Between Season Race 4: 1 Hour No Projectile Party

In this event, players will do no damage with projectiles.

Standard rules for league events apply. Please click this link if this is your first race event.

These interim events are intended for fun and for testing between seasons. When we announce the details of Season Two, awesome prize rewards will return. Season two starts on April 20 (NZT).


The top player of each class by experience will receive the Demigod's Triumph (Unique Golden Wreath, awarded in most Open Beta races).

You expect me to act as something I'm not? I picked this name for a reason.
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All i can say is i LOVE the mixture of races... ALL OF THEM ARE AWSOME!!!!

An idea for a next race : No HP flasks, just life leech. And you loose x% of your HP's pool each second ^^

It will be insane :p
combine this with lethal.
I shall play a witch, unarmed combat until i find a weapon. Or maybe a ranger hmmm.
Ice Nova race.
Path of CI
Lol, how am I supposed to kill Hillock on my witch ? :)
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dzordzo wrote:
Lol, how am I supposed to kill Hillock on my witch ? :)

Pick up a weapon.


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