[3.16] Comprehensive Guide for CI Aurabots | 16 Auras + 300% Aura Effect Viable

Hi everyone, I was introduced to Aurabots and find it’s fun to play with some friends. I have been learning a lot from other Aurabot colleagues and have tried to perfect Aurabot builds. Seeing as there is no detail guide for Aurabots, I write my first guide and share all of my knowledge about Aurabots.

I. Introduction
Aurabot is a build specialized for supporting and should not be played alone. You usually play as a duo or a group, your main goal is boosting the damage and defence for the carry. You need to stack a lot of Auras and try to increase the aura effect, running close to carry and have fun.

Aurabot is boring?

Many people think Aurabot is boring because of the passive playstyle, however it’s absolutely not true:
Playing with friends is always fun, especially if you have found GOOD friends.
The playstyle is not relaxing because you need to match your movement to your friend and it’s quite stressful sometimes. You may need to play with them for a couple of days to match the pathing.
Aurabot progressing is fun, you need to calculate your next upgrade to maximize profit.

Why Scion?

There are many classes you can play aurabot.
- Guardian: Great early game with good dps boost, extra ES and high defense from ascendancy, however the ascendancy doesn’t scale with aura effect. Better than Scion early, but worse endgame.
- Champion: Highest Aura Effect and very tanky, however the lack of Attack/Cast speed compared to other Ascendancy make it very bad for DPS.
- Necromancer: Overall highest DPS boost aurabot, and scale with Aura effect in end game. However it lacks tankiness. Due to the Aura effect nerf, the difference to Scion is not far anymore.
- Scion: Balance. Scion has access to both Necromancer and Champion sub-ascendy and has more skill points than both classes. Less tanky than Guardian but it has 5% Aura effect more so it can reach 300% easier.


- Smite all the time you can.
- Try to sync your movement with Carry (and vice versa) to avoid separating and carry dies from out of Aura. Carry should consider maxing res cap later to avoid dying.
- Auras in March of the Legion boots need to be casted every 15+ seconds, remember to cast them.

II. Patch Changes


Big changes with nerfs in both Aura Effect and mana reservation. It's hard to get 300% now but still achievable.
Elemental Equilibrium is nerfed and far from tree so not worth getting anymore.
Now you need to use March of the Legion boots to use all Auras.

III. Leveling

Act 1
We can use Storm Blast Mine to farm early zones. Take Spell damage starting points and go to the Destructive Apparatus skill point:
Gem Setup

Storm Blast Mine - Swift Assembly Supporte - Added Lightning Damagee
Orb of Storm - Frost Bomb - Onslaught Support

Act 2
After killing Merveil, go for Trap damage skill points and change the Mine setup to:
Gem Setup
Lightning Trap - Multiple Traps Support - Added Lightning Damage

You can use this setup to farm in leveling regions until the end of act 3.

Act 4
You can respec damage nodes and take aura nodes on the tree. Go for basic Auras gems setup:
Gem Setup
Wrath - Anger - Smite - Generosity
Vitality lvl1 - Clarity lvl1 - Precision lvl1 - Defiance Banner

Without any gears, you can only run a few auras. Smite/Wrath/Anger are the best aura dps because they provide flat damage.
Run some low mana reservation auras if you can like Vitality, Clarity, Precision Defiance Banner. Keep Clarity and Precision at lvl 1, you only need them to trigger the necro ascendency. Get as much Vitality as you can.

Kill All

Go for Necromancer first, then Champion.


IV. Poor Aurabot

Blood Aqueduct
With little currency, you can buy cheap essential gear.

March of Legion boots

You then can run those Auras:
Gem Setup
Victario: Wrath - Anger - Smite - Precision lvl1
Purity of Elements - Defiance Banner - Grace
Vitality lvl1 - Clarity lvl1
Shield Charge - Fortify Support - Faster Attack

Those are cheap items with aura effect and ES, only March of the Legion is expensive. Put the damage and not important Auras (Anger/Wrath/Haste/Determination) into the boots and cast them every 17s.
With limited RMR, run Purity of Elements to cap resist for you and your team. Run Grace if you can, it provides good defence early.

Use Shield Charge to move around.

Try to find 2 Small Cluster Mana Reservation jewels lvl 1+ and 50+, good if it has resist on it.

With some chaos resist, you won't die instantly from chaos damage, leaving you some time to use life flask.


V.Budget Aurabot


This is the standard Aurabot good enough for nearly all content. All items should be cheap even in the first week. This Aurabot will have:
- 225% Minimum Aura Effect, to get 86% ele resistance on allies and 87% on you.
- Good Aura effect on damage Auras


After leveling up and have some more currencies, grab 8p large cluster and 2 more 3p small cluster jewels, use alteration to craft 25% effect on them.
You can then replace Purity of Elements and Defiance Banner with Purity of Fire/Ice/Lightning in Alpha Howl.

