Gman's 3.21 Chieftain Strength Stacker Consec Path / Volcanic Fissure Totems [80 Mil+ Pinnacle DPS]


Hello, as many of you will have seen the chieftain changes have just been revealed. These changes have effectively entirely killed the build, gutting the main things that made it good. It has been a good run but unfortunately I dont think even a fraction of the power of this build can be achieved again.

I thank everyone who followed this guide, asked questions, etc. However it is likely that Path of Exile is no longer the game for me. I have invested 4000+ hours into this build alone, with 8000+ in the game as a whole, and having it completely killed in this manner alongside the split of PoE2 from PoE means that my reasons for playing the game are now removed.

If a significant enough compensation change is made by GGG there may be hope yet but as of right now the build is gone, as am I.


Skilltree and POB Links:

Skilltree Image:

Level 98 Standard POB (122 million dps, 80 million pinnacle dps):

Level 98 Higher Budget League POB (legacy items switched out, 77 million dps, 50 Million Pinnacle DPS):

Level 92 Lower Budget League POB (21 million dps, 15 million pinnacle DPS):

Level 100 Experimental legacy melding variation ( 80 million dps, 55 million pinnacle dps. Not recommended for now until further testing):

Level 100 Higher Budget Standard POB (150 Million DPS, 99.5 Million Pinnacle DPS):

Level 100 Experimental Standard Scion Build POB (96 Million DPS, 62 Million Pinnacle DPS. Not recommended for now until further testing):



Uber Maven Clear:
Unidentified Map Clear:
10 Boss Maven Clear:
The Feared (With height of hubris doubled modifiers):
Uber Atziri:
Will add more over time!


Pros and Cons:


+ Very high DPS (Im at 133 million right now but it can go much higher)
+ Tanky
+ All content viable (Including all UBER!!)
+ Doesnt care about map modifiers! It can run any modifier from reflect to no regen without issue
+ Scales pretty much infinitely (Each gear upgrade matters even at the super high end, giving loads more DPS and survivability each time)
+ Safe DPS from range
+ Healthy mapclear
+ Super fun!


- Hard to get high chaos res since you need strength suffixes on all your gearpieces
- This is not a cheap build, as with any attribute stacking build the initial investment costs are much higher than other build types.
- Wont be exploding screens of mobs instantly like a bow build might


"Strength Stacking Chieftain Consecrated Path Totems" is a lot of words, can you explain why the build uses each of these things?

Strength Stacking:
The build uses strength stacking for a couple reasons, number one it gets you a HUGE amount of flat fire damage alongside the unique sceptre Brutus' Lead Sprinkler, secondly it means we can use the OP combo of The Iron Fortress unique body armour (which increases your block chance based on your strength, alongside increasing the damage multiplier that strength gives you) alongside the Iron Will Keystone (Which means your strength's damage bonus applies to spell damage) and Crown of Eyes (Which converts spell damage's damage bonus at 150% efficiency to attack damage). This little item and keystone combination at 2000 strength gives 900% increased damage, which is an INSANE increase to your builds damage.

This ascendancy is wildly underutilised nowadays, making up less than 0.1% of all players using this ascendancy, but it still has so much power in it's passives for this build:
Firstly the passive Tukohama's War Herald:
This passive grants 2% of damage totems deal leeched to you as life, this is a huge amount of free healing your totems now give you, additionally it gives 100% increased effect of the buffs your ancestor totems grant to you, which is EXTREMELY important, since ancestor totems give you such powerful buffs increasing them means your boss DPS shoots through the roof.
Secondly the passive Arohongui, Moon's Presence:
This passive is PACKED full of useful stats, first off it makes your totems immune to fire damage, meaning they're not only better vs bosses like the phoenix or searing exarch which deal mostly fire damage, but also means they're immune to reflect because this build deals almost entirely fire damage.
With this you also get "enemies near your totems deal 8% less damage" which is super useful because I normally summon a totem in the middle of a pack of monsters before jumping in, adding some extra defenses to the build and preventing you from being killed.
It also grants "enemies near your totems take 16% increased physical and fire damage", since the build is almost entirely fire damage this is effectively a 16% more damage multiplier.
It also grants increased area of effect which is great for mapclear, this node is just wonderful.
Third up is the node "Ramako, Sun's Light":
This is probably the weakest node we take because it grants increases to damage over time and ignites which we dont really care about with this build, but the node it leads up to alongside the free 15% fire penetration make it worth it.
Fourth and finally we have the node "Hinekora, Death's Fury":
This node is AMAZING for our build, with 10% increased strength giving us a huge boost to the strength stacking aspect of our build, and the covering enemies in ash giving a huge amount of free resistance reduction to enemies, multiplying our damage by a huge amount, note that the 1% damage leeched as life doesnt work for us here since its our totems leeching life, not us

