3.18.0c Patch Notes

Now get rid of that annoying Trickster modifier!

In all actuality though... I suggest limiting magic monsters to just one mod, no matter what level map they are on. They come frequently enough and in high enough numbers that they don't need multiple mods to be dangerous, even at high tiers.
I agree with severe flaws of individual AN modifiers posted here, but core of the problem is not the mobs and their damage, never was. It is the insane possible dps/performance spread between builds, from trash to meta. Until they shrink the whole gem combination system to manageable levels (including hard removal of OP links, such as limiting minion skills only to "minion" tag support gems, and not allowing LMP/multistrike things on vaal skeletons for example), mobs cannot be balanced, be it with weak nemesis, or silly OP archnemesis.
This update has been the worst update for me. Especially when I am considered too as a casual player, I cannot even get to enjoy mapping. Mapping Sucks.

Maybe a good update would be to bring back the rewards that each nemesis modifier gave like last league. Or if thats not possible then maybe just consider placing Nemesis modifier on the atlas passive tree?

Overall the league mechanic seems okay, the rare mods update is not.

Another thing, there are some magic monsters that are incredibly hard to kill due to having lots of nemesis modifiers. Maybe its possible to limit those?
hello immunity remove ggg
Please remove Effigy and Corpse Detonator. There's literally no one in the community that enjoys those monsters. I recently lost my HC character to a single mob with Effigy and some mod that makes the monsters leave area on the ground on death, that explodes few seconds later. Effigy got blasted to oblivion, grabbing my character with it. There was literally no way for me to react to it. What a dogshit is :(
hello remove arch nemesis ggg
Why is effigy still in the game? It provides no challenge, it is just arbitrary random deaths.
rafaelcc wrote:
Why is effigy still in the game? It provides no challenge, it is just arbitrary random deaths.

And corpse detonator & random Bameth spawns.
You clear a room. You open a door. Behind the door is Bameth with his Vaal Detonate Dead. You die.
You open a breach. You kill mobs. A rare corpse detonator comes. You die.
You do an abyss. You kill mobs. A rare corpse detonator emerges. You die.
You do a blight. You kill mobs. A rare corpse detonator spawns. You die.
The challenge is, of course, not playing abyss, not playing breaches, not playing blights, not opening doors, duh! ;)
Basically, if an event doesn't show you the mobs in advance, there is a risk of sudden death.
Not the most fun way to play a non-horror game :)
Ingame hobby: walking in and out of Al-Hezmin's Citadel to hear him whimpering "You've killed me a thousand times but those were just dreams... Let me out... please... let me out. Molten One, save me from this unending nightmare!"
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Please remove Archnemesis.

And for the love of God, stop nerfing players experience league after league.

There is a simple solution to retain interest: add layers of content progressively more difficult rather than increasing difficulty of existing content.

For example, if u really love Archnemesis, add UBER version of maps with Archnemesis modifier and +xx % reward. Or as Kirac map option.

Add crafting options to maps to make them progressively more difficult.
At the same time introduce NEW content available to this new progressive map experience...i.e. boss encounters only for these maps.

there u go -> existing players still can have fun on existing content and gear for the additional more difficult one.

its not rocket science...Games like D&D did it for years.

P.S.: I still suspect that this whole Archnemesis BS was merely done as an excuse to nerf HH...I might be wrong.
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rafaelcc wrote:
Why is effigy still in the game? It provides no challenge, it is just arbitrary random deaths.
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