3.13 Updated Shrapnel Ballista Build-League Starter+Boss Killer+Good Clear Speed

Bringing this build back for 3.13 with the Shrapnel Ballista Buff, Path of Building doesn't calc dps correctly for Shrapnel Ballista(it is a known issue they are working on) The ultimate goal of this build is to get as many ballistas as possible to literally melt anything in range. Chin Sol is a cheap good high dps option to start, however a +1 to bow gems with high physical dps will be more effective dps in the end because at lvl 22 you get an extra ballista AND far less knockback so the boss stays closer to your ballistas for a longer period of time.

The change to Master of Metal and Fortify lowers our dps, but the extra ballista more than makes up for it. We have to change War banner for Dread Banner to cap our impale chance.

How this build works:
You have 8 shrapnel ballistas that absolutely eviscerate anything near them. Very safe build with 6k life+fortify+Onslaught+very high close range dps so uniques don't live long.
For mapping I run Tornado shot+ballista totem support for fast clearing.

Bossing: Drop 8 ballistas near boss+pop vaal haste, dash away and shoot/avoid boss abilities. T15 metas die before ballistas drop.
Awakening 6 Sirius down.

T13 Meta Vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_ZOVwAULSQ
Clearing with Tornado Shot


*Great boss damage
*Great league starter just using Shrapnel Ballista from lvl 4
*Good clear speed
*Sirius down with sub 10ex gear

*Have to run a mana flask, until you have - to non-channeling cost on rings
*Phys Reflect maps are you're bane
*As with any bow build, can get 1 shot in very hard maps if you aren't careful.

Skill Bandits/Tree/Ascendency/Pantheon:

Bandits: Kill all

Skill Tree:
Go for Point Blank>Watchtowers>Phase Acrobatics first then work your way down to Panopticon for another totem then up to life.
Final POB: https://pastebin.com/ktWayvBd

Acendency: Master of Metal>Unstoppable Hero>Fortitude>First to Strike Last to fall

Pantheon: Soul of Lunaris/Soul of Gruthkul

Early Leveling:


Bow: Quillrain until 62 for Chin Sol> then a crafted bow with+1 to bow gems and high phys dmg
Gems:Shrapnel>>Pierce>Visc>Maim>Brutal>Impale in that order
Quiver: Use a skirmish for +1 totems for leveling
Head: Starks Head
Neck: Karui Ward is your best neck for leveling
Boots: Anything with good move speed
Rings: Life
Belt: Life
Gloves: Hrimsorrow is good for str
Chest: Tab Rasa if you don't have atleast a 5L Quillrain....otherwise Foxshade for movement speed or rare life chest.

6L:Shrapnel>Maim>Brutal>Viscious Projectiles>Slower Proctiles>Impale
2L: Blasphemy Support>Vulnerability
3L Ice Golem>Cast when Damage Taken>Immortal Call
6 gems anywhere: Dread Banner+Flesh and Stone+Dash+ Vaal Haste+Vaal Grace+Snipers Mark
Weapon swap: Another Chin sol or Arborix with: Tornado shot>Ballista Totem>Volley Support>Brutal>Visc>Impale

If you run Tornado shot for maps you must run Rain of Splinters for the additional arrows.

Endgame Gear:



The belt gives you perma onslaught---which is awesome. Figure out how to cap resists with rings+boots+gloves. Elder rings for +to projectile damage.
Gripped gloves for extra dps.

Helm Enchant you want is Shrapnel Ballista Fires an additional arrow.

Annoint Whispers of Doom so you can have Vuln+Snipers mark on bosses...the flask refill on Snipers mark is amazing.


I run 1 life flask+Dying Sun+Phasing flask+Diamond Flask+quicksilver

In hard maps I would swap Skirmish out for a high life quiver to give a big health boost...and mapping you don't need 8 ballistas.
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I was looking around for a build like this, but i m playing ssf. Do you think this build is difficult to league start in ssf?
I don't have experience at all with totems build.
This build is strong because of the gems and tree, items obviously help....but early on a 4link will allow you to kill all the progression bosses and do yellow maps. Finding a Chin Sol(which isnt too rare) would be all you need....but if you can't find one crafting is an option with the new patch.

Another option I am playing with for faster map clearing is gemming a 2nd bow and using ballista totem+Tornado shot---both were buffed in the patch, I tested on standard with the pre-buff gems and was melting the screen on a T15 yellow map with just 5 Tornado shot ballistas while keeping all my other gear the same.

Totems let you get away from danger and the dps still cranks....super useful on boss fights
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Why Kaom's Heart ?
Life, don't really need the gem slots with a 6L weapon. Can use a Belly...more gem slots about 600 less life
I think the pob community fork just recently updated to the new setup of the skill tree and so your pob link is causing it to crash right now. Will you be updating it for use on here before launch in a few hours?

EDIT:Ignore this comment. For some reason my PoB updated to what it should have been and then it keeps trying to do a blank update that is freaking it out. Your link works fine, my setup was the issue.
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How do you get to 8 totems?
I count 3 from the base gem + 2 from leveling the gem to 22 but that only brings it to 5. Where do the other 3 come from?

Edit: found 2 skill tree nodes. That still leaves 1...
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You get another +1 from the unique qiver
Ah, missed that one. Thanks

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