Chieftain VS Scion (pros and cons of each)
Marauder (chieftain):
+ Increased ancestor totem buff effect (gives me 42 million dps)
+ Enemies near totems take more dmg and deal less (more dmg and mroe tankiness all in one)
+ You are a marauder so you can use the forbidden flesh/flame jewels which give Undeniable, this alone gives me 47 million DPS
+ Reflect immunity (your totems are immune to fire damage from chieftain ascendancy so reflect doesnt damage them)
- No stun immunity

+ One more totem, very nice for damage
+ More passives for use on the tree
+ More strength from ascendancy
+ Can use unnatural instinct to get access to a bunch of good nodes by start area
+ A little more life at endgame
+ Easier to get more resistances
- No real good forbidden flesh/flame combos to use
- No reflect immunity
- Significantly lower damage (no totem buff effect, undeniable, etc. REALLY hurts us) (40 million lower DPS for me)
- The + totem node gives us a little bit of damage taken before life, this actually hurts us because it will end up with us being OOM more often since we have a small mana pool.

Consecrated Path:
The skill consecrated path is a slam skill that causes the player to teleport to the nearest enemy in range and slam them, both dealing huge damage and creating consecrated ground in the process. This skill is generally pretty risky for melee players to use as it puts you right in the middle of the enemies, HOWEVER if you put this skill on totems with earthbreaker support this results in a bunch of totems you summon teleporting all over the map oneshotting packs of mobs without you having to reposition them yourself nearly as often as you would any other totem skill. It really transforms the old totem playstyle from tedious and slow to super fun and fast.

Problem: melee is bad and dies all the time to archnemesis monsters.
Solution: make your totems go in melee range for you, deal more damage than you and tank more than 100 exiles ever could. Totems live through pretty much any attack in the game so will keep hitting even when any other melee build has to sacrifice DPS by running away. Plus its way cooler to have 3 consecrated path totems, an ancestral protector AND a vaal ancestral warchief all at the same time beating up your opponents.


General + Gameplay Tips:

- For maximum DPS you want to summon your ancestral protector totems first, followed by 3 consecrated path totems, followed by your vaal ancestral warchief.
(This allows you to have 3 consec path totems up at the same time as 1 ancestral protector and one warchief for maximal totem buff effect)

- If you warcry next to a unique enemy you will gain up to 4 endurance charges instantly so getting any more maximum endurance charges than that is pointless

- I use portal on a weapon swap to free up sockets for actual gems on the build



Standard Gear:
(The belt, boots and shield of this gear are up for mirror service with a 100 divine fee, PM me ingame @RighteousFire๘ if interested)

Some other gear examples
While the implicit on the two toned boots is legacy the other modifiers on it are achieveable in league, so ive linked it as a viable replacement. The build's items do not need to be legacy whatsoever and I just happen to use some legacy items because I have them onhand.

Weapon and Harvest Enchant


The weapon in question should ALWAYS be brutus' lead sprinkler, mirror tier weapons with added fire dmg per strength are STILL less damage, there is no replacement for this item (it doesnt have to have any influence though, mine only does because I got really bored one time and scour chanced for it a bunch).

Craft the harvest enchantment % increased accuracy per quality, this is the highest dps enchantment and has synergy with some of the other items we use in the jewels section.

Helmet and Enchantment


The helmet should always be a crown of eyes, nothing in the game can ever beat this helmet. The "socketed gems have a 90% cost & reservation multiplier" modifier on the corruption is very nice because it allows us to run determination for a huge amount of armour and bonus to the molten shell.

The enchant on the helmet should be "Ancestral protector totem grants 18% increased attack speed while active", this is BY FAR the most damage you can get on an enchantment as I believe this is also affected by the "increased effect of ancestor totem buffs" that the build has a copious amount of. Dont be tricked by enchantments like consecrated path damage, they dont even compare in DPS. If you cant get a hold of a 90% cost snd reservation multiplier helmet corruption you can also enchant your helmet with anger reservation efficiency to be able to run all 4 auras the build uses.

Body Armour


The body armour should always be the iron fortress, there is no replacement for this. It gives you a huge amount of damage, loads of strength and an immense amount of block chance, nothing in the game beats this out.

