3.18.1c Patch Notes

I feel it getting worse
Slow loading and jerky
constant crashes on Mac OS as well ....

when will this stop that after "improvements" it gets worse first and needs to updated once or twice?
I am so sick of constantly being a beta tester :(
- Areas have 500% more stutter.
- 300% increased area load time.

Loading times of doom, from stable 60fps+ down to 10fps in juiced maps...
The patch made it unplayable for me
loading screens are much longer now and i got stuttering and freezes at times...
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My QoL List: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3279646
Please roll back this patch, unplayable on a i7 12700k with a 3080 ...!

Same here. Loading screen 3x longer and fps loss and mini freeze in the maps, even with the lowest params (i play all max usually).

I'm really disapointed :-(
honestly its unplayable right now.., if they dont improve CPU use and FPS in this game they shouldnt even bother with updates and more content.. adding more stuff into the map where we already cant play with top tier gaming pc..
Same here:
- 4 or more minutes to load Karui Shores and about the same with hideout and maps.
- Fps spikes on all maps and screen freeze and stuttering.
- overall lower FPS maintain.
All of that after the patch and the same in Dx11, Dx12 and Vulcan.
Can we get an audio option to turn off the cues for ground effects.... nice idea but holy crap.

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