[3.20][Necromancer][League Starter] Mr. Bones' Wild Ride (Permanent Skeletons)

Hello and welcome to my first ever guide. I know many people love them their minion builds and this isn't going to be a first, but I wanted to share what I think is a really fun variant where the bony bois are your permanent friend...

And the ride never ends.

Path of Building:

This link also contains recommended low-level and mid-level paths as well

League Start:
Start as Witch. Once you beat Hillock, grab Freezing Pulse and Raise Zombie. They will be your best friends.

Proceed through the game as normal until you kill Brutus and get Summon Skeletons. As this point, you can do one of two things: Either link your new skeletons to some melee support skill gems, or link them to Infernal Legion and burninate everything. Both are viable for leveling so do whatever.

Once you get to Act III, it's pretty much over. You have the supports for minions and you have access to most of the gems in the game from Siosa. Pick up Flesh & Stone, Dread Banner, Raise Spectre, Summon Skitterbots and Determination as while you won't have the mana for all of them, you can level them. I'd suggest having Determination and Dread Banner on during leveling.

After that, see if you can grab an Alberon's Warpath for cheap around level 50-55 and a Profane Proxy ring around the same level as well. Both uniques aren't very expensive and are very powerful for the build. Put Vulnerability in the Profane Proxy ring IN YOUR LEFT RING SLOT and turn on Skitterbots.

From there, just add more links to your various minions, kill everything very quickly, and get to those juicy, juicy maps.

Required Unique Items (Ignore Socketed Gems Please):

These boots make your skeletons permanent. As in, they no longer ever need to be resummoned, even between maps or loading screens. They also come with decent Movement Speed, Chaos Resistance and Armour as well.

This ring replaces the chill or shock effect of the Skitterbots, depending on which ring slot it's in, with the socketed curse for no additional cost. Also comes with Cold and Lightning Resistance. This build uses it in the LEFT ring slot, replacing the chill effect.

Recommended Uniques (After You Have Currency):

Start with a Skin of the Loyal first, looking for 3 Blue - 2 Red - 1 Green. Once your Skeleton 6L skill gems are all level 21 and corrupted and perfect, you can upgrade this to a Skin of the Lords. The recommended Keystone Passive on it is Divine Shield, but Wind Dancer and Glancing Blows are both also fine.

United In Dream https://poedb.tw/us/United_in_Dream
Grants a whole bunch of stuff, from a large amount of minion damage to minions can now poison on hit to even 5% life leech and Minion Chaos Resistance. Start with Severed In Sleep or a good Convoking Wand with the usual mods.

Skill Gem Links:

Vaal Summon Skeletons
Multistrike Support/Melee Splash Support
Minion Damage Support
Melee Physical Damage Support
Vile Toxins Support/Faster Attacks Support
Unbound Ailments Support

Your core 6L with the skeleton boys. Switch out Multistrike for Melee Splash when clearing maps. Multistrike is better for bosses. Use Faster Attacks Support as your 5L until you get United In Dream.

Summon Skitterbots
Unbound Ailments Support
Flesh And Stone
Maim Support

Two two-links in one of your 4-socket pieces. Make sure they're not in a 4-link as that will make the auras too expensive.


This is alone inside of the Profane Proxy unique ring. You can self-cast it before you have that unique, however.

Dread Banner

These three can either go inside your one-handed weapon or your shield. They do not have to be linked.

Summon Carrion Golem
Feeding Frenzy Support
Minion Life Support
Empower Support

The golem grants all of your minions a flat physical damage buff, which is pretty good all things considered. The Feeding Frenzy support will also allow your skeletons to dash around.

Summon Zombie
Meat Shield Support
Minion Life Support
Fortify Support

If the bony bois are your damage and the golem is your support, these guys are your tanks. They have a taunt chance, attack decently quickly, there's a lot of them, and are hard to kill, even in endgame. The zombie wall of meat.

Raise Spectre
Elemental Army Support
Minion Life Support

The spectres are just here to offer special buffs and power/frenzy charges in the form of Host/Carnage Chieftains from Act 7 and other spectres of your choice. Refer to another, better guide for spectres, such as GhazzyTV or KayGaming.

Ascendancy Order:

1: Mindless Aggression
2: Commander of Darkness
3: Unnatural Strength
4: Bone Barrier

Big Money Optional Upgrades:

So you wanna push it to the limit eh? Well, there's some stuff I can recommend:

Forbidden Flesh/Forbidden Flame - Void Beacon
Watcher's Eye - Double Determination (Less Crit Damage/Phys Dmg Reduction)
Replace Melee Physical Damage Support with (Awakened) Empower
Double Corrupt Alberon's Warpath (+2 Minion/+1 Gems)
Replace Abyssal jewels with 5-modifier full minion Ghastly Eye jewels
Elder Amulet with +1 Skeleton/+1 to all Skill Gems
Replace Basalt Flask with Vorana's Preparation

Estimated Numbers via Path of Building:
-> Anywhere from 1 million to 2.8 million+ Full DPS on Uber Pinnacle bosses, depending on investment
-> Capped resistances, including Chaos resistance (though it needs an Amethyst Flask)
-> 80% Physical damage reduction from Uber Pinnacle bosses
-> ~4k life, 500+ energy shield
-> The squishiest minion you have, the skeleton, can still eat 4 direct hits from the hardest content in the game before dying. The other minions are very hard to kill.

Hope you all enjoy(ed) reading that. I might make another, more explosive build in the future after the new Passive Tree for 3.20 comes out. (At time of posting, it's not out yet.)

Have a good day!
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Added the Ascendancy Order section
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Added the Estimated Numbers section
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sorry for my bad english.
You got a video from the clear of this Character ?
I find the build quite interesting :)

Hello and your English is fine :)

I do not unfortunately have videos at this time. I did have a video, but the power went out and corrupted the footage. I'll be playing this build at league start and will get more footage from that.
Are you stacking crit on your minions? Cause I don't understand the anoint fearsome force, and not either getting another golem that way or at least pick it in the skill tree?

Is it still a tech to place the fortress covenant in the cluster jewel to negate the negative effect? If so will you correct this in the POB?
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iPECHK wrote:

Kill all, its in poe building
i'm dumb, do you use blood or sand? I can only assume you go for the maiming to get them extra damages but I've been hilariously wrong before.
IGN Bow_Virginity_Broken
path of building says to use blood
Are there any videos of this build yet?

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