Craft the harvest enchantment that replaces quality's effect with strength on this, which will give you 10 extra free strength at 20 qual or 15 extra at 30 qual

Belt and Enchantment


For belts there is a whole bunch of room for different choice, from synthesis belts with 18% increased strength implicit to hunter or elder heavy belts/stygian vises with % increased attributes as a suffix alongside a strength modifier. If you're on a budget the new magnate belt with a %strength corruption is a fine replacement, as you'll easily meat it's strength requirements and the rest of the stats on it are very useful to you as well (other than it's lacklustre implicit, hence wanting a well corrupted one)
Another good potential belt replacement is cyclopean coil, providing a good amount of all attributes as well as ignite immunity and potential freeze immunity. Getting it corrupted well for increased strength is even better!

For the belt's enchantment the easiest one to proc is "30% reduced effect of curses on you on consecrated ground" as consecrated path creates consecrated ground on hit so this essentially has permanent uptime. The other one which I actually prefer is "30% increased accuracy rating while you have onslaught" because accuracy is super valuable in its synergy with some of the other items we are using and it increases your DPS a HUGE amount.

Amulet and Anoint


For an amulet you'll generally want a shaper/warlord amulet with both %increased attributes and %increased strength with some other useful suffix (flat increased strength, hybrid strength and another attribute, all attributes, etc.) on either an amber amulet base (though youll probably find issues solving attribute requirements on a base like this) or more commonly an agate amulet or citrine amulet to provide some extra intelligence/dexterity to cover the build's attribute needs. Other useful modifiers on an amulet for prefixes are +1 to level of all fire skill gems, EDWAS, life, dmg per str, fire pen, etc.

As for unique amulet options if youre maybe on a budget an astramentis works fine for capping your attributes. Xophs blood is also a fine option if you have no issues with achieving the correct attribute values for the rest of your gear though the covered in ash modifier on it is wasted as you already have the ability to do that from chieftain ascendancy.

As for the anoint on the amulet the best anoint ive found is soul of steel which gives a large bonus to armour which is great for our molten shell and +1 to all maximum resistances, its just overall the best defensive anoint. If you feel that youve got enough armour you can go for prismatic skin to give +2 to all maximum resistances for additional elemental defenses. As for aggressive anoints the best option is pretty much always shaman's dominion. It gives an insane amount of dps with high crit chance and crit damage all in one node.
Another interesting option is graceful assault as it gives 30% increased armour during onslaught (which you should have up very often) and 30% increased effect of onslaught for a nice DPS and movement speed buff.



For rings synthesised rings are the way to go. You'll want one ring with a flammability on hit modifier (this can be a suffix on an influenced ring but suffix modifiers are pretty tight on all of our gear so it's best to get as a synthesis implicit so resists can be capped more easily alongside having strength as a suffix modifier on every item), any other beneficial synthesis implicits alongside this flammability modifier (i.e. % increased strength, + endurance charge, any resist, crit, etc.) are nice to have. The other ring should ideally be a synthesis ring with a % increased strength implicit, this is just such a great way of achieving high strength values. In kalandra league we also have access to rings with extremely high strength modifiers with the new mirrored items. As such one of these rings with 100+ strength, high resists and life on a vermillion ring base would be amazing for the build and may well be better than a %strength implicit synthesis item.

Important to note: with the 4 aura setup we dont have a huge amount of mana so crafting the "non-channeling skills have -7 to mana cost" modifier is AMAZING QOL and quite important



For the shield you will want a shield with the shaper influence for the VERY IMPORTANT +1 to maximum summoned totems prefix modifier which effectively adds an extra 50% more dmg to your dps alongside your other two main totems, this is mandatory to have. This is the only shaper prefix a shield can roll so it should be relatively easy to hit. The best base for this is an ezomyte tower shield for the +40 life implicit. Other desirable modifiers for the shield are + to maximum resistances (other than chaos, this isnt useful for us at all because we dont reach the chaos resistance cap with this build, socketed gems have 30% increased reservation efficiency (can help fit in a 5th aura), % life recovered on block (this modifier is AMAZING because we have attack block almost capped just from the shield and body armour with no real investment into block), strength, life, resistances, etc.

