderslayers/guardians. Berserk is useless on pinnacle bosses, but its strong on juiced maps like delirium where you generate lots of rage.


I think I'll skip Stormshroud at the end of the day

- Ignites : with 2500+ES/sec before the regen on block, I honestly don't really care, they don't feel threatening

- Shock : 60%reduced effect on pantheon + boot craft 40% reduced effect of chill/shock => completely immune

- Chill : Immunity to freeze + 30% reduced effect on pantheon + 40% reduced effect on boots => 70% reduced effect, feels enough

And you win a jewel slot, which is about 5% more DPS and 3% more EHP. Sounds like a good trade.
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is this still viable in crucible? or am i better off doing the slayer alternative? completely new to the game but this build looks really really fun though
A couple of thoughts (now that I've gotten up to level 88 or so):

- The build is incredibly tanky. Thanks again to the OP for a really cool build!

- I agree that it is very tempting to cut out Stormshroud. That is especially true since I'm running One Step Ahead (and getting the overleech node from Forbidden Jewels) which gives immunity to the effects of Chill and Freeze w/out needing Brine King. The issue is shock. I like running Abberath's pantheon because I like to farm Exarch, so I can't use the shock reduction pantheon. Probably the easiest way to get shock immunity is just to keep running the two Abyss jewels with chance to avoid shock. (You can actually get one with an additional 20% chance to avoid shock as a corruption, so you can get to 100% with just the two jewels.) Then you can just trade out Stormshroud.

- It is tempting, as a way of dealing with shock and getting more block (by dropping Versatile Combatant), to try to jam Tempest Shield into the build. (It is also thematically appropriate. :)) You can do it by replacing Stormshroud with another 3-node small reservation efficiency cluster with the other node on it (either Grace or Wrath, whichever you weren't already running). The problem is making it worth it. You need more spell block to make it worth it. The only Watcher's Eye I could afford has lightning penetration with Wrath and 8% spell block with Discipline (way more affordable than the double Wrath one in the POB). And you can make the eldritch implicit on the body armour spell block instead of block. With alt quality tempest shield, that gets you to 43% spell block (assuming 8% block on the armour). Not really worth it (and the 3 extra passives for the cluster), even though it means that you can push attack block above 50%. (Though Rumi's now becomes useful.) Also, it doesn't feel like the build needs any more tankiness at all. :)

-Thanks for the tip about vengeance letting you run no regen maps. I'm finding the vengeance setup useful for quality of life -- looking away from the computer, picking up my kids, not wanting to click flicker on every little mob that is left, etc. -- since the vengeance setup will kill the remaining trash and leech-heal you even if it can't kill. That's a pretty big bonus, in my view. (I tend to rate QOL stuff really highly.)

- I'm finding myself having to use Frenzy sometimes. And I haven't found myself ever in a position where Berserk is useful, though I haven't been running Delirium at all.

- What farming strats/atlas trees have you found to synergize well with the character? It seems not to want to stop for anything, since Frenzies can drop off. So I'm just trying heist/exarch/essences/boss map drops. But I'm not sure that gives as much currency returns as stuff like Harvest or Blight.
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Kounosuke wrote:
is this still viable in crucible? or am i better off doing the slayer alternative? completely new to the game but this build looks really really fun though

I've had the opinion after playing it that i'd rather do other mechanics with this setup than play flicker. the major issues are losing amulet slot and being forced to run the unique, as well as your weapon being pretty much locked away from the crucible mechanic since the resolute technique corrupt is literally required for flick strike. I've personally swapped entirely over to playing Static Strike, as you'll still get really satisfyingly clear, but have the added benefit of getting really really good bossing dps. though static strike is by no means low effort to pilot.
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Kounosuke wrote:
is this still viable in crucible? or am i better off doing the slayer alternative? completely new to the game but this build looks really really fun though

I for one am having a blast playing it this league. Just switched over and it is one of the most fun characters I've played. Look through the comments for ideas for how to adjust to the changes to the passive tree this league.
One issue I've found is that the Resolute Technique crucible node does not spawn at all on one-handed swords so getting a crucible tree on your ephemeral edge would mean I guess reworking the build to not need RT or getting a really lucky corrupt.

Edit: I guess it is possible there is not a single one on trade just for supply
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I don't have a crucible tree on mine.

There are usually Resolute Technique corrupted Ephemeral Edges available, just without crucible trees usually.

Edit: I read what you were saying better, and realized you weren't expressing difficulty with just getting a Resolute Technique Ephemeral Edge, but one with a tree. Yes, I agree with you that it is really hard to get a tree on the weapon, since we need the corruption.
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