Between Season Race 44: 45 Minute Turbo Solo

This event has Turbo monsters. They move, attack and cast 60% faster.

Standard rules for league events apply. Please click this link if this is your first race event.

These interim events are intended for fun and for testing between seasons. When we announce the details of Season Two, awesome prize rewards will return. Season two starts on April 20 (NZT).


The top player of each class by experience will receive the Demigod's Triumph (Unique Golden Wreath, awarded in most Open Beta races).

Online 11 Xija Komputermelody_Roxor Marauder 13 189456
Online 12 Goratha Gorathaaa Marauder 13 179113
Online 13 Hilbert TB_Mara Marauder 13 173683


I sadly had a terrible coves and shipyard instance with to many curse crabs, so I had to bail out twice(18 and 31 hp) else I would have won.

But I had insane gemluck. But my mara build is pretty much gambling because you got HP of a ranger :/


This was my first race, so could someone clarify to me why am I not listed anywhere? And no earned points also?
You possibly died and dropped out.

Those are interlude races between season meaning only the winner of a class gets rewarded.
lol rhox u sux !

i had to leave a good 5 times and re-run shipgrave 3 times, and prisoners gate twice

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