[3.19] ⚛️ Qosmoz's ❄️ Eye of Winter Mines Saboteur ❄️ League Start to Uber Bossing!


This is my current char and I feel very weak.
Any directions you could point me at?

hey Akuma, i've replied to you in Discord. Please check out there. Let me know if you have more questions.
And for someone who is not in discord? :)

My issue is that the char is just squishy, sometimes I don't really even know what killed me (lvl 88)
When there's a space to run around, that's mostly ok but narrower corridors with, let's say, Harbinger boss is a nightmare..
What's the defence tactics here? Since the build doesn't have any caps even (evasion is around 60% chance, armour is around 20% reduction, resistances are max 77% with prismatic anoint, suppress spells chance is around zero).

Maybe I'm missing something but it feels like total glass gun, not canon x)
It deals some damage, sure, but nowhere near "deleting/melting" bosses. I eventually killed all elderslayers but it was quite a lot of running around and dying few times just because it was simple "Monsters have X% of max life as ES" mod.

What am I doing wrong? :)
Throw all your bullets in a fire.. and run like hell! ©
OK, prob I am just lame and got used to prev char which was Incinerate Inquisitor, facetanking 90% of mechanics including Die beam and Maven's Cascade of Pain.
After some adjustments, it plays much better, especially when you remember not to jump out on packs of mobs :)

Thank you for the build, a lot of fun!
Throw all your bullets in a fire.. and run like hell! ©

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