Boots and Enchantment


For the boots in standard you'll want boots with the sentinel modifier "adds 2 to 4 fire damage to attacks per 10 strength" because this is a massive boost to the amount of flat dmg and bonuses that your strength stacking gives you however it is unfortunately unobtainable for now as it required recombinators to achieve, which are not available outside of standard for now. Other options though are two-toned boots with the hunter influence (twotoned boots work best because the build needs all the resistances it can get due to suffixes being taken up mostly by strength related modifiers) with a flat strength suffix alongside a (possibly elevated) %strength suffix and then any other useful modifiers of your choice (e.g. resistances, life, movement speed).

Note that things that gain you onslaught or tailwind on hit/crit will not work because you're not the one hitting, the totems are.

The enchantment 120% increased critical strike chance if you havent crit recently is OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING, since youre not the one attacking, your totems are, you will never have crit recently. This means you essentially have 120% increased crit chance permanently from this enchantment. If you dont have or want this enchantment the 10% elemental penetration if you havent killed recently also works in the same way and is good, though always lower DPS than the crit one

For a unique option you can use: Alberon's Warpath,
Note: This does NOT mean the replica version, these are worthless for us.

Gloves, Influence Implicits and Enchantment


For gloves: These are the easiest slot to gear other than the uniques as all you really want are gloves with strength, a resist and an essence of insanity modifier (alongside life prefixes if you can). Then you just apply eater of worlds/searing exarch influence to them and they should be finished.

There are many useful searing exarch/eater of worlds modifiers but in general the best ones are % increased dmg per 100 strength and % attack speed.

The enchantments on your gloves dont particularly matter but the one I use is commandment of reflection because the clone it creates can distract bosses which is pretty nice I guess.



(The order of these flasks dont matter really, this is just how theyre arranged on my taskbar)

For flasks in general we want a life flask for another good source of life gain, I generally prefer blood of the karui because the instant full life recovery really helps in certain situations, especially when bossing.

The second flask should be a mana flask with the "enduring" prefix that means the flask's effect applies over a duration and isnt removed at full mana, this really helps with no regen maps and for spamming your totems.

The third flask should be a crit flask, this is just good for DPS

The fourth flask in standard should be atziri's promise for the big DPS increase 15% elemental dmg as extra chaos gives, without access to these legacy flasks though id recommend a basalt or granite flask for more armour increases to help your defenses (you dont really need the extra DPS anyway oftentimes)

The fifth flask should always be bottled faith, you are always on consecrated ground so the flask's DPS benefit is always active, its a huge increase regardless of whether you have a current or legacy variant of this flask.



Jewels are one of the most important parts of the build for DPS so its very important to read through this section!

For rare jewels it's pretty simple, just go for jewels with life, critical strike multiplier (either normal, with melee weapons, while wielding a shield, with fire skills, etc.) and whatever resistances you need to round your build out.

For the uniques jewels we first have the watchers eye:

The watcher's eye should have whichever useful modifiers you would like, the best for DPS are:
Anger crit multi, Precision atkspeed, Precision Crit multi, Anger fire penetration

Though other modifiers such as precision atkdmg and anger fire dmg work they just dont provide the same level of dps.

the best modifiers for defense are:
% reduced critical strike damage taken while affected by determination, + armour while affected by determination

For the forbidden flesh/flame!!!!:

You want UNDENIABLE, this node gives you an INSANE amount of damage, it cannot be understated.

The 2 accuracy flat per strength you have is already insane by itself since we end up with so much strength (alongside another 500 bonus flat accuracy from it), but it also gives you increased attack speed per accuracy so all sources of accuracy (such as your weapon enchant + belt enchant) give you even more attack speed. This ends up being one of the biggest DPS improvements the build can have, make sure you have these jewels ASAP!!!

For the lethal pride:

Lehtal pride jewels are some of the most complicated and hard to gear items in the game. I have mine socketed down in the marauder area in the jewel socket in the bottom middle of the passive tree.
Mine gives me +15% increased strength, chance to deal double dmg, intimidate and crit. (this is for my level 98 tree, it gives less for the level 100 tree but it is stull BIS)
These modifiers are all great. Getting one which gives you chance to intimidate on one of the nodes is amazing because that's a free 10% more dmg multiplier. Then getting as much % strength as possible. Followed by any other nice dps modifiers you might be able to get.
I think the jewel seed I have is probably the best possible but if you cant find that one then look around for others with similar stats using path of building's jewel finding tool!

