[3.20] WoE Bringer of Rain Boneshatter - DESTROY ATLAS with >10 Chaos Build

3.20 changes

Because Tribal Fury is changes you need swap melee splash to ancestral call. Others: swap gloves for rich variation. Self curse now OP

Hey There!

Yes it's 2022 and that is Bringer of Rain (BoR) and Wings of Entropy (WoE) Build. Alright, we talk about New BoR and replica WoE.
Price on market - 1c for each.

What it can? Clear all atlass, kill Exarch, Cthulhu, All guardians, all elderslayers, all elder guardians etc. But most important: build great for cleaning maps and extremely tanky.

You need

Good stuff


You can swap this stuff for gain more damage (bossing)

My Final gear

Still budget: 1-2 divines (+2 divines with enlighten 3lvl)
(swap this crap for good gloves - you can see in POB variation)


https://pastebin.com/gpV2w1dS - 10-20c build
Rich B*ch bossing variation - https://pastebin.com/h2hpjTUy
+2 divines for 3lvl enlighten and you can kill sirus,shaper,elder and other stuff if you want...but want you really? that full melee close combat build. Invest that 2 divines in seismic trap and be happy for skipping phases


Why BoR
Easy 6,5 link. Blind, 20-30 flat phys, 6% block and endur charge generator. Not BiS but really good for cheap option. But most importantly - It's fancy
Why WoE
Cheap, big damage boost, block chance. But most importantly -
it's fancy

Am I need to spend money for better options?
I don't think so. If you want - buy lvl 3 enlighten, use pride, find inspired learning (like me)
Is it good?
For the price? Yes! Really good for mapping, heisting and other stuff. NOT FOR ENDGAME BOSSES! You can kill Maven, Sirus and Shaper, but solo target is meh. Also you cannot kill ubers...That's 10c budget build! What are you think about this?! Shame on you!


Guide with Endgame boss montage - https://youtu.be/3KRZmhXoc98
Juiced T16 Chimera - https://youtu.be/sn2BgvK6BUQ
(1k at the start of the map...huh)
More Soon (c)

Leveling tips

Use helix before maps

Kill all bandits

CWDT 1lvl-molten shell 10lvl

You need Master of Metal first, then unstoppable hero. Lastly - other two.

use vaal ancestral warchief

level your gems!

Elusive and blind nodes for only 93+ lvl

Spell suppress is current meta

It's hurts!

No! that's hurts! - https://youtu.be/0e3PCR9bfp0

About traume mitigation

each Trauma effect deals 194 damage to you at gem level 20. At 15 stacks you will hit yourself - 2910 per hit. Since trauma stacks count as a physical hit, they are reduced by armor, endurance charges and, of course, fortifications. To receive 50% less damage, you need an armor indicator (if I remember correctly) > damage * 14. In this build you have 40+k armor (49k under flasks), that is, we already reduce it by 50%=1455. We add charges and fortify to the whole thing at the end and we get 100-200 damage on ourselves, which is imperceptible, given the regen and lich. Of course, there are archnemesis mobs that you can’t scold, but it’s hard not to notice the 15+ stacks of trauma accumulated in time. At 20 stacks, the damage will be slightly felt.
use the calculator to calculate:

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Looks interesting! Can it do uber bosses?
Tecken1407 wrote:
Looks interesting! Can it do uber bosses?

Damn bro this look sick, if you got a video of this running up its gonna be perfect
Now with video!
Added new PoB for bossing
Kursed_one wrote:
Added new PoB for bossing

Can you kill uber now with that pob? :D
Tecken1407 wrote:
Kursed_one wrote:
Added new PoB for bossing

Can you kill uber now with that pob? :D

Because now this build is highly costed (2 divines+10c!) you still need this for doing ubers - https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ
Your build is very cool and interesting. For years I have run my own build of WoE and BoR as a labyrinth crusher. I am going to give this a run and may also try to create some variations, if anything interesting comes of my testing I will share it. Currently leveling through A4 at the moment, spectral helix seems to be the easiest way to level this build.

How did you level? I think scaling spectral helix with axe nodes is the easiest way.

Edit: Would suggest adding to your build guide the order you think best for your ascendancies. :)
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Helix - best option for leveling
I swapped to shatter only after campaign. There's no restriction to ascendancy options. Inspirational for Uberlab - is best option I think

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