Between Season Race 27: 1 Hour Cut-throat

These interim events are intended for fun and for testing between seasons. When we announce the details of Season Two, awesome prize rewards will return. Season two starts on April 20 (NZT).

This event doesn't have any prizes! In the future we will implement tracking player kills in a fair way, as prizes for levelling up just encourage players to rush through the game away from the awesome cut-throat combat.

The primary purpose of this event is to test what Solo cut-throat is like. Previously we've run events with partying enabled, but that encouraged large death-squads. Under these rules, the death-squads can exist, but because they can't be in a party, they can hurt each other with friendly fire. If one of them turns their back for a moment, their temporary allies might kill them and take all their items.

A summary of general Cut-throat rules:
  • This is a separate short-duration league that has its own stash (as usual). At the end of the event, characters and stashed items will be moved to Default.
  • There's a PvP damage multiplier because players start with a lot more life than they do damage. This multiplier will be adjusted substantially based on feedback from this event and others.
  • Players are hostile by default to players who are not in their party.
  • You can ctrl+click on the entrance to an area to use the Instance Management screen to manually enter any other player's instance of an area.
  • Cut-throat instances can hold a maximum of 12 players.
  • This test is not a hardcore league. When you die, you lose the normal experience penalty for your difficulty plus 30% of your current level. You also drop all inventory and equipped items. Your flasks, skill gems (even ones in your inventory) and quest items are not dropped.
  • If you were killed by another player, your lost experience is split among their party.
  • If you attempt to abruptly leave the game in a non-town instance, you have to wait 5 seconds and are unable to move or use flasks.
  • The grace period of invulnerability upon entering an area is 20 seconds. This should start once the player is mostly done loading.
  • Non-partied players only show up on the map if they're nearby.
  • There are no notifications for players joining or leaving areas.
  • Portals cannot be used until they have been up for five seconds.
  • You cannot apply microtransaction effects to items in cut-throat. You may dance and have pets.

Finally !!!
IGN : TheDeathlord , Elizzsa
for gear and build
I wonder if Chris will join and kill all of us...
You may dance and have pets.

Tempest: @TempestRipCount_One
Wait a second here, moved to default? How come?
Completed 4 ChallengesAngormus wrote:
Wait a second here, moved to default? How come?
because the league follows the rules of default.

(if you die, you stay in the cut-throat league)
Yay ! Need a perma cut-throat league !!!
Im naked.
To all the people that cried around about having died and there being no point of continuing. Last time I died 5 minutes before the end and finished with:


Notice how all pieces have life or ES. Also I was one of the few that did not use Flicker. Admittedly, Flicker is the strongest thing to do solo right now, but you can still have fun with Bear Traps or Cold Snap.

The only thing that probably is an issue right now that needs further testing is the scaling with level gap. It was too much, there was no point fighting higher leveled characters. Even if your build was better the dps was not enough. I am also fairly certain that currently there are 2 bugs:

* No 5 second timer on leaving the instance. This negates builds that cannot burst down targets.

* No XP warrented for kills, so even doing well will doom you to being underpowered if you go PvP at or before Brutus.
#1 Templar Closed Beta HC Ladder (lvl 83)
The timer for leaving non-town instances needs to be either pushed up to 10 seconds or flasks must be dispelled when a player zones. I've encountered too many situations where a player with a sliver of life just pops his last flask charge and ports to town.

I don't find it very much fun that players do this where as a witch, my combat ability lies in sustained damage and not bursts.

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