[3.19] ⚛️ Qosmoz's ❄️ Eye of Winter Mines Inquisitor ❄️ League Start to Uber Bossing!


Fellow Exiles, this is Qosmoz. I've been playing Low Life Miners are my main build for many leagues now, and they are my go to league starters. Eye of Winter spell is one of the best suited for mines playstyle, and it is one of the best skills to play this build. Map clear is good with chaining projectiles. This build is mainly shines with bossing early in the league with extreme upfront damage to phase bosses as quickly as possible. All constructive feedbacks and questions are welcome within the guide. I try to be active in the forum and you can expect a fast reply to answer your questions.

Leveling Guide
I've added a detailed Saboteur Miner Leveling Guide for league start with Eye of Winter spell.

Qosmoz Inquisitor Miner Leveling Guide - Eye of Winter 👀


I occasionally stream to help other players with bossing, discussing build questions and enjoying new atlas tree farming strategies with lots of data collection.

If you have any questions about the build, leveling, or just want to check out and chat:


👀 Qosmoz POE Stream

👀 Qosmoz POE Builds Showcase/Reviews


There is a discord community server which was opened by me. If you want to participate, below is the direct invitation link. Feel free to join.

Qosmoz: A Space Odyssey Discord Channel



This section will be updated for every League after the Patch Notes.

3.19 Update

Unfortunately, we can't fit 3 main 50% reservation auras in the Prism Guardian shield any more due to the nerf to Life Reservation (from 30% to 20%). At the same time, 15% Mana Reservation mastery is removed from the game. That puts the build more constrained with mana, but there are still solutions.

I moved Vaal Discipline back to shield like old leagues before masteries to get advantage of the +2 on the gems. That leaves us around 10% Life reservation which is good.

For Inquisitor, changes means we have to go full on Purity of Elements unlike the Sabo version which can go Herald of Ice for more damage.

Rest of the build works and functions the same as Sabo, big difference here is the activation of the Righteous Fire which requires life regen on the gear to be able to activate it at all times. EoW is a great skill to play with freezing everything on its way, excellent boss damage and fun skill animations. I'll start the league with EoW, probably Sabo again but Inquisitor looks good as well.
This guide is created based on 3.19 Sentinel League.

[3.19] 18.Aug.22: Created the guide based on the Sabo version with some tweaks to make it work with Inquisitor ascendancy.


10. FAQ



✅ End Game Bosses Deleting Machine (Eater, Exarch, Sirus, Maven, Invitations)
✅ One of the easiest builds to level through Acts and early maps
✅ You can do any map mod including both physical and elemental reflect maps
✅ Build scales great and allows min-maxing for very high damage
✅ Full Elemental Ailments immunity via Purity of Elements
✅ Righteous Fire at all times to amplify spell damage
✅ You can do all league mechanics (Deli Farming, Logbooks, Simulacrum, Invitations etc.)

❌ Mines play-style can be daunting with Detonation (2 button play). HINT: You can eliminate detonation by left click binding during mapping.
❌ Life to Low Life conversion will require re-speccing many passive points
❌ It can be expensive depending on the league starters meta game

⌛ Start the league with Life version with minimal budget.
⌛ +1 Gem Wands and Shield will carry you until mapping.
⌛ Convert to Low Life when you accumulate enough currency to afford at least 5 linked Shavronne's Wrappings. This will require 40-50 Orb of Regrets to respec your build.
⌛ Next get the Prism Guardian which is typically cheap at league start.
⌛ Build more Energy Shield and more Damage with next upgrades.
What to expect from this build?
I want to summarize here what this build excels at, what are the weaknesses and how it performs in the end game.

Bossing: 10/10 (One of the best boss killer, rush to Uber Bosses and melt them down with this build)

Mapping: 7/10 (Decent mapper, but it's not as fast as other builds with chain explosions)

Simulacrums: 5/10 (Expect solid clear until wave 20-22 but further requires a lot of investment to clear all waves)

Blight/Expeditions/Deli Maps/Legion: 8/10 (Easy farming of blighted or expedition maps in the early league for currency, and later it excels at 60-100% Deli maps farming)


Videos to be added later to the guide!


What is Low Life?
Low life (LL) is a condition that applies when life falls below 50%. LL builds are enabled by reservation of life below 50% using "Blood Magic" support or in our build case unique shield Prism Guardian for any auras like Hatred, Discipline, Zealotry, etc.

