[3.19] Splitting Steel/Spectral Helix Jugg - Fun, fast, tanky, cheap to start, with room to grow

-::- Introduction -::-

Hi Guys,

Starting a new thread for this build as it's pretty well ironed out and deserves a thread of its own.

Check my Boneshatter guide from page 56 till the end for details about the development of this build: Boneshatter Jugg Guide - Page #56 Spectral Helix development

This is another build taking advantage of mostly Unique items, especially the Replica Wings of Entropy axe, which is an amazing, yet underused/underappreciated weapon.

For now, I'll keep this simple and just list the gear, showcase videos, and PoB Export for you to judge for yourselves and get the info out there. Later on I'll do some clean-up and expand the details.

Bandits: Kill All
Pantheon: Solaris + whatever you like (suggest Abberath if farming Exarch)

For latest gear/tree check my current 3.19 character: Coromau


-::- Expensive Max-Rage Paradoxica Endgame Gear -::-

**Item Rarity for mapping/Inc Crit for bossing
**Shattering for Single Target/Lake

-::- Cheap Replica Wings Endgame Gear -::-

** Kalandra Lake ammy is a good option too
** To gain max rage before a boss: Equip Rotblood + Emancipation > Activate Temporal > Swap ring to gain max Rage > Swap belt back
** Synvicta's as Secondary Weapon to start Maps with Rampage. Just kill 1 mob with it and switch back to Replica Wings.
** If using Leadership's Price, I recommend Asenath's for Mapping and Mercenary's for Bossing, as Haemophilia have built in STR, making it difficult to balance STR/DEX req. Plus corrupted ones are very cheap!

-::- Starting-White-Mapping Gear -::-

-::- Starting-Red-Mapping Gear -::-

-::- Videos -::-

81%Q Exarch Perfect Roll Omni Drop!
*Click for HD GIF

YouTube: 3.19 Splitting Steel - T16 Crimson Temple (Apothecary #2 Farm Showcase)

YouTube: 3.19 Splitting Steel - T16 Defiled Cathedral (Apothecary #1 Farm Showcase)

YouTube: 3.19 Spectral Helix - Searing Exarch (1-Death)

YouTube: 3.19 Spectral Helix - Ahuatotli, the Blind (Deathless)

YouTube: 3.19 Spectral Helix - Maven's Crucible (10 Boss, 64% Q, Deathless)

Youtube: 3.19 Spectral Helix - Eater of Worlds (Deathless)

YouTube: 3.19 Spectral Helix - T16 Chimera (Delirium, Packed With Energy, Mapping Showcase)

YouTube: 3.19 Spectral Helix - T16 Dunes (130% Corrupted, Full Run, Legion)

Between my first Searing Exarch and the Eater of Worlds one I made a lot of changes and improved single target by a lot. The Omni drop is from my second kill; pretty crazy luck! Anyway, the point of the short clip is to show the build can let you farm Exarch for your own Omni.

-::- PoB Export & PoE.ninja Profile -::-

Paradoxica/Saviour https://pobb.in/ZpwaMvXt2Fnm ** Updated 10/5/22
Replica Wings https://pobb.in/LzlX5HGMOXad ** Updated 9/4/22
1.0 https://pobb.in/eJws8AJOqOcr

**Config page is setup for max-potential DPS, and so you can see what effects are being taken advantage of. Adjust check boxes to suit your taste; that's why I post videos for you to judge actual gameplay.


**Check the "Time Machine" option top right to view snapshots of my character from league start until now, so you can see the tree and gear I was using at the time.

That's all for now... More updates soon!

GL and enjoy!

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Looks Amazing honestly i would like to know if you have leveling trees on PoB with Gems (act by act) doest not matter if take u time but that will help me so hard!
Perzival3 wrote:
Looks Amazing honestly i would like to know if you have leveling trees on PoB with Gems (act by act) doest not matter if take u time but that will help me so hard!

Thanks! Glad you like.

If you notice, I linked my "poe.ninja" profile; there you can use the "Time Machine" feature to see the gear/tree I had from Day 2 of league start and subsequent snapshots until my current setup.

You can also check the Leveling section of my Boneshatter guide. It has Splitting Steel/Spectral Helix SSF leveling details, but it's a slightly different tree, so you'll need to adjust.

You want to travel to Precise Technique early, and once you get it, be careful to always make sure to keep Accuracy higher than Life, for its effect to be active. That will carry you early on in DPS, until you get good hit/crit chance and can drop it.

(PSA: DO NOT allocate "Point Blank"; that was me not understanding how the skill worked when I was first developing the build).

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how do you do it with low resists? I don't see much resist in end game gear?
Anointeds wrote:
how do you do it with low resists? I don't see much resist in end game gear?

Purity of Elements.

3.19 Endgame Gear Update!

Hi Fellas,

So, I've made quite a lot of improvements and DAMN... So fun ;)

First, a new video! This time a 130% Corrupted T16 Dunes with Legion, so you can check out the smooth smooth farming clear-speed with some pretty nasty Map Mods:

YouTube: 3.19 Spectral Helix Jugg - T16 Dunes (130% Corrupted, Full Run, Legion)

Here's the latest gear:

As you can see, lots of new goodies!

1) Double-Corrupted Lioneye's: Bought this for 200c early league hoping Tainted Jews/Fuses would be good, but said screw it and just linked the Vaal way. You can find good double corruptions for cheap, if they ever improve Tainted currency...

2) Asenath's: These are always good times, but OMG do they shine with this build! I'll let you judge for yourselves in the latest vid. You'll want to use these for Mapping and Mercenary's for Bossing. Got these for 75c.

