[3.17] Poisonous Concoction PF | Poison prolif clear | Budget gear to 7M+ dps | A8 Sirus down

Poisonous concoction is a new skill from 3.16. We throw projectile that eats our life flask, they explode, deals damage and poisons. These shotgun(assuming it follows explosive concoction) and possibly can bring upon some great scaling

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For 3.17, there is not much changes as there isnt any impact to any items/gear/gems used in this build

A8 Sirus

T16 underground sea with enfeeble curse, clearing most scourge(ended with 176 stacks)

PF generally means high flask uptime
Decent-ish defensive layers
Budget gear able to deal good enough damage to handle t16s at league start
Dont need weapon
Plague bearer op
Can be almost unaffected by curses/stun

Not fully ailment immune
There is a scaling ceiling for this build in terms of dps
Need to roll flask individually for the best set of mods
Evasion build means we will see random one shots sometimes

Our Defenses
targeted 194% life on passive tree at lvl 92
100% spell suppression -53% damage
165% increased evasion from tree + grace, around 80% evasion
34% block chance
Decently potent life flask for life recovery
+113% movement speed with quicksilver up(movement speed is a form of defense)
Ghost shroud incentivizes some ES stacking
87-90% reduced effect of chill+freeze and curse/shock/stun(choose depending on map)

Armor version generally used at higher level
targeted 162% life on passive tree at level 95
100% spell suppression
Easy 90% phys reduction while mapping, 80-83% while bossing
34% block chance
Decently potent life flask for life recovery
118% movement speed
Big molten shell to block damage
87-90% reduced effect of chill+freeze/curse/shock(choose 2 depending on map)

Key build mechanics
Poisonous concoction has a simple point and click, you throw a flask onthefloor mechanic. Coupled with gmp/volley(your preference) the coverage is bigger(when you aim far) or it can be shotgunning(when you aim really close to your character)

Plague bearer will be our secondary clear/single target skill
Poison damage you dealt will be partially kept in the "storage" of plague bearer. When you are full, you no longer will contribute to the "storage". When activated, plague bearer creates a chaos dot zone around your character dealing the damage "stored"

Wither is our main dps scaling mechanic for bosses/singletarget
It bascially stacks up to 15 times on an enemy and make them take more chaos damage. simple

Why Poisonous Concoction

It looks cool and it works well with PF. Being poison and working well with PF, the clear is automatically great by default
PF poison builds tend to suffer on single target, but the nature of poisonous concoction shotgunning covers up well for this weakness.

The best(and arguably the worst) thing about poisonous concoction is that it doesnt scale with a weapon but a flask. That means the moment you can use a divine life flask, you can potentially be using your end game "weapon". Getting quality on life flask in this case is key to scaling your damage up. The secondary scaling is gem level. As an "added attack damage" skill gem, poisonous concoction scales well with skill level(could be a 10% more damage per level). So we dont need to invest in an expensive weapon and this will work more like a spellcaster build when it gets to scaling up

Also for dps calculation, i assume we can get ideal situation to overlap 9 projectile(we do have decent aoe investments), bascially just take the number in pob and x9 it

Why Pathfinder

We will be flask charges starved if we arent PF. Also for clear speed from poison prolif
Movement speed from high flask uptime is pretty great as a PF too

My current set up in 3.16

Swapped to armor version, because dps goes up around 30% and armor is consistent compared to evasion being consistently inconsistent.

Helm: 2.2ex base + 30 ish abberants and 15 pristine fossils
Chest: 1ex base + some tainted jewelers and fusing = 2ex
Amulet: 2.8ex
Rings: total 1ex including divine orb spent
Gloves: 1ex
Boots: 90c
Belt: 39c
Flasks: self rolled within ~500alts
Gems: all mainly self corrupted, <1ex for unbound and void ailments, 18ex for awakened gmp(this is a tiny ass 9% more dmg)
Jewels: 30-40c each
Total cost: 10-12ex(without gmp), 30ex with awakened gmp


Before we go into PoB, do make sure you are using the PoB community fork. Else there will be random issues or bug when you try to load my pob links

Also if you are having issues with the PoB link(error 301), add a "s" after the http before the ://, link should be https://(link)
I removed the S because some were getting error 302, which was fixed by removing the S

POB and skilltree explanation

Poison builds and their skill tree/PoB numbers can be extremely misleading. Total damage per poison/total damage inc. poison/poison dps are the 3 main thing poison builds scales on.

