[3.23] Devon's Frostblink Elementalist - The Hotstepper | Build of the Week! | 9M+ DoT DPS

I know I am not the first one to make this build not do I claim to be the first one. I am simply making a comprehensive forum guide as per request from a follower.

3.23 - Updates!

Try using Arctic armour for this thing. If the ground applies 10% chill then it's a moderate buff, if it applies 15% chill then it's a huge buff and you should use this gem.

If you like killing stuff with your movement skills this is the build for you :D

+ Super fast clear (Movement + Proliferation)
+ Excellent Boss damage
+ Multiple defensive layers (Evasion, Spell Dodge, Block, Ailment immunity)
+ Excellent scaling
+ You rarely get hit

- bad starter
- Requires good gear
- Not much life (4k)
- All 98 levels of passives are pretty crucial (yep)
- If you get hit you probably die

How does it work?

You scale Frostblink levels as much as possible with multiple sources of gem levels (Bronn's Lithe, Replica Cold Iron Point, Corruptions, lvl21 gem) and then you convert all of that frost damage into fire damage.
By taking the Elementalist ascendancy the build is guaranteed to proc ignite regardless of your crit/ignite chances.

Just move with Frostblink into enemies to set them on fire and kill them.
Activate Vaal Clarity and then Hatred linked to Divine blessing for a lot of extra damage (can be sustained almost 100% of uptime on maps and around 75% of the time on bosses).

Arcanist brand should be applied on any tough enemy. It applies combustion, exposure and Flame surge to maximize the damage of your Frostblink ignite.

Most of the hits coming your way are either evaded, dodged, blocked or nullified so the low amount of life is negligable, a true SC build :D

GIFs and Videos

Clearing Example - T16 + Beyond

Bossing Example - First Exarch

Early Showcase Video: https://youtu.be/_MjuO0YSc5g

Build Guide Video: https://youtu.be/lXF23u8PzXk

Build of the week Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqGL-17gf9Q

Path of Building - Pastabin

https://pobb.in/T4kfKtbbqf96 (3.23, updated 08.12.2023.)
- everything is inside

Use this as much as you can, everything will be inside. A lot of leveling trees inside and ofc the Endgame trees, to the bottom left where it says "Endgame - 95", click on that and you can swap out the trees to see what you need to prioritize. Also here you can check out the whole tree, gear, gems, enchants, damage, etc. Basically you can see everything that I had and what you should aim for at each point in your leveling process.


General tips:

You want to focus on Evasion based gear. Every single item should have as much Evasion as possible. For example if you are crafting your helmet make sure to use a high ilvl "Lion's pelt".
Your belt will need a lot of Strength.

Weapons and shields:
This is a spell based build meaning the levels of the gems mean A LOT. Try to increase either the levels of your main skill (Frostblink) or increase your Fire, Cold, Burning and Damage over time multiplier damage.

Links and skill gems:
Links are always important and your primary skill should have the most links during leveling. If you find a 4L/5L/6L (Tabula rasa) you should place your main skills inside.
Best leveling item for this build is a 5L/6L Thousand Ribbons as it also provides Proliferation.

Influenced items:
Helmet, Gloves and Boots should be regular rares that you're going to modify with Eltritch currency items.[/span]

League Mechanic:

Early Acts guide

Act 1
Highly recommended to use a Thousand Ribbons robe (at least 4L) because it provides ignite proliferation as well.
Get Frostblink on lvl 4, support it with Lifetap + Added Lightning/Added Cold.
Frostblink + Lifetap + Added Cold

Act 2
Take Herald of Ice.
You will need Defiance Banner (ask Marauder, Templar or Duelist or just buy it off the market).
Frostblink + Lifetap + Cold to Fire + Combustion

Act 3
Get Hatred.
Your auras should be: Hatred + Herald of Ice + Defiance Banner.
Once you get your Normal Lab ascendancy you can respec all chance to ignite nodes because you now ignite 100% of the time. Also replace Combustion with a damage support.
Frostblink + Lifetap + Cold to Fire + Deadly Ailments

Passive Tree, Ascendancy, Bandits and Pantheon

Passive Tree: https://pobb.in/TBiNr6M3Jwo_

Ascendancy: Elementalist

1.) Shaper of Flames - can respec all chance to ignite nodes and remove combustion
2.) Shaper of Storms - free 15% more damage always
3.) Mastermind of Discord - wave of conviction becomes cracked
4.) Heart of Destruction - provides amazing clear and boss damage
5.) Forbidden Flesh + Flame Jewels ---> FRIGID WAKE or BASTION OF ELEMENTS Huge DPS vs Huge Effective Life! (Your choice)

Bandits: Kill all.


Major God - Soul of Arakaali
Big Survivability boost. Arakaali provides the only thing we really need and that is DoT resistance.

Minor God - Soul of Yugul
The reduced effect of curses is too hard to pass up. Combine this with a flask with 50%-60% curse effect reduction and curses will do nothing to you.
The only alternative to this is Shakari for poison and chaos damage reduction.


