[3.21] [SSF] Crackling Lance Low Life RF Petrified Blood Inquisitor - tanky, 7m+ dps, decent clear

I'm almost done with the league at this point, so I thought I'd write in more detail on my experience. I played this in trade, so most of it might not apply to SSF, take this with a grain of salt.

On chill immunity and pseudo-immunity
In your guide, you recommend crafting movement speed + chill immunity veiled mod on the boots. While it's an easy way to get some movement speed, I wouldn't regard it as strictly necessary. We already get 80% reduced chill effect(50% from Brine King pantheon + 30% from the protection cluster), and you can get the remaining 20% by taking chill effect from the protection cluster, which is 1 passive point(or 0 if you forgo the shock effect). The only way I have found to get more than 0% chill at this point is to have a source of cold damage(on gear, in our case. Swapping Wrath for Hatred works too, but why would you) and have it reflected back to you through an eldritch altar mod or Mirrored enemies, and even with our 20% increased ailment effect it's not a huge amount(used to be around 7% in my case). Taking this into account, I'd say Ralakesh's Impatience is a solid unique for the build once Crucible ends. Right now you can potentially get minimum charges from crucible trees(although cast speed on your wand is much more important) and save yourself the trouble. More life regen that way, as well.

On Ashes of the Stars
While Ashes is a solid amulet that you can feasibly farm from Eater(which is great for SSF!), I've found that you need neither Ashes, nor the zealotry cluster jewel, nor even the mana cluster for aura reservation, to fit all your auras in, provided you have either Petrified Blood, Zealotry or Determination reservation enchant on your helmet, and the reservation implicit(I have 36% total + 45% for Petrified Blood). You won't have a lot of mana to cast, but you can just take 30% of your mana cost from life with a life mastery if you're having issues, the hit on net regen is negligible.

If you want to poke around in my build, here's the PoB(excuse the unused uniques, I was just messing around with them. The rares are okay though):

Here's a text description for the modifications I've made to the build(well, the ones I can remember off the top of my head). Hopefully you'll find at least something useful here(I'd like to reiterate, this is trade!).

Cluster jewel
Since I had a source of cold damage on my wand, I've decided to cut off the right side of the tree past Pain Attunement in order to fit a lightning damage cluster jewel with Stormrider and Snowstorm. It's a big sacrifice, but it gives you a way to generate power charges by just hitting mobs. I ditched the power charge setup to include Frost Shield and Summon Holy Relic, but you could also opt to replace the unset ring for anything else and forgo the Holy Relic. Mine also has Doryani's Lesson and dexterity(got lucky with this one), but aside from not having to craft dexterity onto gear, it's not important. The jewel slots can be more crit multi jewels, but if you can farm arcane blessing or radiant faith jewels, those are great as well(as tough as farming those is likely to be). Sanctum of thought might also be interesting, at least in theory.

Skin of the Lords
I've managed to snipe this Skin of the Lords:

If you decide to pursue this upgrade in SSF(I don't think you should), you're looking for either Iron Will(slight damage boost) or 4b2r sockets to replace crit multi with Empower(since the item gives +2 to socketed gems, that's +4-6 to Crackling Lance, big damage boost!) if you want it to be an upgrade over the shaper chest.

Watcher's Eye
I've included a Watcher's Eye in the build. I don't think it's anything special. It used to be my source of arcane surge(not having to flame dash every 4 seconds to keep arcane surge and just having to move a little bit is very convenient) before I got the cluster jewel, and the crit chance and regen are useful as well. There are some useful effects there(most of the Zealotry stuff, regen with Vitality, maybe armour with Determination), but it's mostly there for convenience.

Militant Faith
I've redone the pathing on the left side of the tree around the Agnostic jewel socket to include Militant Faith for elemental ailment immunity(it's contingent on having the consecrated ground buff, but it's easy enough to keep indefinitely; I don't think the 4 seconds linger can be altered in any way, but I could be wrong). For this particular pathing, 39 seeds have Cloistered(the notable we want for the elemental ailment immunity) on either Endurance or Overcharge(while Overcharge is a bit interesting for clear or if you're a madman and want to replace Increased Critical Strikes with Concentrated Effect and need the extra crit rate, Endurance isn't), and 122 more seeds have it elsewhere while not having anything else. I'll list the most desirable seeds if you choose to farm Legion(you can and should double-check with a timeless jewel calculator, PoB's will do):
Desirable seeds
2185, 2201, 2287, 2446, 2612, 3452, 3486, 3573, 3584, 3991, 4188, 4271, 4367, 4443, 4648, 4784, 5124, 5565, 5733, 5856, 5929, 6063, 6403, 6481, 6739, 7077, 7211, 7316, 7896, 8078, 8233, 8657, 8764, 9357, 9358, 9404, 9561, 9589, 9890

For the keystone, Dominus is preferable for Inner Conviction, it's a bit of damage and we don't generate frenzy charges, we just take minimum frenzy charges. For the other bonuses, area damage, elemental damage, non-curse aura effect and non-damaging ailment effect are all good.

