Mjolner Indigon Manabond CWC Arc low life evasion

I saw one for 2 div, prices have gone up, get a Str and Mana one then.
how much ES/mana do you need to comfortably start doing end game? i have 9.5K ES and still get 1 ahot a lot. single target is kinda bad too.
A couple things can help like flasks. Make sure your lightning resistance is higher for Wise Oak, using a Coruscating will up your fire resist. Vinktars can help with lightning resists and penetration. You can also change the gem links for Mana bond for a Lightning Penetration. Probly take out the Conc. effect.

Cluster jewels are important for Lightning penetration, get two good ones if you can.

Try to get to 10-11k ES. You might need to add a few ES nodes. Soul thief might be good.
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i went up to almost 13K ES and 10k mana and the build still feels squishy so i quit playing it. i was constantly dying in alchngo t16's. didnt even attempt harder content because i know i would insta die.

i really dont like ES/low life builds because there is no defense. at least with life builds you can press a life flask when you see you are about to die,and most times you wont die because your HP goes back up
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Hello, I play this build. But he is clearly weaker than the others, apparently I made a mistake somewhere in the assembly. could you help me to increase the damage and survivability. Maybe advice on what to change first, etc.
Hi, your build looks interesting, its different than mine. I have gone for more of an Attributes build. Shapers touch gloves benefit the build so much its crazy, more ES, Accuracy, Mana, and Evasion.

With the Squire! you should have plenty of damage with Manabond. Either go full on Crit or go Elemental Overload.

Some other thing to consider:
Use blind instead of mana leech
drop controlled destruction, use added lightning (awakened)
drop Zealotry for Grace, or Determination
Utmost might on amulet
Cyclopean coil belt, drop Tempest shield
Ghost Dance
10% instant leech from Mastery
Link up you Mjolner
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Dropped Zealotry for Haste!
Haste is what this build needed for attack speed and movement speed. Too bad I cant fit in blood rage.
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