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Added the following note:

  • The "Compare Item Descriptions" and "Show Advanced Item Descriptions" behaviour has been split from the "Highlight Items and Objects" keybind into their own dedicated options. These new options default to holding Ctrl and Alt respectfully. These new binds can be configured in the Options panel, under the Input section.
A Live Updates Thread has been created. To keep up do date on things happening during Launch, you can find the thread here.
When will the Voidborn Reliquary Keys start dropping?
The Voidborn Reliquary Keys will likely start dropping in the first half of January 2023.
Do you get notified when a submission is ''approved'' for the Voidborn Reliquary Key?
You'll get a notification if:

A) Your submission was returned to you
B) Your submission is in-game and able to be discovered

Many people will get a notification once 3.20.1b is live.
Will future batches of accepted submissions for the Voidborn Reliquary be implemented with patches or just live deployed to the pool automatically via a server update?
They don't require a restart patch but we will do them in batches restartlessly. Not sure of the cadence yet, perhaps weekly.
Will there be events for the end of the Sanctum League?

Yes, we're tinkering with some things that are a little unconventional and niche but it's going to be fun to see how they play out! Full details next week hopefully.
Are there special items to buy from the vendors in Ruthless with Gold?
In addition to regular items, an NPC in each town now offers items you can gamble for, using gold (similar to Gwennen).

Is the Ruthless event voided?

Can I play the Group SSF events solo?
While it's possible to create a private league for yourself in these events, the Friendly Fire and Polarity Group SSF events will require at least three and two party members respectively in order to deal damage to monsters. The Krangled Passive Tree event doesn't have these restrictions, so it can be played solo.

In the group events, can accounts be added and removed from the Private Leagues freely (so more than the maximum number of allowed accounts can have participated in the Private League over its duration)?
The number of accounts in a Private League is limited to the number of players the event allows. Accounts can't be removed.

Will these Private League templates be added to the list of general Private League modifiers?
We're keen to continue to augment the list of Private League modifiers, and some of these may make their way there in the future.

How are masteries going to work in the Krangled Passive Skill Tree Event?
Mastery locations are Krangled, but their options are not.

For the Polarity event, if you're in a party of 2 players, can both players roll the same polarity?
No, polarities are assigned when players enter a zone. The first player to join an instance will be assigned to one polarity and the next will be assigned the other.

Why is there only one set Krangled Passive Tree for all players instead of having a new randomised tree seed for each character?
It's intentional that everyone gets the same tree so that everyone is trying to solve the same metagame. If it's popular, we'd like to run other variations in the future.

Why are these events so niche?
We wanted to try some new things. Historically our events have been focused on having the most broad appeal while also being achievable alongside our development schedule. Getting to experiment with new options means trying a few things that aren't necessarily for everyone but will give us good information for designing events in the future. At the very least, we're hoping that these events will be fun to watch even if some players feel it's not conducive to their personal playstyle.

Why are there no Endless-style events this time?
We have run the two existing endless events (Heist and Delve) a few times already and they'd need a bit of sprucing up to be exciting to do again. Endless Sanctum is potentially a cool idea for the future but not something we want to run alongside the actual Sanctum league.

Can there be more participation prizes for the Group SSF Events? It feels like the Top 10 slots will get taken over by racing groups/streamers and will leave nothing for others.
Because these are niche and experimental, we're wanting to see how they do based purely on the attraction of playing them. At the moment, we're not planning to add any additional prizes.

Does this confirm that the next league will start on the 7th of April (PDT)?

Will the Ascendant ascendancy skills be shuffled in with the skills from the other ascendancy classes during the Krangled Passives Group SSF Event?
No, the Scion class and Ascendant ascendancy skills will not be available during the Krangled Passives Group SSF Event.
Will Ascendancy nodes be reshuffled between classes only or all Ascendancies?
They will be randomised across all Ascendancies, so for example a Necromancer could get Champion nodes.
Will Skills that specifically affect nearby allies such as Auras work in the Friendly Fire event?
The actual mechanic of the Friendly Fire event is that players are on different teams, which makes them enemies. This means skills that specifically affect your nearby allies, such as auras, won't work. However, a Keystone such as Conduit would work since it checks for nearby party members rather than nearby allies.
Will the Sanctum specific uniques be added to the core drop pool or obtainable in some way next league?
No, the Sanctum specific uniques will not be obtainable next league.

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