[3.19] DO NOT USE - Fuzzy Duckzy's Lightning Strike Raider - Great League Starter

Hi guys,
Currently enjoying this build. I would like to swap gear for omni cryst with Farull.(Already have omni and farull, i'm trying to gather all equipment before switching) Or do you think I can squeez more from what i currently have?
POB https://pastebin.com/AppTM6L3

Thanks in advance!
Trying to swap to omni as well, no idea how it works. Any help would be appreciated

current POB: https://pastebin.com/79wdEPwE
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Im not sure if this has been mentioned. But a double influenced ring beside the mark of the elder grants both perks.

Stuns no more:
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Hello guys, may be some one know how to craft double influence 6L claws for squire?
Any recommended upgrades? Note I am in SSF. Kind of stalled out with this build not sure where to go with it from here. I've been farming for a blizz crown but so far no luck, and I am using up essences as I go but nothing better than what I have so far.

I'm trying to finish up some challenges and get as close to ubers as I can but running into hard AN rares still shit on me, and the dps isn't enough to make them disappear before they can kill me.

Transferring to Trade is an option if I need to get there, but I don't have a ton of currency to trade even if I did and it's late in the league anyway.

Char is LoViking

edit: Removed PoB it's completely out of date now. League is truly dead I guess since this thread hasn't had a post in a week.
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need some help for suggestions to improving my build: https://pastebin.com/r7hRMaxq

currently having some difficulties to defeat bosses of T16 maps

Thanks in advance!
Returning casual here... Enjoying this build in 3.19 ACT 8 late into the league. Was able to get alright claws for leveling but will need to upgrade everything as I go still (lvl ~65)

Picked up around level 20 a rampage glove drop and its been amazing to level with. Always getting max stacks and resets. I had to slow myself down to actually pickup loot everything was dying too fast. I do believe the unholy might and rampage spells provided a good amount of damage and utility as packs were getting stunned and cleared by the spells.

Besides the extra chaos damage and rampage spells, I was also somehow spawning one-handers, two-handers, and bows. They did nothing but distract and didn't provide much dps increase but is interesting as the wiki or gem descriptions say nothing about this.

Also, using Hearld of Ice with onslaught + ice bite
and everything is shattering.

Leveling has been easy and I've only recently (ACT 7) had to upgrade the level 20 4l chest I had. I have died a few times during bosses, but only from being dumb or facetanking things using under-leveled gear.
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Messing around with this POB 3.20: https://pobb.in/xfmlWTrPhAdd

I'm a casual player, & trying this in Standard so that I can use gear I already have + maxed gems. Using Greater Multiple Projectiles Support gem at least gives Lightning Strike back its "feel" for clearing.

Just posting this in case anybody else has ideas or interest. Hopefully Fuzzy Duckzy returns with an updated build soon.
I don't play it... But wouldn't make sense to use helm enchant LS fires 3 additional projectiles and take pierce from tree or other sources?
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