LL build allows reserving mana and life together, which means extra auras can be activated. On top, using "Pain Attunement: 30% More Spell Damage when on Low Life" keystone, these builds are scaled to insane DPS potential.

LL builds stack Energy Shield (ES) instead of Life and typically get the "Zealot's Oath: Life Regeneration applied to Energy Shield instead" keystone for ES generation instead of Life. This is also very important to make sure we use ES instead of life when we activate Righteous Fire on us.

LL builds can be maximized by 3 key Uniques. These are:


Shavronne's Wrappings; provides good ES and lightning damage, but it is used in LL builds mostly to eliminate risk of dying to Chaos damage. Chaos damage in game bypasses ES and directly applies to health (same as you apply chaos damage. For example Essence Drain or Toxic Rain). "CHAOS DAMAGE DOES NOT BYPASS ENERGY SHIELD" unique modifier avoids chaos damage to kill us instantly due to being constantly Low Life.

Presence of Chayula: Stun Immunity and Life to Energy Shield Conversion are the main reasons to use the amulet.

Prism Guardian: Blood Magic support and 25% Reduced Mana Reservation of Auras makes this shield a must have for LL builds.

Snakepit (Right Ring Slot): This is a another key unique for Eye of Winter spell to increase effectiveness of the clear speed. It's also a must have unique for the EoW miner builds in the end game mapping and bossing.

These first 3 unique items synergies so well that most LL builds uses them (e.g. Aura Stackers, LL Slingers, etc.). Unfortunately, depending on the early meta during the start of the league, these uniques can be expensive. That's why I recommend to start the league with Life based build and convert to LL later when you have enough currency.
Low Life vs. Life Builds?
Why to choose LL Miner vs. Life based build? First and foremost reason is the damage scaling. The DPS due to auras and Pain Attunement keystone provides so much more damage vs. the life version, but it comes with an expense. Both Life and LL versions of Miners are viable, however for the end game you’ll have an easier time to delete bosses vs. Life version.


Path of Building Community Fork
PoB Community Fork is recommended to check all different versions of the build.

Download PoB Community Fork
Life Based League Starter
There are two version to level this build. First one is the league starting build with optimized tree for minimal respeccing cost for converting to Low life around Level 85. This version is mostly good to rush high level maps, defeat bosses and then convert to low life with minimum cost. If you want to be tankier but still do some damage without worrying low life conversion, I suggest to use the tankier version.

Click for Life Based League Starter EoW Mines Inquisitor Build Easy Low Life Conversion
(or Copy: https://pastebin.com/Yj2zCVE5)

Click for Life Based League Starter EoW Mines Inquisitor Build Tanky Version
(or Copy: https://pastebin.com/RZ7H9RuG)
Life to Low Life Conversion Build
This is the life to low life conversion build tree after the league start. This is the starting point for the low life miner to do really good damage and start end game content, such as red maps, end game bosses, etc.

Click for Life to Low Life BS Mines Inquisitor Build
(or Copy: https://pastebin.com/idXYETS7)
Low Budget (10-20Ex): 0.8-1M DPS per EoW Mine
This is the starting point for the low life miner to do really good damage and start end game content, such as red maps, end game bosses, etc.

Click for Low Budget LL EoW Mines Inquisitor Build
(or Copy: https://pastebin.com/JwGPJ91d)
High Budget (50-150Ex): Up to 2.5-3M DPS per EoW Mine
This is a further min-maxed version for higher budgets. These provides more than double the damage of the Low Budget versions. Given enough budget, these items should be possible to achieve throughout the league.

Click for High Budget LL EoW Mines Inquisitor Build
(or Copy: https://pastebin.com/rsrtsHnD)
Mega Damage High Budget (200+Ex): Up to 7-8M DPS per EoW Mine
This is a mega scaled min-maxed version for higher budgets.

Click for Very High Budget LL EoW Mines Saboteur Build
(or Copy: https://pastebin.com/9CHn9GjW)


Read First!
Unless it is stated (e.g. Level 3), all gems must be as high level as possible with maximum quality.