READ: Use this skill setup if you don't want to go for Aul's Uprising, Heatshiver and the Forbidden Jewels. This setup is much cheaper and user friendly.

6L - Frostblink(21/0) + Lifetap(15/20) + Cold to Fire(20/20) + Swift Affliction(20/20) + Deadly Ailments(20/20) + Ignite Proliferation(20/20) / Unbound Ailments(20)

Note 1: Swap Ignite prolif with Unbound Ailments when you want to kill a tough boss.
Note 2: Lifetap needs to be at the highest level where one cast of your spell will give you the buff, for me that was lvl 15 Lifetap.
Note 3: Half of these gems have Awakened versions, feel free to use them if you got the moolah.
Note 4: All of the gems need to be corrupted if you are using Skin of The Lords!

4L - Enlighten (3) + Purity of Elements (21/0) + Grace (21/0) + Malevolence (21/0)

Note 1: Purity of Elements and Grace should be prioritized as they are your whole lifeline. Take Malevolence once you have all of your reservation efficiency stuff.

4L - Arcanist Brand(1/20) + Flame Surge(1/0) + Wave of Conviction(1/0) + Combustion(20/20)

Note 1: Cast this arcanist brand on tough enemies.


Stat Priority
If your Elemental Resistances are capped go for Chaos resistance instead.

Weapon: Rare Dagger > Global/Spell Crit chance > +1 to all Cold spell Skill gems > DoT/Fire damage

Shield: Replica Mistwall (every stat here is usefull, it also amplifies your quartz flask with the chance to avoid)

Helmet: Mana Reservation Efficiency > Spell Suppression > Resists > Life > Evasion
30% Frostblink CD enchant (I bought an evasion base with the enchant on top and crafted it with Deafening essence of Loathing)

Body Armour: Bronn's Lithe > Good Corruption > Damage/Evasion

Gloves: Spell Suppression > Resists > Life > Evasion

Boots: Spell Suppression > Resists > Life > MS > Evasion

Belt: Strength > Life > Resists > Evasion

Amulet: Impresence: Life > Damage > Resist

Ring1: Pyre: Burning Damage > Resists - Make sure it is 20%Q (turbulent cat)

Ring2: Emberwake or a very Good rare Opal ring: Fire damage/Cold damage > Life > Resists/Minimum Frenzy Charge

Leveling gear

Even a 4L/5L Thousand ribbons is better than a Tabula rasa because it gives you Proliferation as well.

Cheap set

Expensive set


Every flask should have either the extra duration or less charges used.

Anointment: Sovereignty

My achievements with the build:

- level 98
- killed double guardians multiple times, all guardians released at once, Searing Exarch, Eater of the Worlds, Shaper, Elder, Uber Elder, Maven and Sirus
- killed Uber Eater of Worlds
- 20 challenges done

Check out what I'm playing this league and other guides:
"Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile." -unknown
"The Emperor beckons and the world attends." -Izaro
"Shine boldly so that all may find you when the night falls." -Izaro
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"Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile." -unknown
"The Emperor beckons and the world attends." -Izaro
"Shine boldly so that all may find you when the night falls." -Izaro
Awesome build man, youve done a great job .. yet again!
how do you use hatred?
dmoniak wrote:
how do you use hatred?

Vaal Clarity. Activate it when it's full, Hatred + Divine blessing is free during this time, when Vaal Clarity is about to end use Hatred again. Basically double the duration.
"Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile." -unknown
"The Emperor beckons and the world attends." -Izaro
"Shine boldly so that all may find you when the night falls." -Izaro
Thanks alot really nice build

This is my gear right now what should I upgrade or anything to push it to the limits?
dmoniak wrote:
This is my gear right now what should I upgrade or anything to push it to the limits?

A chestpiece with good corruptions +2 aoe +2 duration +1 to socketed gems is all great. This will give you the most DPS.

And I recommend getting pure Evasion bases for your Gloves, Helmet and Boots (the more evasion the better) and around 12% suppression on each of those.

Replace movement speed on your Jade flask and get Critical strike chance so you can proc Elemental Overload better. Your Frostblink should have at least 12.5% chance to crit.
"Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile." -unknown
"The Emperor beckons and the world attends." -Izaro
"Shine boldly so that all may find you when the night falls." -Izaro
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Just wanted to bump this build.

I already happened to have an Elementalist leveled to 78 with a build that wasn't really working out great (my second char - was messing around with some stuff). Came across this gem of a mapper and what a treat. I think I spent maybe 150-200c on gear (minus the 6L Bronn's which was 2 Divines) and almost immediately was doing T10's with ease. Gem levels are still low (bought a 21/20 Frostblink, everything else I either had laying around at low levels with 20 qual, or bought from Lilly) and not nearly optimized or anything yet, but this is a really fun build and really cheap compared to mappers with similar speed. Can't even run Grace because I need a tiny bit more mana. Surprisingly this build is tanky for what it is and I only have 3700 HP or so. I don't think I've died yet and I've done about 30 maps so far. Boss damage is surprisingly great too. Highly recommend this build if you're looking for a cheap, fast mapper. This one gets the job done.

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Are you planning to make a version with clusters?

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