You dont want poison dps to be too low, because that means the damage per poison is not potent enough and you will have to rely too heavily on shotgunning

You dont want total damage per poison to be too low, because that means your poison duration is probably too low(swift affliction + poisons deal damage faster). Poison dealing damage faster brings up poison dps, but it will reduce the overall dps over a longer period of time(around 3-4 seconds).

Total damage inc. poison bascially counts in an ideal situation the total dps you can do when you hold right click and stand on the spot with every single hit contributing to its individual poison damage to your total dps. Poison stacks are deal damage individually and will fall off as their individual duration ends.
Having a high number here is great, but many builds heavily inflate their poison dps by using methods of prolonging their poison duration(temporal chains, assassin's ascendency, +duration on gear or tree), thus not really giving a realistic dps.

I aim to try to have a balance here, because overly inflated PoB dps poison builds are usually BS

Poisonous concoction works with a shotgun mechanic for single target. That means whatever number you see in pob, X5/x9/x10 it, thats the total number of projectile we have

tldr for which tree you should use at which point of league

level 94 evasion tree = starting out the build, below 3ex budget, can do t16 easily

level 94 armor tree = you have good enough life pool if you were to swap, around 5.5k hp

Level 95 end game 1 = you build towards this after level 94 armor tree

level 95 end game 2 = what i am currently using, i think this is the ideal tree so far with highest dps and least mana issue and no (no) phasing downtime

Level 94 evasion tree:

level 94 armor tree:

Level 95 end game 1:

Level 95 end game 2:

Lvl 95 tree difference explanation:

The main difference in end game 1/2 tree is the usage of quartz flask over onslaught/silver flask.

With the use of quartz flask, we can free up some spell suppression stat requirement and phasing(quartz also gives a much better consistency on phasing)

Also, with the gear/gems level at 95, it is possible to drop the poison mastery that triples poison damage on unpoisoned target as our clear do not heavily suffer(we hit poisons in quantity anyways, more than the power per poison)

end game tree 2 has better flask up time, phasing up time, with the main risk of not having max spell suppression during off flask time(you should be perma flasked in maps, we can sustain)
Mana is much more comfortable at this stage too, just because we got more mana on hand after reservation

Evasion is consistently inconsistent due to atrophy system in evasion, you are almost guaranteed to get a random hit every now and then. Its starts getting pretty risky early scourge(70-120ish stacks) and you probably get 1 shotted at like 150+ stacks onwards. However, evasion is an avoidance stat and its probably ideal if you are ok with losing xp and are looking to do the harder content with a few random deaths

Armor is consistent in terms of how much damage you take. Its pretty safe early scourge(70-120ish) however, you will need anti stun flask going around 150 stacks+, else you will die to stun locks. However, you are tankier and can take hits better compared to evasion. One shots start coming in at around 170-180 stacks at t16s. Also you will need to run an anti curse flask for vulnerability maps

Armor tree isnt recommended early because you will struggle hard to get 5.5k hp, we also use multiple jewel slots to get decent life/damage stats. Armor tree however, has superior damage and is better if you are looking to level through 93+ and not taking random one shots(if you are doing scourge at t16s and going above 170 stacks you will get one shotted sometimes regardless, because damage comes in many forms, not just phys)

Cluster jewels notable:
Cluster jewels not very ideal, better off investing in rare jewels to fill up the jewel sockets for damage/life


Natural reprisal first, because it gives more aoe + damage straight out
Master toxicist: clear
Nature's adrenaline: movement speed as you enter maps
Nature's boon: this is the key on longer boss fights



Alternate quality gems:
We will explore this as the league start

Main 6 link:
Poisonous Concoction - Vicious projectile - GMP - Void manipulation - GVolley - Unbound ailments

Priority of gems in sequence of the gems

On weapon 1:
A weapon with super high str requirement that you cant use. Level 3 gems with it socketed

On shield:
wither - multiple totem - spell totem

We need this.