3) Bottled Faith: Amazing, as usual, not much to say. 3 div.

4) Watcher's Eye: Finally found a nice Watcher's with 3 useful mods. Was 8 div.

You'll notice I carry with me Emancipation/Rotblood to gain Max Rage on-demand, and some extra Chaos Res Rare Rings, just in case I need it in a high Difficulty Lake or some nasty Boss/Mob; oh also Sinvicta's as secondary weapon to get Rampage at the start of the Map (as you can see in the video).

Latest PoB: https://pobb.in/LzlX5HGMOXad
**Config page setup for Max Potential DPS, and so you can see what effects are being taken advantage of. Adjust check boxes to suit your taste.

That's all for now...

Enjoy & GL
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Any thoughts on a leveling tree, maybe a level 30 and 60 stepping?
thedukey wrote:
Any thoughts on a leveling tree, maybe a level 30 and 60 stepping?

Your toon is looking fine, homie!

Just go for that Mana Leech you're right next to, grab Precise Technique and keep your Accuracy higher than Life.

Keep grabbing all the DPS in tree, while keeping your resistances maxed out, which is pretty easy as Jugg.

Once in mapping, pick up the best rolled Replica Wings you can find, buy cheap non-corrupted versions of the uniques I use and keep farming.

In other words, you are already way over geared and Helix is a crazy good bossing skill, so the campaign is going to be a cakewalk for you.

If you want to do T11+ Difficulty Lakes, I suggest finding a good corrupted belt like this to be able to have Endurance Charges, as Arn's makes us a bit too squishy for all that overly oppressive content:

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3.19 Update: Gear update & Farming Strategy!

Hi Fellas,

First, let's get the latest gear out of the way:

As you can see, I've made a lot of changes:

- Splitting Steel for fast, long-range clear, popping huge packs and a lot of fun!

- Switch to Paradoxica/Saviour for DPS and clear.

- Aspect of Carnage Forbidden Flame/Flesh. Not much to say, MORE DPS!

- Kaom's Spirit makes us so that we hardly ever are out of Rage; meaning we can pretty much spam Berserk on cooldown, as Enduring Cry generates ~30+ Rage on cast (so nice!)

- Switch belt to Bisco's for Rampage and its Rarity bonus.

- Switch to Death Rush for fast mapping and Circle of Guilt for single target DPS

- Running "Item Rarity Support" 100% of the time. You can switch to Inc. Crit Dmg. whenever you want.

- Can also run a "Gold Flask" for more Rarity bonus.

- Dopplegangers is a nice option and feels really nice with the built in "Fortify" that applies to both Phys and Chaos (I never use Unhinge since we are already Crit capped)

- General Culling Strike using the Support gem, which also grants a nice DPS boost to Low-Life mobs using the Anomalous version (remember Low-Life is now just under 50% life, so it's not hard to reach; especially while mapping)

- Spectral Helix + Poacher's Mark + Impale Support (instead of Culling Strike, if you want to temporarily grab the Culling Mark Mastery) for endgame bossing.

- Negative Elemental Conversion rings are a More Multiplier for pure Physical Damage builds (in other words HUGE DPS!)

Trust me, if you put this setup together, you will have a lot of fun! This shit is a fast/tanky/long-ranged mapping beast!

Here's the PoB for this setup: https://pobb.in/VWJjRADcgbSo

-::- 3.19 Grand Design Farming strategy -::-

I know the Lake patch is out, but honestly, I haven't even run any of the Lakes I've been hoarding, just because I don't like the content:

Zone in > Kill overpowered Rogue Exiles > Open a Chest > Repeat :P

It's just not for me....

So, I've been testing a new Grand Design Atlas mapping farming strat and it's worked out pretty well!

YouTube: 3.19 Path of Exile - Splitting Steel Jugg - T16 Defiled Cathedral (Grand Design Mapping Showcase) **Keep an eye on my Rage counter

In just a few days I got these drops:

*~900 fuse to 6L
**Not counting multi Divs/Exalt/Annuls + Enlighten + Empower, lots of Beasts and a ton of other loot! (LOOT IS FINE GUYS! HONESTLY, IT IS!! JUICE PROPERLY!!)

So, how do you "Juice Properly"?

It's actually pretty simple and cheap:

Map Device: Ambush or Favours The Brave
Maps: Chisel + roll to at least 80%, and if you have Deli orbs, 20% is juicy!
Favorites: All Defiled Cathedral + 1 Atoll (I sustain Cathedral and hardly ever run Atolls to refill Cathedrals)
Scarabs: Rusted Ambush + Polished Abyss + Rusted Divination + Polished Bestiary
Sextants: Whatever you like! Sell whichever you don't like or are selling well (I sustain Sextants)

Atlas Tree:

PoE Atlas Planner

Example Maps:

If you want to run Einhar Missions instead, you can run a different Scarab than Bestiary.

Switch the mechanics blocking in atlas to whatever you prefer (the whole point is to have ~40 notables allocated in tree)

Switch 2 points to Packed With Energy and run a Sulphite Scarab or Niko mission to make your toon extra beefy for tough maps

That's it!

Enjoy and GL with drops ;)
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Heya, nice build, been having a lot of fun with it so far

Just a question if you don't mind, I'm noticing that in your PoB for Spectral Helix you take the Dervish node, even though it only affects 1h weapons, can you tell me why? It also tells me to take Ambidexterity and the nodes leading up to it, which also only affects dual wielding

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