[3.20] Wave of Conviction Build(League Starter)| Elementalist | Forbidden Sanctum|Path of Exile 3.20

CAKE wrote:

Also hatred on divine blessing with lifetap doesn't work anymore. That means this build will deal no damage at all compared to the legacy version.

And I read this only now. Oh God. :')
At least I'm having some fun, cuz I made some alterations on gem setup and actually I'm having so much fun playing this build even if it is not working how it's supposed to.

I'm using this setup instead of hatred + div blessing + lifetap:


This way I can put some Holy Flame Totems + Flamewall on bosses and they help me with long range damage.

My WoC setup:

It is INSANE how I'm clearing mob packs so fast, however, I die sometimes cuz of low mana and I don't see it in time (but that's on me and my ADHD).

For now I'm quite happy and farming for the Diadem. Thanks for the build! I adapted it to my playstyle and it is going very well for me at the moment. <3
Thx for build! I wanted try it, and im glad i picked it!
I was lucky with Mageblood card so i could gear up fast.

My tips?
Iron will on Skin of The Lords best passive 300str converted for spell dmg.

Awekend Added Fire Damage is kinda cheap for bonus 1lvl +-80c.

Rest of my gear (so far)


I'm also running this build this league. I had a question - if you or anyone else has time to look over my gear.

After configuring my Path of Building to match the original post's configuration, I'm getting about 2.45M ignite DPS, compared to the original post's 7.8M. I suspect that this is simply many small modifiers missing (% increased damage on armor, sub-optimal jewels, etc.). If it isn't, though, is there any large aspect of the build that I've overlooked?

I'm not yet using the build's flask setup, and almost everything I have (jewelry, gloves, boots, belt, and jewels) can be upgraded, especially in terms of fire damage over time. I'm also missing my last ascendancy (should really get on that). It's still the first time I've run a build this far into the league, though, and I'd be kicking myself if there's another simple or complex aspect that I skipped over.

Here's my current gear:

Here's my Path of Building with current jewels: https://pobb.in/pV5ryBnZHlGB

Besides that question, loving the build! Especially how survivable it can be. And wave of conviction is definitely a fun playstyle.
daboross wrote:

Wrong necles! +1 lvl gem is super important and also you didnt anointment it! (amber, azure, silver)
You didn't selected or you didn't complete uber lab (this shock is more important than Heart of Destruction)
Divergent WoC? You pref normal version, and also you can buy 21/20 corrupter version for decent price!
If you have like 120 free chaos, you can buy Awakened Added Fire Damage Support, additional +1 lvl.
Ah, those makes sense, and I did completely miss the nuances of the amulet! I did the uber labs after making this post, but I had missed that.

I got a good deal on the divergent WoC so I wanted to try it, but right it doesn't look as good, I think I will try to get a nice corrupted one and switch to it.

Thanks so much for taking the time!
I didn't understand how the divine blessing hatred support could work then.

This build has already so much mana reservation, how could this combo be triggered then ?
Hey, trying out this build for this league and at lvl; it's pretty good so far!
I don't even have the lathi yet and it's clearing the early and mid maps pretty well

Have you considered Gang's Momentum Legion Boots? It's got lots of fire res and increased chance to ignite and damage against ignited enemy, seemed pretty nifty
@Dark_Admin_42 I was having this issue too, once I was able to get the Devouring Diadem which gave me Eldritch Battery, so you use energy shield as mana. Definitely a good item to get first if you want the synergies to work!
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The video guide has been made private?

Edit: Nevermind sounds like the video will be back up soon
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