The tankiest GrandMaster ever submitted - int stacking recoup tank



Overall stats:
36K ES
88% to 158% of ele dmg taken recouped as ES
10k average regen (with consecrated ground and guardian)
52% attack block (occasional 75%+ from guardian)
74% spell block
5% ES on block
90% crit reduction
130% curse reduction
all ele ailment immune, CB immune
151/122/106 resist overcaps
20% chance to get a charge on hit
47% increased ES recovery rate (applies to recoup, regen and recharge as well)
Immortal call and decent Endurance charge generation
20% of physical damage taken as elemental
Taking damage triggers Enfeeble, Frost Wall to stop enemy projectiles, two spells which place consecrated ground, and two movement spells to move out of potential damage.
The grandmaster can deal decent damage on its own with Tempest Shield and Blazing Salvo, so it's not trivial to beat it with a glasscannon, or standing still.
The absorption charges granted by the belt cannot be stolen by the Highwayman or claw passives.
Vaal Discipline is used for an occasional boost because grandmasters passively get souls over time. Wicked Ward can help out if the enemy stops attacking.
CWDT Bodyswap targets corpses over enemies, potentially moving the grandmaster out of damage. Lightning Warp is level 1 so it has a big delay, when taking a lot of damage it can randomise the position a little bit.
The build only has damage per int or ES at 3 places, weapon, amulet and anoint, which are the best opportunity value, sacrificing the least survivability for about 500% total increased damage. Both main skills Blazing Salvo and Tempest Shield being in the body armour is sacrificing a lot of potential damage for better utility skills thus tankiness, and there is a split compromise in the chosen support gems. Elemental focus was sacrified in favor of applying Sap, enabled by Secrets of Suffering weapon implicit, which makes enemies deal up to 20% less damage.
Flicker strike is used to trigger Guardian +10% attack block, and was chosen because with it's cooldown the grandmaster can't spam it too much, so hopefully it will mostly cast the Blazing Salvo.

Alternatives not taken:
The build could go much deeper into Recoup or Regen at the expense of the other. With more regen it could withstand pure DoTs better, or with better Recoup all the elemental hit based builds.
ES and recovery rate could be sacrified on helmet and body armour for more physical damage taken as elemental.
The Hierophant ascendancy could enable 9 minimum and 9-10 maximum absorption charges, sacrificing a lot of regen, block, curse reduction, and some ES, but gaining more damage. Atziri shield could be used losing a lot of recoup and the ES on block, put preventing all cursebot cheese (if you bring a cursebot against this, I think I achieved something)
Different main skills could be picked, Purifying flame would enable consecrated ground vs pure DoT builds, or Lightning Warp would maximise movement randomness. Ball lightning could maximise absorption charge generation speed.
A lot of passive survivability could be sacrified for dealing much more damage with an int stacker attack weapon.
Different jewels and passives could be picked for more attack block, regen and utility.

Upgrades missing:
Mana enchant on weapon, with perfect prexes granting 234 total mana, T1 int suffix with double resists.
Perfectly rolled legacy abyss jewels with 50 mana 50 ES, and not fractured so also harvest enchant, or being on a synth base with +5 int and more resist or strength.
Elevated 13% phys taken as elemental on helmet.
Useful second implicit on belt, like allres, %ES or Discipline effect.
More resist on the ring with intelligence, and mirroring it instead of using the double res ring, getting more res on jewels instead.
Double corrupting the shield for crit reduction, or block, or spell block, or %ES, or physical damage taken as fire/cold/lightning/chaos, or reduced damage taken from aoe/projectiles (many 140 ES mod + 12 spell block beast duped bases exist on standard, so this would've been an actual long term achievement). In theory +2 min PC and curse immune synth base could exist.
All gems double corrupted for +1 level and +3% quality.
And of course using Cluster jewels, Pantheons (crit immunity) once GGG implements them for grandmasters.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the project: Yanick, Empy, Bazukatank, Niz, Kurama, Kurosaki, Hobbit, Vince, Anathiel, Sijama, Jix, Zzang, Johnsonman, Lapiz, Regisle and other members of the PvP community.

IGN: Márkusz
My builds: thread/1600072
( •_•)>⌐■-■
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Legendary post, legendary character, legendary moment in PoE history. GG
GG Markusz and the team that put it together, hilarious to watch the kill attempts on stream with Empy
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That's insane!
Insane character, good work to all involved!
Nice idea,nice work!
Hi Markuz. GG Tank. When will this tank be in Hall Of Grand Masters?

Also I like to give it a shot with my league build.

Was this ever added to the Hall of Grandmasters?

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