[3.19] ❄️💀 Death of the Endless - Cold SRS/Phantasm Summoner (SSF Viable, League Starter)💀❄️

This is without doubt one of my favorite builds.

I've tried this build as league starter in 3.19 and found it slightly too annoying to use for map clearing because there is too much delay from the moment you cast to the moment your minion actually deals damage, especially the delay between your cast animation and the phantasm doing anything is huge.
After farming some currency I made slight alternation and used The Alberon's Warpath with Squire shield and influenced one hander to create pseudo 10link pernament skeleton warriors to not have to resummon so much.

The new +2 global minion gems from helm make this very powerful even after skeleton nerfs and witch ascendancy nerf.
With tailwind AND onslaught that they have from ascendancy there is no issue with them being too slow.

Now I enjoy this build a lot and already got 40/40 achievements, thanks.
It was always good at bosses I just did not enjoy what is basically self-cast spell gameplay with extra steps.

Can you share what changes you did? I was looking at running skeletons as well.

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