(Unsupported) Odif's Build Guides for Newbies: Wintertide-Vortex Inquisitor

Build has been smooth leveling all the way to early red maps with rather cheap gear. Looking forward to min maxing it a little. I picked up this cane of kulemak staff and plan to use it for now as I like the extra cast speed.


ignore my question I forgot or didnt realize that consecrated ground gave reduced effect of curses on you.
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re-rolled from light trapper.

I suggest this build, very easy leveler.
it is very hard that you get killed, wintertide is OP - mobs can't touch you. if they catch up, you just blink out.
(even without gear defences are too strong)

If you try parties with x4, even than you don't get 1-shot like every other char.

dumb-level'ing really.

haven't seen any easier leveling.

thanks a lot
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Definately agree, build feels extremely tanky as long as you keep moving. I dont have issues with higher red map bosses unless I just over power them with sentinels. Also just picked up flesh/flame jewels withsign of purpose to see how it feels with the increased brand activation and recall since I do use it often.
Wouldn't it be better to choose a Hierophant for this build? You can buff the Mana Surge received from the Vortex, or buff Cold Snap charges
I've been levelling with Wintertide/Vortex up to Pious Path (my standart path to RF Inquis) in 3.18, and it seems that it will be viable. It may need more defensive investment and probably a Melding transition but I would say it still might be OK. Well maybe you will want to skip a rare mob every once in a while, but considering all recent nerfs to Archnemesis legacy it's OK.
This did seem promising, does it deserve a revisit after the 3.19 changes to Archnemesis?

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