+2 amulet
Instead of using Ashes, I've elected to craft a +2 amulet for myself. I got quite lucky with it:

In general, you start with an amulet with +1 to all skill gems(having it fractured is nice, but not required, a fractured suffix you want is much better), and the method of crafting will differ depending on what other affixes the amulet has. Since my assumption is that you're not going to find a +1 skill gem amulet in SSF, this process will make the +2 amulet we want from scratch:

You will need: Imprints(bring something like 6-8 for good measure), 3000 alterations(the expected amount you'll use is about 1800 + ~520 augments, but the more you have, the more likely you'll hit the +1 to all skill gems), 15k vivid lifeforce, 1 sacred lifeforce, ~1000 primal lifeforce, 15-20 divines(again, the more you have, the safer you are, YMMV), 1 exalt/crusader exalt(both options have good outcomes, it's up to you what you want to go for), some annuls, some regal orbs, optionally aisling veils and a split.
I've based this method on SpicySushi's +2 Physical amulet for corrupting fever(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNJrnV3bGyY or https://maxroll.gg/poe/crafting/corrupting-fever-amulet), but we'll have a bit more freedom since we're doing an elemental amulet. Either of the links is good, use them to understand the process better and get some practice in Craft of Exile's emulator before you try it in-game.
The process
1. Roll the +1 to all skill gems on a magic amulet. If it doesn't have a suffix, skip to Step 3.
2. Either split the amulet or imprint and try to annul the suffix.(you don't have to imprint, but since we're talking SSF here, an imprint is probably easier to acquire than however many alterations you'll need to roll the mod again)
3. Craft "Prefixes Cannot be Changed" and imprint.
4. Regal. If you've hit a prefix you don't want, try to annul it. If you've hit a prefix you do want or if you've hit a suffix and don't want to do aisling veils, skip to Step 7. If you annul the +1, restore the imprint, imprint again and repeat this step.
5. Take the amulet to tier 4 Aisling. If you roll a suffix, try to annul it, then recraft "Prefixes Cannot be Changed" if you need to. If you lose the +1, restore the imprint, imprint again and continue from Step 4. Repeat until you get a veiled prefix(or until you don't want to do aisling veils any more, then skip to Step 7).
6. Craft maximum mana(don't craft maximum life and mana regen, make sure the crafted mod is in group 9 on Craft of Exile!), then unveil. You're guaranteed to get either area damage or maximum life. Choose whatever suits your fancy.
7. For this step, you'll either need 2 free prefixes and 2 free suffixes(Step 7a), or 1 free prefix and 3 free suffixes(Step 7b):
7a. Craft "Can have 3 Crafted Modifiers", "Prefixes Cannot be Changed", "Add Lightning Damage to Attacks".
7b. Craft "Can have 3 Crafted Modifiers", "Prefixes Cannot be Changed", "Cannot Roll Attack Mods".
8. Harvestcraft Augment Lightning. Provided you have filled your suffixes by having done Step 7, this will guarantee +1 Lightning skill gems.
9. Almost done! Craft "Prefixes Cannot be Changed" if you lost it, harvestcraft Reforge Caster. This will result in cast speed suffix. Keep in mind this can fill your suffixes, at which point your amulet is "done". Repeat, recrafting "Prefixes Cannot be Changed" every time, until satisfied or filled on suffixes.
10. Craft whatever mod you need on the amulet.
11. Use the exalt/crusader exalt(or whatever other exalt you have in mind) to finish the amulet.

In general, I've had a good time with the build. I've had pretty much zero problems getting to red maps. The movement speed isn't exactly great, but it's not too big of an issue due to the 12% ms from crucible trees. Bossing was also relatively challenging, although part of it was getting used to the build and remembering how the bosses functioned. With enough investment, the build gets through bosses quite quickly. I did manage to kill uber eater once, but uber exarch is too rough due to the add he has. Crucible trees really pull the build up by a lot: cast speed, minimum charges and movement speed all greatly improve not just the damage, but how fluid the build feels.
That aside, clear is actually very nice! I've been doing heists with the build as well, and it's serviceable for that as well. Haste aura on Huck can also help during mapping!
Speaking of crucible trees, getting anything good on the shield is a nightmare. I have this shield:

and now my options are to either sink tons of chances into it to make it into a Daresso's(while a rare shield would be better for damage, Daresso's provides a LOT of survivability for clearing, which I do most of the time), make 6-7 more shields with a similar tree, split them and delete them with mythics, or roll trees on Daresso's until I find the nodes and slam the shields until I get what I want. /rant
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39kk9t wrote:
I'm almost done with the league at this point, so I thought I'd write in more detail on my experience. I played this in trade, so most of it might not apply to SSF, take this with a grain of salt.

These are some great insights for both trade and SSF players, thank you for posting this. I haven't played the build in Crucible, only in previous leagues, so it's really nice that you went through all that thorough testing to see how well the build can perform in the current league.
I'm going to include your PoB into the main post for the trade league players, if you don't mind.
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