👻3.20👻 Kay's Summoner💥SRS Bomber💀Poison SRS💀Melee SRS🕷️Spiders💀Skeleton Mages

I will miss you very much Kay!

You slotted together always the most damageful guides for the miniongamers! Absolutely great! Sometimes missing some defensive layers or tanky balances, but in the whole design so great and perfect mastered!

Wish you the best and all fun whereever you head to!
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Thank you for everything Kay.
Thanks and good luck in the future Kay :)
kayella wrote:
It might be a bit shocking, but I've decided to retire from making guides. Thank you for all your support💖


Good Luck on your endeavors you will be missed. I've followed your work here for many years and have always found it informative and entertaining.
Thank you for your passion.
yes, Kay will be missed by many and i'm just going to say... in my opinion, she is the best looking builder and necro queen in the game period :)
poe is going down fast. Diablo 4 and Baldur's Gate 3 have no performance issues. play them instead
Thank you for your guides, kayella.

I was looking for something for SSF, and your PoB with just rare items was great.
Running heists fully zoomed in... because
thank you kay. we will miss you. good luck out there exile.
Filthy Casual Scrub.
"Belief is the strongest metal of them all." - Izaro
I´m speechless.

Thank you for everything. Maybe you will find your way back sometimes.
Just submitted Voidborn Reliquary Keys for Kay.
Sorry to hear it kay!

I'm having trouble with my pob I can't seem to get it to show my actual dps for srs? anyone can tell me whats not in there or what box(s) I didn't tick?

poison srs
ag has leer cast dying breath doppelganger and windscream with asenath gloves
using primal seraphim arena master and the matron bear from harvest.


Also any possible tree changes or upgrades I might wanna go after next would be massively appreciated!!

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