Gearing Stats Priority:

All stat priorities here are in some semblance of order (first stat most important/useful):

Rings: Strength (and % strength from synthesis ring if you can get it), Resistances, Life, Reduced Mana Cost of Skills (Crafting bench)

Belt: Strength (on implicit and on item modifier), Resistances, Life, Elemetnal Damage With Attack Skills or Flask Effect

Amulet: % increased attributes, % increased strength, Flat Strength, + to level of fire gems (hard to get but really nice), life, Damage Per Strength/Fire Penetration (also hard to get, but good for damage), Elemental damage with attack skills

Boots: Strength, % Increased Strength (from hunter influence), Life, Resistances (can get from two toned boots implicit too), Movement Speed

Gloves: Strength, Resistances, "Socketed gems have 16% more attack and cast speed" (from essence of insanity), Life

Shield: +1 to maximum number of summoned totems (from shaper influence), Strength, Life, % life gain on block, Resistances

Jewels: Life, attack speed (with sceptres/with melee skills/one handed/etc.), crit multiplier(with melee skills/with fire skills/one handed/etc.), resistances if you need, int/dex if you need

Crafting Advice:


Nowadays I've found the optimal way to craft a good shield for this build is to start with the suffixes, as they're the hardest part to hit good mods on for this gearslot.

My preferred way of crafting the shields is starting with Deafening Essences of Rage (this will be a common theme with crafting seeing as this gives the most strength possible on most items and we need strength).

For the shield base we either will be using an Ezomyte Tower Shield (gives +40 to maximum life implicit) or Archon Kite Shield (gives +12% to all elemental resistances). To decide between these bases in general I would suggest Archon Kite Shield base because it makes gearing much easier for capping resistances. If you have very high end gear and can cap your resistances without problems then an Ezomyte Tower Shield is the better ultra endgame base for us.
The shield must have Shaper Influence (NOT HYBRID INFLUENCES, THAT WOULD MESS UP GETTING PREFIXES LATER) and preferably be Item level 85 or higher (this is the item level for +2 to all maximum resistances which is a super powerful mod if you are lucky enough to hit it)

We will use these essences of rage on our shield base until we hit a good set of suffixes for us. What is a good set of suffixes you ask? Here are a list of good affixes!

- Strength
- +#% to All Maximum Resistances
- #% Life Gained On Block (arond 4 times as effective as t1 flat life gained on block)
- Socketed gems have #% increased Reservation Efficiency
- Resistances (higher tier the better of course)

Out of these suffixes the most powerful individual modifiers are the maximum resistances (gives a huge amount of defenses towards all elements, makes you a lot tankier),
The #% life gained on block (best for mapping, lets you tank whole packs of mobs hitting you without much issue),
The "Socketed gems have #% increased Reservation Efficiency" (This with some setups allows for either an additional aura to be fit into the build or certain skillpoints on the tree to be freed up to be put elsewhere, this is probably the best for bossing since it lets you get all the damage you can out of your tree)

What I would do is:
1) Use these Essences of Rage until I hit one of these three very powerful mods (or more than one if you're lucky!) alongside another useful third suffix (high tier resistances, etc).

2) If the item has no free prefixes we will annul and hope a prefix is removed (this is assuming the prefixes are bad/dont have +1 totem modifier)

3) Once we have an item with the suffixes we want and at least one free prefix we will craft "Suffixes Cannot Be Changed" then use the harvest craft to Reforge an Influenced item with at least one Influenced Modifier (Costs 5000 Blue lifeforce and 1 Sacred Lifeforce).

4) Since the only shaper influenced prefix a shield can roll is +1 to maximum number of summoned totems we will be guaranteed to have a shield with this modifier on it and our suffixes from before. Here we kinda have to hope for either a free prefix on which to craft life or a good life roll landed on the shield.

If the prefixes arent what you want and we have a free prefix we can simply repeat step 3 again if you would like.


A rare amulet can be a great damage increase over an astramentis, but it's often difficult to get the correct amount of dex/int in order to use your gear. As such the requirements for (at least the suffixes on) an amulet are quite specific.
This process can be a little bit brutal now that the reforge keep suffixes craft has been removed from the game but is still doable, just more annoying.

Step 1:

We need to awaken two amulets together.
One must be a Shaper Influence amulet with %Increased Attributes,
The other must be a Warlord Influence amulet with %Increased Strength.
The ideal bases to awaken onto are STR/INT or STR/DEX implicit amulets.

