Content Update 3.18.0 -- Path of Exile: Sentinel

harvest 12c, yeah that's what we are talking about
I am really looking forward to the league, but where is the love for the trickster? He is gonna be the worst and least played class again :(
Would ask GGG to consider buffing rarely used skills in those leagues where you are not adding any new skills.

Certain Heist Rogue equipment types still have no inventory sound when moved and make the default scroll fragment noise. Someone with ten minutes to spare, please!
Have you ever considered trading the sword for the plow, Exile?
"The "Maven releases all Bosses at once" modifier can no longer roll on Maven's Invitations."

... why?
Good enough.
3.17 was well fun to play and there's no need to make any major changes.
Better league mechanic because anything is better than Arch Memesis. Holy shit guys, why did you just abandon it post launch? All it needed was a better UI and stashable / stackable tokens.

And harvest on kirac is pog. Mirror of Delirium as well. Two of the most expensive sextants on kirac bench. Nice.
megamind: no changes?
so no new skills :/
Welcome to the 1 month league where everyone is going to leave after pushing DD once and see that there is nothing else to do.

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