3.18.1b Patch Notes (restartless)

Nice job with the patches including big fixes lately.

Yet another unpaid Path of Exile 2 Alpha Tester.
Kieren_GGG wrote:
An additional copy of any Kirac's Vault Pass Weapon Skin microtransaction you have claimed so far can now be acquired through the 'Unlocked' shop category, for free!

Something that should have been included, starkly obviously, from the beginning? You don't say? FOR FREE?!

How many years have we had this issue with weapon skins? We still have to reclaim "in use" skins from other characters. That is laughable. We still have to purchase 5 golem skins for 5+ golem builds. Laughable.

After playing for 10 years and seeing the magic your dev team can work, I can't believe this stuff launches in this state and makes it this long, for paid features. Those features being pixels.
(2-3-2019) Buff underused skills (3.23?!)+ selfcast, stop nerfing defense, build in threshold jewels (3.23?!), implement D3-style looting, add death log + MTX preview, actually rework flasks, stop balancing around the .01%, unnerf Harvest, ADD NEW WAYS TO LEVEL, finally implement Loot 2.0
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How many more leagues until impale & phys builds with headhunter get fixed ?
Very cool mirror Service: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3227915
Stackable items dropped from Metamorphs will no longer drop multiple stacks of the same item. They instead collate into a single combined stack of the item.

Thaaaaank you!! <3

Please, continue to do it with everything else.
Arcane Buffer flashbanging is gone, so here's how it worked now that noone can replicate it to troll.

- Set up a character with life and just a tiny bit of ES (min roll moonstone ring or similar)
- Get one 'gain 2-3 ES on attack hit' jewel, divine to 2
- Join public groups
- Turn on Blood Rage and/or Righteous Fire
- Steal Arcane Buffer
- Type "FIRE IN THE HOLE" in chat as you light up like a Christmas tree
Le Toucan Will Return
FINALLY... Metamorph
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Stackable items dropped from Metamorphs will no longer drop multiple stacks of the same item. They instead collate into a single combined stack of the item.

this is good. more QoL please !
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My QoL List: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3279646
The nova that knocks back and briefly stuns enemies from the Arcane Buffer modifier now has a 2.5 seconds cooldown when gained by players. This fixes an issue where it could be repeatedly triggered if degenerating and regenerating Energy Shield at the same time.

ahhhhhh freedom at last
Confirmed that the instance crashes that included in the post are not for blight ravage, just crashes like 10 times in 14 maps in just 2 hours.

Please take a look at that, or just remove some of the useless effect on the monsters (bubble, temporal bubble , ... etc ). The number of mobs in that mode already alot and hard to kill due to huge life, and now with those mods they became so annoyingly laggy. I cant do the 8 mods blight ravage helping a friend because we crashes so many times. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

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