Step 2:
Check affixes. If you have a third suffix that is useless you have to try to annul it. If that fails then go back to step 1.
If you have a good 3rd suffix (ideal is t1 all attributes to cover int/dex requirements while giivng a good boost to str) then you can move on to crafting prefixes.
However often you will end up with 3 prefixes and the two suffixes you awakened together. If this is the case you have 2 options. You can try and Aisling the item. If it removes a prefix it will add your third suffix and you have a high chance of unveiling either Str/Int or Str/Dex. If you do not want to aisling the item you can also try to annul a prefix and then lock suffixes followed by veiled chaos to try and hit a good unveil as the third suffix. (this is less reliable than aisling).

If step 2 fails you will have to go back to step 1 and repeat the process until you end up with 3 good suffixes (t1 resist is also fine as a suffix if you need but not ideal)

Step 3: (Prefixes)
There are plenty of useful prefixes for the build but some of them are extremely rare to roll. These include but are not limited to:
Life, Fire Penetration, Damage per Str, EDWAS, + to level of all skill gems, + to level of fire skill gems, etc.

Here the crafting becomes relatively simple but you have two main routes. You can simply metacraft (go down to your 3 suffixes, block a modifier and exalt x2 hoping for good modifiers, followed by either locking suffixes and scouring, locking suffixes and trying to annul if you get one good affix and one bad, or being finished there)
Or you can lock suffixes and then reforge for either fire more likely or influence more likely because some of the very rare beneficial modifiers for us are influence modifiers (dmg per str/ fire penetration) and some are fire modifiers (+ to level of all fire skill gems, fire penetration).
This has some inherent risk to it because you can end up with 3 prefixes, essentially bricking the item but it is much more likely to hit useful modifiers than simply exalting.

(If you are on standard you can try and recombine your item onto a corrupted base with % attributes implicits but this is very expensive and risky, but super amazing if you can get it)

Will add more gearpieces later!

Gems and Links:


Consecrated Path Setup:


For the first gem we obviously use Consecrated Path, the gem quality for this should be anomalous because attack speed is great for your DPS and map clear speed

We then link it to Earthbreaker Support, this is the most important part because this is what puts the skill on a totem, its not replaceable. We use the normal quality for this gem.

We then link it to Awakened Elemental Focus Support. this can be replaced by the non awakened version of this gem but it's nowhere near as good.

We then link it to Awakened Elemental Damage With Attack Skills Support. This can also be replaced by the non awakened version but is once again much much worse if you do.

We then link it to Awakened Fire Penetration Support. This is great for the free fire exposure it applies onto enemies and shouldnt really be replaced.

Finally we link Ruthless Support, this one has multiple replacements but is the most consistent high DPS option. We don't want any alternate qualities on this.

Aura Setup in Helmet:
Note: This is only if you have the 90% cost and reservation multiplier helmet corruption


In a helmet with this corruption we socket our 3 highest reservation auras and an enlighten support.

Firstly we socket our Anger, we dont really care about alternate qualities on this, though they're fine.

Then we socket our Determination, once again we dont really care about alternate qualities here but if you happen to have evasion rating on some of your gear divergent can be nice.

Then we socket our Precision. For this gem we want it to be Anomalous quality for reduced reservation which lets us have it at a higher level.

Finally we socket our Enlighten Support. This MUST be level 4. Alternatively you can use a level 4/5 Awakened Enlgihten Support, but this is not necessary.

Aura setup without helm corruption:
Note that this is not recommended, the helm corruption lets you fit in Determination much more easily which is AMAZING for defenses

Without the helmet corruption we can fit in one aura less and as such we can just put all of our auras in a 4 link with an enlighten support instead.
We will link Anger, Precision, Blood and Sand, Enlighten Support together.

The only good thing about this setup is it allows you to have a higher level of precision aura than the other, but youre missing out on your biggest defensive layer.

Without the helmet corruption if you still want to fit in Determination there are other ways of doing it, such as taking an aura reservation node group on the skill tree or anointing a node like charisma which gives aura reservation efficiency. You can even get a shield with 30% increased reservation efficiency for gems inside of it and split the links between two items (e.g. 2 auras + enlighten in one link setup and 2 auras + enlighten in shield).

Ancestral Protector Setup:


You will generally want to socket these in your boots because we are using helmet for auras and gloves for our leapslam since we want an insanity attack speed modifier on them.

First we use Ancestral Protector, this skill gives us a HUGE dps boost with its ancestor totem more atkspeed buff. As such we would like the quality to be Phantasmal so it's ancestral protector buff is increased.

Second we link it to Multiple Totems Support. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT because it provides +2 to maximum number of summoned totems so it allows us to do our main boss DPS setup. You MUST have this. We dont care about alternate qualities on this.