The priority to upgrade is Gems > Shield > Anoint > > Cluster Jewels

Read Aura Priority part to see which Auras you should run. However you must use Purity of Ice/Lightning/Fire 21 to get high% resist. After running all the essential Auras

- Anoint Champion of the Cause on amulet

Upgrade your Shield by Prophecy to get 10% more aura effect:

You definitely should craft cluster jewels by yourself, it’s cheaper than buying right ones:

- Small Cluster Jewels: Buy 3p Mana Reservation Cluster Jewel ilvl 50-74 and spam alteration for 25% effect

- Buy Reservation implicit Conqueror's Potency/Efficiency/Pure Talent

- Use Enlighten 3 to solve mana problems.

https://pastebin.com/ir0rcsSB (Cheaper)
https://pastebin.com/1SMh4dvd (More expensive)
Note that those POB doesn't have Timeless Jewel, fit one if you can find.

VI.Endgame Aurabot

300% Aura Effect - 90% All Res is still achievable in 3.16


- Upgrade your weapon by using a Sceptre with Redeemer Aura mods, you can use Awakener Orb with Crusader T1 Wrath Aura effect.

- Replace Large Cluster Jewels by the Voices 3 and use more small cluster jewels

- Replace Small Clusters with 35% effect

- Find Timeless Jewels with Aura Effect

- Use 15% Synthesis Helmet

- Use Elevated Redeemer chest for 30%

VII. OLD Super Endgame Aurabot

This section is before 3.16 nerf, but I keep it here for your ideas. They are impossible to achieve now.

400% Aura Effect

While a decent Aurabot can have 300% Aura Effect, 400% is another league. Remember that the Guardian(1% physical reduction), Necro (2% attack/cast speed), Redeemer (2%/4% dmg) will scale per aura effectbe round down. For example, with 15 auras and 390% effect, you get 45% physical reduction, but at 400% you will get 60%.

To increase Aura effect, there are many ways to upgrade

- Reaching lvl 100, each lvl will give you 3%-4% aura effect.

- Synthesis Helmet with Aura Effect mods

You will need to solve mana problems with those new helmet.

- Replace all Medium with 35% + Rep, you will have hard time solving Mana problems.

- Use Timeless jewels with Aura Effective nodes.

- Use Voices 3 or Voices 1 instead of Large Cluster.

All in damage

You can upgrade your weapon further for DPS boost, by crafting a +1 and 2% damage redeemer mod. It will provide more damage than the 2% + Wrath sceptre.

To maximize the damage boost, you can use 2 sceptres or use 1 battery staff (which provides high ES)

Note that with 2 sceptres or 1 staff, you will need to use timeless jewel to get 400% aura effect.

Attribute Stacking

In additional to Auras, you can even further increase damage/tanky by Mask of the Tribunal, which gives you 15% aura effect, defence/crit/cast speed per 100 attributes.

Note that you will need a lot of Attribute items to make it work, because to substitute for 8% from Alpha howl, you need at least 2k attributes. Using some reduce mana node from Medium Cluster can help you temporarily.

Also thanks to Shaper's Touch, your defence will be much higher with more attribute.

Invincible with Transcendence

You want to be nearly invincible, afk in Yellow Fear with hard mods? Transcendence can help you.

Most of the damage that can kill you are actually Ele mods, and reaching 90% resist doesn't mean that you won't die. By using Transcendence from Maxarius jewel, you will apply armor to ele reduction, after the damage is reduced by 90% resist.

To use Transcendence:
- Use Maxarius jewel (any mod) and choose Transcendence node.
- Getting high armor by Divergent Determination + Enhance lvl6 (+2 on weapon)
- Minimum Aura effect 340% because Transcendence will -5% max res. You get 85% res on 300% and each 20% aura effect will give you 1% max res.
- Attribute Stacking + Shaper touch. Int will give you evasion rating/armor (by det) which further damage reduce.

VIII. Auras Selection
Auras Priority

Must have Auras:

Wrath/Anger/Hatred > Purity of Ice/Lightning/Fire > Zealotry (if your carry use spell) > Discipline > Vitality > Grace > Determination > Haste > Precision > Defiance Banner > Clarity

Optional Auras:

Purity of Elements > Malevolence (if your carry uses Spark)

Don't try to run all auras early! Focus on improving your aura effect and level of the most important Auras.

Try to run Vitality as high as possible.

Keep Clarity at 1 except your carry really needs mana regen.

Precision gives little dps boost, leave at level 1 is fine. Level it up after Vitality.

