[3.18] Aziire's Cold Reap Inquisitor - Revived for 2022 | Sentinel League Starter

Check the Notes for information on how I plan to Level. I did a practice run the day before, I got to maps in 6 hours, usually takes me 10. Twitch Vod of it Here

For the Path of Building I use the Community Fork. It is exactly the same as PoB but better, and very easy to install. Link here.

Build List:

So I came back to revive this build. Reap Inquisitor was the best all round build I have ever run, and I thought it was dead after the butchering it got in 3.15. However since then there has been numerous changes to the game, and now Reap is back on the menu. This time in the form of Cold Conversion thanks to Masteries and Eldritch Currency.

If you have any questions jump into my stream and hit me up. I will be streaming daily and it's incredibly easy to answer questions while I am actively playing around with the skill myself :). Otherwise I plan to release an updated Video Guide (I removed the links to the 3.14 one). I will also check this thread daily.

Character Profile: Look for Character in Sentinel League

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/aziire

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7vLIcfmXcyxst2uhc9woSg

Discord: https://discord.gg/YTCjmwK

Levelling Trees are at the bottom left of the Path of Building.

Eramir for 2 passive points.

Sanctuary > Pious Path > Righteous Providence > Inevitable Judgement

Charisma for more Auras.
Annihilation or Utmost Might early on before Ashes of the Stars.

Major God: Soul of the Brine King.
Make sure to capture Puruna the Challenger in Atoll Map to Upgrade.

Minor God: Soul of Gruthkul or Ralakesh

Use Awakened/Alt Quality for min maxing. Show's what to aim for, not needed though. Refer to Path of Building for Levelling Gems.

Reap > Unleash > Spell Cascade > Empower > Increased Critical Damage > Spell Echo

Vortex > Bonechill > Arcane Surge Level 7 > Unbound Ailments

Determination > Hatred > Zealotry > Enlighten

Herald of Purity > Purity of Ice > Cast when Damage Taken > Molten Shell

Shield Charge > Faster Attacks > Righteous Fire

Tempest Shield > Assassin's Mark > Mark on Hit

For all the gear options I will embed a Path of Exile Trade link so that you don't have to go search yourself and you can instead just open the link for what you need. These are set to search in Standard Temp Leagues so if you are playing in a different League then change it in the top right.

Recommended Gear:
Not updating this yet. Our Very End game gear will not be attainable within first Day (unless you are a god, then you don't need this). It's all in the Path of Building, spamming hyperlinks for Trade site is a pain, I will add it end of Day 1. Your rares + gear below (or gear in PoB) will manage into Yellows easily.

The Gear I'm Currently Using:
Will link characters gear here at end of Day 1.

Levelling Gear:
Use the following wands to level up. I used Two Level 20 Fire Damage Wands until maps.

Magic Wand + 1 Orb of Alteration + Ruby Ring = Level 8 Fire Damage Wand
Magic Wand + 1 Orb of Alteration + Magic Ruby Ring = Level 14 Fire Damage Wand
Magic Wand + 1 Orb of Alteration + Rare Ruby Ring = Level 20 Fire Damage Wand
Iron Ring + Red Gem = Ruby Ring

Twyzel A better levelling weapon.

Goldrim, Leather Cap or The Gull, Raven Mask

Tabula Rasa, Simple Robe or Corrupted 6 Link

Lochtonial Caress, Iron Gauntlets. Try get Hrimsorrow, Goathide Gloves for Act 9+.

Wanderlust, Wool Shoes

Carnage Heart

Gifts From Above, Diamond Ring will be used well into maps.

The Magnate

Minimal guide. This is just here as a glorified PoB with Trade Links etc, and for my boys on Stream <3. Good Luck Gamers :).
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Reserved :)
I would be interested in the damage prediction, since the lvl 20 stats are out now.
Seems like a really nice build.. cheap league starter with good defenses and probably good dps as well. Definitely my go-to build for tommorow.
Oh god, this looks wacky as fuck.... I'll PLAY IT !
Last league I've went CL following Ziz guide (after the buff) with new inq (after the rege buff) and it was disaster, had to respec into DD to finish the atlas.

Since I love playing Inq I'll take a risk and play new skill but I'll be rdr to respec again if you expectation for Reaper are wrong :)
SacredSheep wrote:
I would be interested in the damage prediction, since the lvl 20 stats are out now.

Looking at the PoB it looks like a solid 6-8 million DPS against Sirus if I'm not missing anything.
Dudes need their beauty sleep too
looking forward to giving this a shot! good luck man and thanks!
Probably gonna start of something like this, my worries tho are how well it gonna scale of in the start with rare items. Sure it's hard to say that right now, but I really hope it turns out well, cuz I havenät been this excited over a skill in a loooong time!

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