[3.19]VD Chieftain: ALL is on fire and you're feeling good(self ignite CWC) 8,8k life/2M DPS

CircAGG wrote:
Going to try this out! Looks fun :)

A few things:

1) best way to level this? With twink items.

2) I'm assuming we don't use blood magic for this season?

3) What is the firestorm for in the CWDT 5L on PoB? There is no other spot for a 5L since we're using Kaom's Heart?

4) The guide says WoC will be within a CWDT, but the PoB shows that WoC is self cast.

5) Ascendancy order? Hinekora, Tasalio, Valako?

6) Are we using a rare ring instead of Essence Worm since we're not blood magic now? On your post it says rare ring with flam, but in PoB it says essence worm.

Thanks :)

Hello Mister

You have to know that I didn't play the build yet this league , so I don't have all the answer around mana cost

1) For the lvling I see two solution : poet pen ( 1 with VD the other with desacreat ) or as mention a 4 link minimum with Cyclone + CWC + Deacreat + Volated Dead + support gems in a tabula will do the job

2) Because of the mana cost , I still think that blood magic will be one solution but you have to take a essence worm for the aura, the setup will be good to start
after I see two solution
=> mana gain on hit ( curse or ring ...)
=> A other solution could be Eldrich batteries with % life gain as energie shield mode and energi leech

3) you have the chose between bladefall or fire storm in this 4 link

4) here a updated POB => https://pastebin.com/6yYJKVUQ
My bad ;(

5) ramako > hinekora/ tasalio => valako
Ramako first bc of ignite chance
the other is as you wish

6) At first , I would go essence worm blood magic
If after we go eldrich batterie or mana on hit we can go back to a rare ring

I will updated the POB in the guide too ,

Please if you test the build let me know what you think about

If you died to much , we can work around a setup with a rare helmet with immolate and concentrated effet to make a pseudo 6 link and play with razor of the seventh sun and a shield => less dommage but 1% life back for EACH ignite

Regards Exiles

I'm really liking this build.

I'm having some moments where i seem to just die, this typically happens when theres a large amount of mobs + haribingers.

I also have this issue where the first mob needs to either hit me or i kill them to get that first desecrate.

I was debating making a self cast desecrate just to get it started or move one of the 6l's and do CWC VD/Desecrate.


This is my current Poe,
any advice or tips would be cool
First i am happy that some poeple like the build :)

I am right know on phone si i will check your pob layer ( hopefully tomorow)

Anyway you Can try the boots corpswalker , it creat corps while you are chanelling !

I would like to know if you get one shoot or if you are not getting life back?

If it is a problème of getting life back , check you chance to ignite ans avoid the Map mod where where thé mobe cannot bé ignite

Anyway if you have enough currency you Can try a version with razor of thé seventh Sun with corruption fortified+ Shield and add some block in the build , but for this you need a helmet with concecret affect and imolate ( and more elemental ) as helmet

I Hope to have bien usefull

Regard exils
Im doing this build ATM as leaguestarter and what I dont get is how you self ignite without the Mokou's embrace, I also struggle with Singletarget if the boss isnt doing constant damage to me since Eye of innocense dosnt seem to make CWDT procc enough VS. one target
i League started something very similar and have got to here: https://pobb.in/Gln5kS58rSWe its similar but i went for spell cascade for more fire balls rather than a bigger average hit.

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