[3.17] HunterKee's Poisonous Concoction🐍🧪 || BOOM BOOM || Smooth Mapping || League Start

Update Log:
No change 3.17
Update Zooming + Defense version po

This build have really good mapping speed, however it does lack of some single target because the nature of this skill. However, it is a amazing league start since it does not require any weapon to reach full zooming.

Here are some of choices you could do before you play:
1. Do I want defense or Single Target?
2. Do I build this for full zooming then make another char for big boss?

If you choose this as league start, you could convert to other really good end game build like:

1. Occ spider summoner
2. CoC ice spear

Version 1.5: https://pastebin.com/R7jiyPUa

Zooming + Defense version: https://pastebin.com/imPizCAa

Purely playstyle showcase:
Zooming Version showcase:

1. Malediction (10% reduce)
2. Temp Chain slow
3. High evasion and Ghost Dance
4. Full Spell suppression
5. Chaos Explody

Poison Concoction - Greater Volley - GMP - Void Manipulation - Vicious Projectiles - Unbound Ailment

Plague Bearer - Enhance - Empower - Increase AOE

Blasphemy Despair - Despair - Enlighten - Temp Chain

Withering Step - Vaal Grace/malevolence Cwdt - Immortal call

Ancestral Protector - Precision - Flame Dash

1. Body Armour give us tons of dmg if we meet attribute
2. Boots help us meet full spell suppression
3. Helmet for speed

1. hybird evasion and es base, then cap resis and high life
2. Craft Avoid Ailment or spell suppressing
3. If scale damage really well, we stack +1 gem on amulet

1. Life
2. Chaos dot multi


1. 50% inc amount/reduced recovery rate give the highest total amount

Profane Bloom -> Void Beacon -> Withering Presence -> Malediction

Kill All

Dirty Techniques

Major:Brine King
Minor: Base on situation


1. You might found hard during leveling because occultist starting, it will get really good once you reach 100% poison chance

2. Craft your spell suppression

3. If you want full ailment immune, craft on gear

4. Accuracy on gear could save 4 points on tree

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Why Occultist not Pathfinder
The benefit we get from Occultist is double curse, explode and global chaos damage increase. This means during mapping, our plague bearer will be super smooth compare to Pathfinder. Also with new node on the tree, I dont think sustain life flask charges is a problem anymore.

TLDR: No life flask sustain porblem, I like BOOM BOOM. Occ have more build to change if you purely play this as league start

1. Freezing pulse + Frost bomb
2. Stormblast mine + Orb of storm + Lightning spire trap
3. Poison flask(Once if you have 100% poison chance)

Ailment and Phy?
1. Frozen immune from Pantheon along with small stun immune

2. 60% Shock and 50% chill from Panthon

3. Then you craft reduce chill and shock on gloves

4. Bleed you can craft on flask, corrupted from jewel

5. For phy dmg problem, you could use cwdt immortal call with small armour cluster give you endurance charge when hit. Or you can craft min yourself

Further Upgrade?(Long)

1. Get lv.85 Lion Pelt with inc% Poison Conc AOE
2. Get high life, spell suppression, resis
3. Craft: "when focus, increase x% duration of ailment you inflicted"

Focus mode would roughly give you 50% more dmg during focus

1. Get ilv 84/85 Apothecary's Gloves(inc18% dmg over time)

Two version:
2.1.1 get hunter influence with Chaos dmg over time multi
.2 Craft +1 AOE
.3 High life, resis, accuracy

2.2.1 Get high life, resis, accuracy, attack speed
.2 Use aisiling to get +2 AOE gem for plague bearer

Use Fenumus' Weave unique if you resis is enough and have enough reserve

Use sirius gloves for curse on hit and +1 AOE

1. Shaper base evasion or evasion/es shield base
2. Spell suppression if you missing
3. Sockted gem increase 30% mana effi
4. resis, life, evasion
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Good stuff, exile!
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Gonna try this on league start, looks fun! Have you thought about how you're going to start this? Looks like PC isn't available to witch until Siosa, so I guess blight up to that point if you can't trade it.
joshbriegal wrote:
Gonna try this on league start, looks fun! Have you thought about how you're going to start this? Looks like PC isn't available to witch until Siosa, so I guess blight up to that point if you can't trade it.

Base on the difficulty of the ACT1

I suggest stormblast mine + orb of storm + frost bomb etc

Or ask someone get you PC cuz witch dont have it
Prob gonna try this out, seems good.
and send more nudes in da grp thanks senpai.
And about of the tree order (i have no experience with pob, sorry)

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