On Helm
Herald of agony + malevolence + clarity lvl 1/2 + dash

You dont need to link the auras
Clarity for some mana regen, take out if dont need/short on mana

On Gloves
Shield charge - faster attack - culling strike - inspiration/moltenshell

We use this as our main movement skill. Shield charge moves real fast. Dash is for going across gaps. Culling strike because this is our execute
Molten shell is a must, if you are on armor tree

On Boots
Plague bearer - increased aoe - empower - withering steps

Empower is expensive, it gives plague bearer damage, but its not worth for you to squeeze out currency to get it early asap.
Withering steps is pretty great to go with plague bearer, but it blocks out dash. Preference here if u wanna remove it


For weapon,

For shield, Lycosidae is the best option, because with this, you free up gearing budget everywhere else for other defensive/offensive stat instead of accuracy. This build suffer alot from lack of accuracy and runing precision is a waste of mana

Body armor

Carcass jack will be the best choice. We want to have shitload of increased area of effect for shotgunning. However, aoe damage does not really benefit us

Cherrubium malevolence is alternative for pure damage stat

Dendrobate is the highest dps option, however, it will not fit in armor tree and you have to hit the stat breakpoint for both dex and int. Also, it doesnt provide any life


Embalmer is great for early league budget and it gives quite a decent amount of damage/poison duration.
We want spell suppression here

For high end rares, we probably want dot multi or sorts. Similarly ill leave this as a blank for now and improve on it later

Mine would be a mid tier one, ideally we want to have dot multi mod ontop of whatever i have there


We want spell suppression here
Rare boots, get life get movement speed get resist, a str/dex hybrid is good because we want to roll some strength here if possible for stat requirements(not mandatory)

For high end, i recommend a boots with poisons deal damage faster on top of the usual stats.

Tailwind/elusive arent consistent because low crit chance


Few options here, the cheapest and easiest will be starkonja head here. However that will tighten our resist requirements. So gear accordingly to life/resist if needed

I will prioritize having 40% increased damage for poisonous concoction from uber lab here. Due to the nature of scaling unarmed/poisonous concoction, this can be easily 10-15% more damage

For high end, we want -chaos res of nearby enemies ontop of high life/res + lab enchant

Neck and anointing

We want maximum life/resist here

At highest end, look for chaos dot + chaos spell skill gem + loads of life and an open suffix(+1 minimum frenzy charge) or open prefix(-mana cost for smoother mana, but not needed)

For anointment,
There are a few options.
For consistent damage, Heart of darkness
For stronger frontload damage, dirty techniques
For strongest boss damage(with full wither stacks up)Corruption


2X life rings with resist. I went for filler/resist slots here, because there isnt much choices that particularly increases our dps drastically. However, we want to have open suffixes here to craft +1 minimum frenzy charge.


Lots of life, some resist, most important we want flask duration/charges gain. If you can squeeze in, flask effect is decent here. Stygian vise will be the highest end due to cost


MANDATORY: divine life flask(not eternal btw)
Divine life flask rolls the highest flat number on the flask. Make sure prefix is saturated
In 3.16, flask tier mods were added, so we cant just roll saturated from the get go.
Divine flask crafting:
<lots of alteration orbs>
We want an ilvl 81 base to roll T1 saturated, thats
(65–70)% increased Amount Recovered
33% reduced Recovery rate
With this, we can maximize the damage bonus from life flask.
For suffix, removal of bleed/corrupted blood+ immunity for some time

Good dps flask:
Witchfire brew gives us a free lvl 21 despair aura, thats really good considering we are stupid(no intelligence) and we cant run a high lvl despair

Additional damage/utility flask, explanation on the suffixes to roll below flask choices.
Quicksilver is life, movement speed is life, always go for this

Sulphur/silver flask:
Silver flask for speed/movement speed
Sulphur flask for more flat damage. This comes up as the top because we HEAVILY lack increased damage stat

Jade flask/granite flask will be the defensive option, self explanatory

For utility flask suffixes,
1: freeze/chill reduced effect is a must, i have it on my

coupled with flask effect, i might not get 100% reduced effect, but its enough to trivalize chill/freeze to almost nothing
2: attack speed. This is pretty self explanatory
3: elemental resist/evasion/reduced curse/shock effect. I went with elemental resist because i am budgeting myself on gearing and therefore did not cap resist on my base gear. However, you will want to either get reduced curse effect OR evasion for additional defenses
With t1 rolled reduced shock effect, you can possibly tank a die beam from sirus(but still dont do it)

** dying sun ***??
The uptime is pretty lacking on bosses and it doesnt fit in exactly well with our flask timers. You will absolutely need 50% increased flask effect if you want to use this, because thats the breakpoint to move from +2 proj to +3.
As we do not heavily invest in flask effect duration(10% for the mana nodes near ranger) or flask duration/charges gained, this will not be a stable option outside of mapping.