+ Linked gems
/ Not necessary to link
Gems & Links Setup

Main Skill:
Eye of Winter + High-Impact Mine Support + Trap and Mine Damage Support + Hypothermia Support or Awakened Added Cold Damage Support (Level 5) + Inspiration Support + Charged Mines Support

Other Support Gems
Swift Assembly Support: If fast moving, teleporting boss is a problem, mine throwing speed provided with Swift Assembly can be a good option to increase effective DPS.
Minefield Support: This support gem throws 4 mines at a time. Area coverage will be greater and it might suit your playstyle better. However, it's less damage and mine throwing speed can put you off

Auras: Hatred / Zealotry / Grace / Vaal Discipline / Summon Skitterbots / Clarity / Purity of Elements / Vitality

Read Me
Main auras should be used in Prism Guardian to reserve them using Life instead of Mana: Hatred / Zealotry / (Vaal) Discipline

Damage Mitigation:
Cast When Damage Taken (Level 3) + Immortal Call (Level 5)

Movement Skill:
Flame Dash or Dash + Arcane Surge Support (Level 6) + Second Wind Support (Optional)

Cold Exposure/Curse Setup:
Arcanist Brand + Sniper's Mark (if you have enough Dexterity) or Assassin's Mark or Frostbite

Additional Damage: Bear Trap / Flame Wall / Vaal Righteous Fire

Links Suggestion

Body Armor 6L: Eye of Winter + High-Impact Mine Support + Trap and Mine Damage Support + Inspiration Support + Charged Mines Support + Swift-Assembly Support or Hypothermia Support or Awakened Added Cold Damage (Level 5)

Helmet 4L: Cast When Damage Taken (Level 3) + Immortal Call (Level 5) / Summon Skitterbots / Clarity (Level 8-10)

Gloves 4L: Arcanist Brand + Sniper's Mark or Assassin's Mark + Flame Wall / Bear Trap

Boots 4L: Vitality + Vaal Grace + Purity of Elements + Enlighten (Level 3)

Weapon 3L: Flame Dash + Arcane Surge (Level 6) + Vaal Righteous Fire

Shield 3L: Hatred / Zealotry / Vaal Discipline



Crown of the Inward Eye is the best budget and end game option with enchant which most of the case what you only need for this build. I recommend to get one these without an enchant and later upgrade with the enchant and potentially with +1 Maximum Power Charges corruption.

Eye of Winter: 40% Increased Eye of Winter is the safest option for straight damage increase.
Eye of Winter fires Shard Projectiles with 12% Increased Frequency during flight provides both damage and clear speed. This enchant is best optimized to get towards end game.

Body Armor
Only one option here.

Shavronne's Wrappings enables the Low Life builds. Get this as soon as you are ready to convert from Life version to LL version.
Fingerless Silk Gloves are the best base. Fill the mods with good amount of Energy Shield mods (ideally 150+ ES) and some resistances. Warlord Spell Damage mod will be good damage boost.

Anything you like the best would be ok here. There is no clear best.
Similar to Gloves, here you can have Sorceress Boots as the best base. You can craft good amount of ES on it with ideally 35% Movement Speed. "Cannot be chilled" and "Cannot be Frozen" are the best mods for us to eliminate being frozen to Sirus or Uber Elder fights.

Sin Trek boots are the best budget option which will carry you to the end game.

10% Damage Penetration will be the best DPS option
Weapon can be one of the most expensive option to min-max for this build.
Spell Damage Wand with 100%+ Critical Strike Chance for Spells and +1 Level of Spells Gems (+1 to Cold Skill Gems) are the best mods.

Any elemental resistance penetration or Aura boost (Hatred or Zealotry) mods are very good.

See what you can afford, and upgrade over time.
Prism Guardian is the only option here.

Look for corrupted one when you can afford similar to below. This will boost your aura gems.

Presence of Chayula is the best option here to have Stun Immunity as well as Life to ES conversion. This is the 3rd core item to enable the build.


Snakepit is an another must have item to make projectiles from EoW chains with it (when it's equipped on the right ring slot). If you can get one with Elder Influence (only obtainable by chancing it) could be best DPS option coupled with the Mark of the Shaper.

Belt: Crystal Belt (ideally with Crusader Influence base) is the best alternative. Fill the belt with Energy Shield rolls and missing resistances and attributes.



Best option is to anoint "Charisma" Opalescent + Golden + Golden Oils.
Read Me
Charisma is a notable passive skill that grants reduced mana reservation for skills. It also grants increased effect magnitude for auras cast by the character.
Presence of Chayula: Use Tempering Catalyst to boost Defenses (ES)

Snakepit Use Imbued Catalyst to boost Spell Damage (Caster).

