[3.17] Devon's Blazing Headsman | Avatar of Fire Cyclone Slayer | Endgame viable

My atlas tree: https://bit.ly/3sdPgkB

3.17 Update Changes
- marks last forever so that's nice, makes life easier ngl
- Arn's Anguish was buffed
- new Implicit modifiers for rare items
- new Unique jewels that we use (Forbidden Flesh/Flame)

Stun immunity and Endurance charge generation with Cluster Jewels.
You can use 50% increased stun threshold on a Mastery + Brine King until then.

+ works on a budget
+ decent starter
+ tears bosses apart
+ can do most map mods
+ does T16 maps (even juiced, but you will die occasionally)
+ from 6M+ to 12M+ DPS (depending on your investment)

- maxing out is expensive (Awakened gems, Cluster jewels)
- depends on Ancestral totems (but provide amazing benefits)
- ramping up Rage and Brutal Charges slightly annoying


How does it work?

Voidforge is BiS here. Nothing else.

The build uses a few notable items that you will need for it to work properly. These items are: Voidforge, Xoph's blood and Phys to Fire conversion gloves.
The reason you need these items is because we want as much damage as possible and all of it converted to fire.

Xoph's blood provides Avatar of fire which converts all damage to Fire but at 50% value, to compensate we add 40% phys to fire on the tree (Mastery node) and 10% on phs to fire gloves. Which means we are converting 100% phys to fire and 50% of Lighting/Cold to Fire (important for voidforge).
Voidforge deals more damage then an exquisite blade (you can check the numbers in PoB if you don't believe me), it also shocks everything, gives you life and Area of effect.

Stun immunity is achieved with 2x Unwavering Focus medium cluster jewels and Endurance charges are generated by 2x Enduring focus medium cluster jewels.
So ideally both of your medium cluster jewels should have Enduring Focus + Uwavering focus.
Alternatively just get Enduring Focus clusters (+ whatever else you want) and take 50% increased stun treshold mastery and instead of Lunaris pantheon run Brine king (provides freeze immunity too which is nice). This setup is much easier to make.

Mana issues are solved with both rings having the "channeling skills have -3 to total mana cost" craft.
We get life leech from the Ascendancy!

GIFs and Videos

Rare Shrine Map (T16) - Harbinger Juiced

Searing Exarch

Boss gifs
Eater of Worlds



Youtube Videos

PoB (pastebin) - Passive Trees + Ascendancy

https://pobb.in/jUVJ33RXwvLL <-- Click me
- updated 21.02.2022

Copy/Paste the pobb.in link into Path of Building and you will have my whole build listed inside.
Use this as much as you can, everything is inside. I even incorporated the Normal/Cruel/Merciless/Endgame trees, to the bottom left where it says "Endgame (95)", click on that and you can swap out the trees to see what you need to prioritize. Also here you can check out the whole tree, gear, gems, enchants, damage, etc.

Leveling Guide

General Tips
Every attack skill needs a good weapon. Keep upgrading your weapons as you progress.
For this build the best damage type to aim for is Physical damage because after getting avatar of fire (Xoph's Heart) you convert damage like this:
Physical / Fire --> Fire (100%)
Cold / Lightning --> Fire (50%)
Chaos --> Fire (0%)
So you get 100% value from Phys and Fire, 50% from Lightning and Cold and 0% from Chaos. So a [T1 %phys, T1 #phys, T1 Fire damage, AS] weapon would be amazing, but so would Voidforge.
Awakened gems are amazing on this build but you can do without them as well.
If you are having mana issues, use a Praxis ring until you get two rings with "-3 mana cost of channeling skills"
Endurance charges and Stun immunity are solved through Cluster jewels (yep, gonna cost a bunch of money or RNG). The Large cluster should have the Rage generation thingy and the Leech damage thingy.
For clearing maps you only need to use your Cyclone.
For killing bosses you should Mark the Boss, summon a "Vaal ancestral warchief" + "Ancestral protector" totem and then spin to win for max damage.

Leveling Guide
Use Molten Strike until you get Cyclone. Link it with Added Fire (a1) and Melee Phys(a2).
Get Ancestral Protector at lvl4 (Breaking Some Eggs) and Leap Slam at lvl8 (Brutus).
During act 1 you can dual wield any weapons with good dps, optimaly you want to use a two handed weapon (Sword is best) and remember to update it as you go along, attack based builds largely depend on the DPS of their weapon.
Use Precision (max lvl1), War Banner, Herald of Ash and Herald of Purity until maps (if you think you're squishy get Determination instead of a few auras).