Rare jewel with life/increased damage/chaos damage is priority
We want to fill stat requirements here, get some int/str

Chaos/dot multi arent as potent for us

I do not recommend:
Watcher's eye
We only use malevolence, so find good malevolence mods
Dot multi
Ailments deals damage faster(this does not contribute to total damage per poison btw, it contributes to poison dps)

Grace with +movement speed/chance to evade. This is an absolute stat, it bascially adds on to whatever you already have, despite evasion being an diminishing stat, which means you get less actual evasion chance the higher you go, you can hit 90% evasion with a high roll and good base evasion stat


Might change with 3.16 release
Lunaris with divine vessel completed

Will update this


Kill all for 2 points


We pick up poisonous concoction at level 12, level with burning arrow or something early on, entirely up to you.

As a note, we want field medicine allocated for early on because we wont have much flask recovery speed early. Path to poison nodes asap to ensure you got 100% chance to poison


Q: I want to league start this but i dont know if this is good
A: I am league starting this as well, and i dont know if its goodd. But for science and experimenting with new skill, i shall. Theorycrafted numbers dont look too shabby so i m living with hopium

Q: Why does your poison dps numbers look low
A: Answered in PoB section, read it


Build posted and ready for league launch
My Builds/Stream

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My Builds/Stream

It's such a shame they didn't let the added damage from life flasks scale with increased life flask recovery passives/mods, would have made a very interesting way to build a character.
Last edited by borefficz on Oct 22, 2021, 10:48:15 AM
borefficz wrote:
It's such a shame they didn't let the added damage from life flasks scale with increased life flask recovery passives/mods, would have made a very interesting way to build a character.

Though ill say that this will cause more scaling issue and forces you to take more flask life recovery node, but tbh we wouldnt know much until we dive in and start throwing the flask
My Builds/Stream

How tanky is this build? Are utility flasks still good for defense? If the skill is consuming life flask charges for more dmg. Where does recovery come from?
I learn poison chance on tree, but if i check info on skill its any way 40%.So poison chance from tree dont work? Why? Thx.
hi can i use poisonous concotion with tornado? i think that is a cool idea.
buttcommander wrote:
How tanky is this build? Are utility flasks still good for defense? If the skill is consuming life flask charges for more dmg. Where does recovery come from?

I have an explanation on the defenses for the build in the guide explained. Also, with the change in 3.16, its relatively easy to get life on the tree, shouldnt be an issue going for 6.5k to 7k life with good gear, ontop of the evasion and block chance

Barambak wrote:
I learn poison chance on tree, but if i check info on skill its any way 40%.So poison chance from tree dont work? Why? Thx.

I dont understand, but by lvl 39 i got 105% chance to poison and its working great

bantoon wrote:
hi can i use poisonous concotion with tornado? i think that is a cool idea.

Probably not the right way to scale on this skill, will be pretty hard to hit the 20 hits on tornado while trying to actually kill stuff, because this is a point aoe/projectile attack instead of a line based attack like tornado shot/lightning arrow
My Builds/Stream

Made some PoB improvements, aura gem improvements for more survivability and no dps loss
My Builds/Stream

I am testing this build,works great and is a lot of fun.

I got 2 question:

The first one do you think, Vaal Motel Shell or Immortal Call with Cast on Damage Taken and Increaed Duration would work too, insteat of Shield Charge?
Asking this becaus we already got a lot of movement so some defensive skills might also work fine.

The 2nd one:

On weapon 1:
A weapon with super high str requirement that you cant use. Level 3 gems with it socketed

can you explain it any further, i dont get this explanation.
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