The most DPS auras you run is actually Smite, because it gives you Flat Lightning to Spell/Attack. Make sure you always run it the most optimal setup.
Smite - Awakened Generosity - Empower

Alternate Gems

Divergent Determination is very very good Auras. You gain Armor based on Evasion rating, recommend running it with Enhance.

Phantasm Smite gives Attack Speed/Cast Speed.

Anomalous Zealotry gives Crit Multiplier.

Anomalous Defiance Banner gives additional Evasion/Armor.

Divergent Purity gives Ele penetration.

Anomalous Disciplines gives dmg on full ES.

Divergent Vitality gives dmg on full life.

Divergent Haste gives projectile speed.

Anomalous Grace gives chance to avoid ele ailments.

IX. Gears Selection

This section give you overview for Gears choice, from budget to endgame.

Budget start with high ES and aura effect.

Next upgrade would be Stabilising Sceptre with damage mods and save you 1 skill point (=3%/4% aura effect)

Alternative choice is Sign of the Sin Eater with lvl 30 Smite, remember to put Generosity on it. The damage boost can be higher than the rare sceptre if you don't have +3/+4 Victario.

Final one should have +1 and %damage mod, it provides you the best DPS


Cheap but good one is

Next upgrade will be Synthesis helmets with high ES

However the price of Synthesis Hubris Circlet is ridiculous, so you should use Mask of Tribunal instead (which unfortunately need investment in attribute stacking)


Void Eye is good for Discipline and cheap.

Vivincsect is better with tons of attributes and a small cost of mana.

Or you can spam Crusader Unset/Moonstone ring for ES

If you don't need +5, a perfect roll attribute unset ring can be a little bit better


Unique amulet with aura effect and chaos resist which helps you in early when you can't switch to CI yet. Also it's available earlier than %rmr amulet.


For starter, you can use Gloves with high ES + Int for ES

If you have enough ES, a popular choice is Templar gloves with +5 (+6 with empower)

However, not a lot of Auras need super high lvl gems, I'd prefer switching to Shaper's touch for defence, especially if you have enough attributes.


High ES belt on budget

Later you can buy corruped Bated Breath with Discipline Effect to get more ES.

I'd recommend Stygian vise with ES/Attribute mods + 1 jewel slot for RMR

Torrent's Reclaimation for Zoomer, with the nerf it is still the fastest belt.


March of the Legion is our only choice here


X. Solo

Aurabot is built to play with a carry. However if you want to run some maps or kill beasts while carry is offline, you can run the following ring:

You don't need to use Awakened Gems, just normal gems are fine. Put Summon Raging Spirit 21/20 on it. The Minions will get full damage from you, just cast smite and SRS to clear maps.
You may need to turn off 1-2 auras and mana flask if your clarity is not high enough.


How about Shavronne/Saqawal?
There is no reason to use Shavronne + Prism Guardian, which are expensive and you will lack the reduce mana/Aura effect of Victario.
Saqawal + Aspect of Avian is good alternative for Victario, however to run this you need a lot more reduce mana reservation, you may need to use reduce reservation medium clusters with less aura effect + missing 15% aura effect from Victario, make it harder to reach 400%. You can play with it if you can manage Mana problems without sacrificing too much aura effect.
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Hi! Reserved for later.
Hi, new aurabot here, planning to run a league start aurabot next league with a friend. what would be a good carry build which synergises with this?
GGG is planning to make changes to aurabots so I can't tell if this setup will even exist next league.

Some typical carry builds this league that work well with aurabots were, depending on content:
1. Spark or Penance brand assassins, some sample builds, though it's still unclear if GGG will touch nebulis sceptres: https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds?class=Assassin&item=Incandescent-Heart

2. Some kind of Bow builds (Lightning/Ice arrow, though the meta leaned more towards Lightning Arrow, or Tornado shot)
-5way setups: https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds?class=Deadeye&item=Headhunter,Inspired-Learning&sort=dps
-Example MF setups for Mapping (for bossing you would probably switch to another, more tanky/dpsy setup): https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds?class=Deadeye&item=Headhunter,Goldwyrm&sort=dps

3. Wanders: https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds?skill=Kinetic-Blast&sort=dps

There are more builds that work well with aurabots, those are the most popular ones. You could run with an aurastacker carry, some minion build as carry and it should work just fine. I once played with one guy who played a meme eternity shroud full shaper stormbind totems build with some conversion shenanigans, he just one shotted everything including sirus9.
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Still viable for duo party in 3.16?
Not anymore, kinda dead right now. Scion lost its benefits compared to other ascendency.
Update the guide for 3.16, Aurabot is not dead.
Still looking for Love?
New POB for Budget Aurabot and add Playstyle section with March of the legion.
Hi, sorry where pob for "Endgame Aurabot, 300% Aura Effect - 90% All Res is still achievable in 3.16" ?

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