Other Rare Ring can be enchanted based on the resistances, attributes or defenses need.

Rare Crystal Belt or Stygian Vise can be enchanted based on the resistances, attributes or defenses need.

There are no mandatory jewels to make this build work. Jewels can boost your survival or damage. A few recommended ones are:

Energy from Within can boost your Energy Shield using the jewels socket near "Melding" Notable Passive.

Thread of Hope (Large Ring) can be allocated on the top jewel socket to enable you select critical notable passives.

Watcher's Eye can be very good but very expensive. Mods to look for:
1) Gain (6-10)% of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield while affected by Clarity
2) All damage booster critical mods from Hatred or Elemental penetrations are huge damage addition to the build.

There is medium Trap & Mine Damage Cluster Jewel setup in this build. These are cheap and easy to craft Guerilla Tactics + Surprise Sabotage medium cluster jewels.

Recommended Flask Setup:

Bottled Faith is big damage boost, but very expensive. This is an endgame chase item.


Ascend with this order for easier leveling elemental damage boost. Later get regen based ascendancies be able to activate Righteous Fire for final damage boost.

1. Righteous Providence
2. Inevitable Judgement
3. Sanctuary
4. Pious Path
Help Alira for:

5 Mana Regenerated per second
+20% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
+15% to all Elemental Resistances
Major God: Soul of Lunaris (for Purity of Elements)
1% additional Physical Damage Reduction for each nearby Enemy, up to 8%
1% increased Movement Speed for each nearby Enemy, up to 8%
10% chance to avoid Projectiles
5% chance to Dodge Attack and Spell Hits if you've been Hit Recently
Avoid Projectiles that have Chained

Minor God - Soul of Shakari
50% less Duration of Poisons on You
You cannot be Poisoned while there are at least 3 Poisons on you
5% reduced Chaos Damage taken
25% reduced Chaos Damage over Time taken while on Caustic Ground


Leveling Guide
I've added a detailed Inquisitor Leveling Guide and customized it for Eye of Winter spell.

Qosmoz Inquisitor Miner Leveling Guide - Eye of Winter 👀


Current Build & PoB
I post my current gear and passive tree in this section.


This section is to be filled with frequently asked questions.

OUTRO ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Hopefully, you'll try his build, and enjoy it as much as I do. Check out my stream for questions, or leave a note/question here. I will try my best to answer any question you have. Always happy to help for anything you need. Cheers, Qosmoz.
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SO you say its inquisitor but its really a Sab?
Yeah am i missing something? It goes start as scion, then swap to shadow, but that's it, no other guidance to swap to inquisitor.
Sadly need to wait for changes in this guide
Wolos wrote:
Sadly need to wait for changes in this guide

could you help me to understand what part requires a change? It was mostly based on my sabo guide, but i tried my best is to convert everything to inquisitor. IF you point out where you see the need for changes, i'll do the quick updates.
I think it refers to your google doc -https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11kWn0Vw9soKFu6Zt003-Hm4xcdoZqZpcFxbnMLg85BM/edit#gid=1924448962

It mentions to start as scion and shadow to mule some gems but does not mention to go back to templar. Also within google doc some of the quest rewards are no longer accurate. Overall very good guide imho but require some dust off to make sure it is still relevant in 3.19. I am loosely following this as my league starter by the way so hopefully will work our for me :)
Maybe its a little offtop, but as a newbie in eye of winter miner need help. Made starter version of build: https://pastebin.com/vMtj1648 . Didn't unsderstood how to farm money this league, so 2 div budget yet. any advice how to boost dps with minimal investment-feels really low :(
Thank you for making this great guide! Lot of fun so far.

I have some questions related to the transition from Life to LL.

I know already that you recommend getting 3-4 uniques before making the switch.

This said, I don't believe those uniques on their own are enough. I think it requires to have a minimal amount of ES/ER on gear to make the switch entirely and start reserving life for 2 50% and one 35% auras.

I would like to get more information on what you would recommend being a minimal amount of ES and ER to make the switch entirely in the talents tree and start reserving life with Prism Guardian.
Excelent build, ez uber bossing starter, keep the good job bro!
Just saw Path of Math's new video about EoW Inquisitor miner, you just need about 20 Divines investment to reach more than 100m DPS, uber uber bosses are killed in a few seconds without any phases.
Coward's legacy belt for low life and slower projectile speed for 200% more EoW damage.

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