Thirdly we link combustion support, which will cause the totems to apply -10% fire resistance to enemies it ignites, which is very often. This is just a free DPS increase. We dont really care about alternate qualities for this.

Finally we link culling strike support, this is just a free execute for us which helps a lot with bossing, killing them instantly under 10% HP. We dont care about alternate qualities for this either.

Leapslam + Vaal Ancestral Warchief Setup:


For this setup we need it to be in the gloves for the insanity more attack speed modifier which really helps our leap slam for travel.

First we link Leap Slam, for this we want Phantasmal quality for the extra attack speed, I didnt have this until recently and it definitely isnt necessary but its nice!

Then we link to Faster Attacks Support for more speed jumping around. We dont care about alternate qual for this gem.

Then we link to Vaal Ancestral Warchief. We dont care about alternate quality on this.

Then the final link is somewhat up to you. I use an awakened elemental damage with attack skills support for the extra totem dps but you can use anything here, from awakened increased AoE support to Enhance support for extra attack speed with phantasmal leapslam

Molten Shell + Enduring Cry:


I personally socket these skills in my weapon but you can in the shield as well it doesn't really matter.

Here I have Molten Shell. We ideally want Anomalous quality here for extra defenses based on your armour (it equates to roughly 1000 extra shield on average for us over normal qual).
Since we should have determination this skill is just a free 6 thousand+ HP shield for us.

We then have Enduring Cry. The quality on this doesnt matter for us. We use this skill to generate ourselves free endurance charges and give a little physical damage reduction

We then link these two skills to Increased Duration Support so that these defenses last for a longer time on us. This is also replaceable with empower/enhance supports but I prefer increased duration.

Last Few Links:


I am still not 100% sure what the optimal links for this area are yet. Will update if I find something more optimal.

The most important link in this section is Blood and Sand. This gives us a nice amount of DPS in blood stance and better mapclear in sand stance, overall very powerful for only 10% mana reserved.

Then I use Cast when damage taken support linked to Lightning Golem. This isnt great but when the lightning golem is summoned its nice to have the free attack speed. If you have a shield with reservation efficiency you can instead link a banner skill and an enlighten support here for an extra aura.

One option that has become apparent to me is if you want even more boss endgame DPS you can use Vaal Haste in order to temporarily boost your attack speed and therefore DPS!

Additionally you could also use blood rage for the same reason. Charges will not be generated by blood rage though because totems do the killing, not us. We would only use this skill for the attack speed as its still a significant bonus for us.

The one issue that arises from this is now there is not enough space on the taskbar for these skills, so what I do is I bind them to Ctrl+Q and Ctrl+W which is a little inconvenient but works out fine since I only really need to use these skills for bossing.



Levelling POB:

This POB contains information on level 1-70 levelling process.

Check the Notes section in the POB for a bunch of detailed information on levelling!

I have skill trees, gem setups and item builds for every level in the POB if you switch to the different presets ive made. (bottom left of the passive skill tree you can switch between level 12, 38, 55 and 70 trees, same for top left of items section and top left of skills section!)

The levelling stuff uses a lot of uniques and doesnt really cover flasks for now.
For flasks just pick up and upgrade as you move along the campaign, not really much more to say.
As for the uniques you dont really need any of them for levelling but they provide a good example for the type of stats youd like on an item, and none of the uniques are very expensive (except maybe lycosidae) if you would like to get them for levelling purposes.


Skilltree Explanations:

Cluster Jewel:

We only use one cluster jewel in this skilltree because we simply dont get enough benefit from any more. Many attribute stacking builds use 12passive clusters with a bunch of strength on them but that simply doesnt provide enough damage for what we're looking for, so instead we go with one medium cluster for some very powerful nodes!

The first node we want on our cluster is Ancestral Guidance for the increased buff effect of ancestor totems which provides a huge DPS increase. (alongside the action speed being unable to be reduced below base value helps keep your totems DPS uptime at 100%)

The second node we want is Sleepless Sentries. This provides onslaught whenever you summon a totem which, alongside being a free 20% increased atk and movement speed, allows your increased accuracy while affected by onslaught belt enchantment to work!


This mastery lets us fit in determination into our skilltree, very important to use!

This mastery gives us a wonderful 5% increased strength, but additionally the 5% increased dexterity and intelligence it grants really help cover our attribute issues we sometimes find on gearing.

This mastery just gives us a very large increase in fire damage (100% inc dmg at the 2000 strength mark, which is very respectable)

The "5% of damage from hits taken from totem life before yours" mastery gives us essentially 5% less dmg taken as it is redirected to your totems. This is a lovely multiplier for your survivability!