Ascendancy, Bandits and Pantheon


1.) Headsman
2.) Bane of Legends
3.) Brutal Fervour
4.) Overwhelm

Bandits and Pantheon
Bandits: Alira - Crit Multi and much needed Resists

Pantheon: Best: Lunaris + Yugul or Shakari (Curse resistance vs Chaos resistance)

Alternative: Lunaris + Gurukhan - Just for the move speed (gottagofast).


Take the regular 21/20 Cyclone version just because of the additional AoE it provides.
Get the Vaal ancestral Warchief instead of a normal one.

Unbuffed hideout DPS (blood stance)

Helmet: Reduced Life regeneration rate + Damage per Power charge / Area of Effect
Gloves: Fire Exposure + Intimidate
Boots: Scorched ground + Whatever

NOTE: Don't go for the ones that are active only during unique or pinnacle encounters. Except for scorched ground and Damage per Power charge. You can with these ones since they're useless during maps anyway.

Rare Jewels
The Jewels should have: Life% + Damage + Dexterity and Intelligence + Resists.
Dexterity and Intelligence should be +10 each. Everything else is secondary.
Here is a search query for perfect ones: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Archnemesis/9DzzMMYfK (Int and Dex are important)

Forbidden Jewels
Instead of going for permanent Fortify through the forbidden jewels you can take the 4 fortify nodes on the tree and then you can go for Arena Challenger or Outmatch and Outlast on the Forbidden Jewels.
If you go for Outmatch and outlast make sure to use some other belt like: Headhunter, Mageblood, Ryslatha's Coil or a simple Rare Stygian Vise.

The second Life flask should be Bottled Faith but I'm not rich enough.


Discipline and Training
Fatal Blade

My personal current achievements with the build:

Killed: All Guardians that exist, Elder, Shaper, Uber Elder, Sirus, Black Star, Infinite Hunger, Eater of Worlds, Searing Exarch, Maven and 4 guardians at the same time.

Hope you guys like it, if you have any more questions feel free to ask down below.

Check out my other guides:
"Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile." -unknown
"The Emperor beckons and the world attends." -Izaro
"Shine boldly so that all may find you when the night falls." -Izaro
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Umm the six link is empty!
moamaan wrote:
Umm the six link is empty!
Fixed and updated!
"Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile." -unknown
"The Emperor beckons and the world attends." -Izaro
"Shine boldly so that all may find you when the night falls." -Izaro
Will try this as my league starter (yes i know its already a week or so) and i hope it work out well.
Running this build this league and I'm into early maps without any of the uniques-- still doing a-okay. Big fan of your builds, Devon.
You're on bathsalts.
Lady_Rarity wrote:
Running this build this league and I'm into early maps without any of the uniques-- still doing a-okay. Big fan of your builds, Devon.
I luv u an ty <3

tomxlove wrote:
You're on bathsalts.
"Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile." -unknown
"The Emperor beckons and the world attends." -Izaro
"Shine boldly so that all may find you when the night falls." -Izaro
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First of, thank you for putting this build guide together, I've been looking for a cyclone build this league and I really liked the way this build is a bit off meta and has a satisfying gameplay with HoA.

I'm not super experienced with builds and generally go for things a bit more hand-holding but I really want to expand on this build and see where it can go so I have some questions, please, to help understand exactly how this build works.

Firstly; If I'm not mistaken Multistrike cannot support totems, so would multiple totems support be better here for 2 ancestral protectors then using vaal Ancestral when up?

EDIT: I think this was the Wiki being out of date, it looks like multistrike DOES support totems now. Ignore this question :)

Second; How exactly do we scale this build? I understand how Avatar of Fire works but I see your gear seems to push more physical damage, so is it better to stack phys damage and let it convert to fire or is there a benefit to also building for fire damage, e.g, I found a helmet that includes "Increased burning Damage", is this a good state for the build?

Third; Off the back of question 2, how important is Crit & Crit multi in the build? I see we take the Slayer node in Uber lab for increased crit multi -- I was wondering if the increased AOE node per kill could also be swapped in here or if crit plays a large part of the damage.

I think that's all I have at the moment, sorry for the wall of text, again thanks a bunch for putting this build together in the first place. I'm having a lot of fun :)
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Playing this build, it sucks we cant use Impact for better aoe
Last edited by wotad on Nov 3, 2021, 4:51:57 PM
Any video of gameplay?
Get over it!

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