[3.20][Necromancer][League Starter] Mr. Bones' Wild Ride (Permanent Skeletons)

Neat, I'm not the only chaos skeleton advocate. They're really good. I didn't have much luck with fitting in Alberon's into my build, is the QOL that good?

While it will make you less tanky, have you tried using Iron Mass in your offhand? Just tossing that in your POB shows just under 2x increase in damage, and it makes you less reliant on getting +minion level gear.

Also I'm curious as to why you use Vuln over Despair? Almost 90% of your damage is chaos.

Wouldn't recommend this build at all, The guide is very slim and missing a lot of information
No videos -> meaningless build guide. Please provide some kind of demonstration.
I'll watch this space. I'm trying out this build right now, modifying it as I go; haven't gotten that far in but so far the only issue I have that it's rather squishy with my current gear.
I'm just wondering in the pob it shows not enough mana... a little confused.
I'm following this guide, and I have a few questions.

In PoB it shows -74 mana, as in, mana reservation exceeding total mana.

Are the skitterbots purely for automatically applying Vulnerability to enemies? To use the skitterbots, you need to disable blood & sand, and envy both to have enough mana available to reserve.

I have instead just been manually applying vulnerability to enemies. Not really a hassle to do.

There also isn't enough mana to run both envy and blood & sand, but both were on. Envy gives more sim DPS, so I have been using that instead of blood & sand + maim.

The Ghastly jewels you have in there are all 4 identical, super high quality items.. did you just sim and copy them all for the build? Finding anything similar was many, many divines in cost. Those seem really expensive and kind of unrealistic, while accounting for 20% of the build's DPS.

The skill gems in the skin of lords aren't vaal'd, but it requires all gems be vaal'd.

The amulet in PoB is insane, and I can't even find anything even close to it on the market. It looks like that by itself could easily be hundreds of divines.

What gear did you have when you were playing this build?
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Can anyone share a new PoB for me ? or at least a picture of the skill tree ?
When I tried to import the link, it says there is a conflict with the tree despite I use the last version of PoB.
Thanks for your assistance.
I am loving the build but what kind of mob for raise spectre ?
what pantheons are you using?
Why do you skill Arcane Potency? Not sure what benefits from it.
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