The "60% increased global critical strike chance if you sumoned a totem recently" mastery is just a lovely DPS increase for us, but is the least important mastery of all the ones we take.



Ancestral bond is your most important keystone, giving you an extra totem for a HUGE dps increase!

Iron will is ESSENTIAL for the build to function properly, converting strengths bonus damage into spell damage, then back into attack damage with crown of eyes gives you an INSANE dps increase.

Call to arms is the least important keystone for the build but is still lovely quality of life to be able warcry instantly so you dont lock yourself in place warcrying next to a boss and die. It really makes the build feel a lot smoother.

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You have such expensive gear, are the damage numbers you showcase in the build realistic?

- When I started out this build I had maybe 1% of the budget ive now invested into my character, my rings were just random rares with resistances, my amulet was an astramentis, my belt was a random poorly rolled synthesis rare, with terrible boots and even worse gloves and I still farmed any boss in the game at the time.
The DPS numbers certainly increase a lot with more investment, but even at the lower end of investment as I showcased in my POBs you can get tens of millions of DPS without sacrificing too much tankiness!

Is the build really suitable for league? Or is this just a standard guide?

- While I make it no secret I am a standard player in this game, the build is absolutely suitable for league, I would argue even more so actually. While building my lower budget POB I looked at the prices for the gearpieces you need in league and theyre actually significantly cheaper than you would get them for in standard, especially with those new kalandra reflected rings/amulets giving you ludicrous amounts of attributes you can actually get higher damage numbers/survivability than I had by quite a way than when I started out. And at the endgame in league you will still absolutely murder any uber endgame boss without even needing to be onscreen.

So yes, the build may require some investment but is absolutely very strong in league!

My totems die so quickly, how do I fix this?

- Earthbreaker totems such as our consecrated path / volcanic fissure totems have HP that scales off the level of your earthbreaker support gem. Get as high a level on earthbreaker as you can and your totems will be tankier. Even with a level 21 earthbreaker some uber endgame bosses can kill the totems and at that point getting body armours with + to level of socketed gems in order to buff the gem level even further can prevent this.
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Great build I'll have to try it out.
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Keep up the good work.
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- Added lower budget POB
- Adjusted title to reflect pinnacle dps instead of normal mob dps
- Added FAQ which I will add to as more questions come in!
Cool build. You say 80mil dps but isn't it more? I'm under the impression that POB only calculates DPS for 1 totem?
You can tell POB to account for more than 1 totem in the full DPS option by checking "include in full DPS" and then setting the number of the skill to whatever amount so 80 million full pinnacle dps should be the correct number. Off the top of my head each consecrated path totem does just over 30 million non-pinnacle dps and the ancestral warchief + protector do 15ish mil non-pinnacle dps.
I was wondering about this build. I really wanted to see Earthbreaker work but it seems conc path chieftain is it.

Also it seemed like most guys use 3 conc path totems and 2 ancestral protectors for the attack speed buffs?
I was wondering about this build. I really wanted to see Earthbreaker work but it seems conc path chieftain is it.

Also it seemed like most guys use 3 conc path totems and 2 ancestral protectors for the attack speed buffs?

Consecrated path is pretty much the best skill to be supported by earthbreaker support because its the only slam skill other than leapslam that moves the totem for you, alongside the great utility of creating a bunch of consecrated ground for you and having a larger AOE than leapslam does its the most well rounded skill to be supported by earthbreaker in general.

For a basic DPS setup without your vaal ancestral warchief you put down your 2 ancestral protector totems (this is made possible through multiple totems support giving +2 to maximum totems) then your three consecrated path totems.

This is indeed because of the insane attack speed bonus that is provided by ancestral protectors, since we get so much "increased effect of buffs granted by your ancestor totems" the speed granted by having them is unmatched.

For your full DPS potential however you must place down the 2 ancestral protectors, 3 consecrated path totems and THEN you place down your vaal ancestral warchief (since vaal ancestral warchief provides +1 to maximum totems summoned and multiple totems support provides +2, this will cause the vaal warchief to destroy only one of your ancestral protector totems).

This means you can have both the HUGE more attack dmg bonus from vaal ancestral warchief and the insane more attack speed from ancestral protector to boost your DPS into another universe!
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- Added experimental lv 100 melding POB
- Added level 100 Standard POB
- Added videos on 10way, Feared, Uber Atziri Videos

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