[3.14] Dejuvenate's Flameslinger Elementalist. Best League starter and unethical clear speed

This is the best starter build for fresh league bar none. Requires only flame wall to work. You can run it as either Trickster, Chieftain, or Elementalist.

In view of latest patch notes, I believe elementalist will be the best version.

You can run it as your first character. Only problem is Chieftain can't naturally get flamewall and spellslinger, so you gotta use something else until you get that, or ask someone to hook you up with flamewall.

There are chaos slinger and cold slinger, but I'd say this flameslinger beats them by quite a margin. Both as single target and clear. The clear as flameslinger is kinda unethical.


17 Apr 2021 - 3.14 ultimatum is here. No significant change/nerf to this build. Flamewall is still going strong. Less elemental aegis (-25%) and less corrupted soul ES gain. Should still be very similar to 3.13.


18 Feb 2021 - added many inputs from other folks who have taken this build to a whole new level, namely CAKE and BergMichel

22 Jan 2021 - added my current profile, with awakened gems added for POB warriors out there. My current profile is public so you can look it up.
Updated FAQ with pantheon and bandits (shame on you for asking about this!)

18 Jan 2021 - added 2 POB for layered defense, my current POB as of day 2 of the league, FAQs - please check the FAQs before asking

15 Jan 2021 - added leveling progression by @Xuinzo

14 Jan 2021 - added Elementalist POB concept

13 Jan 2021 - Created this guide

Prior to this I made a thread on the Marauder (chieftain) and Shadow (trickster) Sections.

I originally planned this build to be a mere league starter, play it for a few days, get a few exalts and carry on to the next build. And I did.

But a few folks actually stuck to this and made this build a monster far beyond my original plan. You can see their profile (if they set it to public), to see what they have done for this.

Thanks to


I cant record good video as my PC is older than dinosaurs. If you happen to make a video of the build in action, please let me know, I can put it up here and credit you for it. Thanks a lot in advance for sharing the videos so other folks can see this build in action!

showcase by BergMichel
Explody Wand Canyon

A9 Sirus:

A9 Conqueror:

T16 Fractured Canyon:

showcase of 3.13 elementalist by Bluemouse2

high end play, 3.12 trickster version
Video by a Korean guy, showing high investment end game viable build. 4.7m Sirus DPS with crazy high investment - double corrupted skin of the loyal, atziri mirror, coward's legacy, quad corrupted hands of high templar.


proof of concept with shit gear
This was made by a guildmate just to show how the build plays. Wrong ascendancy, wrong tree, and low lvl gems.

video showcase by @extracat, visit his twitch twitch.tv/onevaz

Flamewall is one of the highest damage over time skills in the game. It requires almost nothing to work. 2-3 link is enough to carry us thru entire story. 4 link is superfluous.

Flamewall has 2 component to it.
When an enemy pass thru a FW, a primary dot is applied to them. They also receive a secondary dot that DEALS OMFGWTFBBQMOAR dmg that is the basis of this build.

At lvl 20 the primary deals 456.3 dot, while the secondary deals 1825 dot.

As a comparison, ED deals 1503 dot.

But wait Dejuv, ED is easily spread with Contagion, that's what makes chaos slinger so good isnt it? The brainlessness of it. You just shoot and it automatically casts ED and Contagion, and the contagion spreads ED like cancer.

This is basically what we are aiming when we introduce a payload carrier. See, Flamewall secondary dot doesn't require an enemy to touch the flamewall to be applied. A projectile that passes thru FW will also apply the secondary burn to any and all enemies it touches.

This is the proof of concept from a video on youtube.

I have tried what the video says, and figured out Ball lightning to be the best deliverer, but still too slow for my taste. And casting flamewall is kinda clunky after a while.

Enter spellslinger and Kinetic Blast.


+ Retarded, unethical clear speed. 1-2 screen wipe with 1 right click
+ no worry about ele reflect, no leech, minus resist, no regen (kinda annoying)
+ Do all map mods without looking, best for clearing atlas fast
+ Cheap, requires nothing to start

- Limited scaling, the dps caps at around 1m dps, so don't expect to faceroll sirus with it unless you really know the mechanics
- Expensive to min max, as I said flamewall is good from the get go, but it has limited scalability, unlike ignite, poison, crit, etc.
- You filthy unethical dog you.

So you put down flamewall, there are quite a few skills you can use to use to bring the wall to the mobs. If the mobs won't come to the wall, the wall will come to the mobs. I will list and discuss the top 3 and try to list other skills that people may think to use and explain why I wouldnt use them.

Kinetic Blast
This is the premier of mass clears. This is what I finally decide to use as my payload deliverer.
+ decent AOE, frequent hits, fast projectile

- fucking expensive mana wise
- needs lots of supports to be useful (GMP, chain)
- need some way to sustain mana. -8 mana cost to rings/ammy just to make them more viable.

Power Siphon
+ Multiple native projectile, no need for GMP
+ built in culling strike
+ gives power charges and has higher crit chance to keep up EO
+ the visual of this skill is ASMR

- only hits 1 target at a time

+ gives frenzy charge. 4% more dmg per frenzy so 12% base of MORE dmg.
+ faster attack speed due to inherent atk speed and frenzy charge

- only hits 1 target at a time
- needs lots of supports to be useful (GMP, chain)

Ball lightning
+ massive aoe, frequent hits

- relatively slow moving hence small reach (around 1-1.5 screen)
- retardedly slow cast speed, using slinger means you need to reserve more mana.

Frost Bolt
+ pretty fast moving with (2) threshold jewels (around 2 screen)
+ threshold jewels give more projectiles

- small aoe (only its own hitbox) - you'd miss a lot of enemies that way
- needs threshold jewels to be effective

Fire Ball
+ Moderate AOE at the end of its travel (9 + 9)
+ decent dmg to start with

- Uh, this skill is shit to use as deliverer of flamewall. Look at other builds if you wanna use fireball.


Use Path of Building LocalIdentity (fork version)
ATM as of 18 Jan 2021, my POB shows version



Many people have taken this build far and beyond what I planned to do, so I will let them share their build and thought process.

Here's 3.14 version, courtesy of MultiplePunchMan

3.13 stuff
Here's one from CAKE

older POBs

v5 - 25 Jan 2021 (final, hopefully)
- Swapped stone golem as EE applier, also added a ghastly jewel with added cold/lightning to minion attacks so they trigger EE on the malachai
- 4.2k life, 1.7k ES, 20 ESGOH using Fenumus boots
- Pretty much final and I am gonna try out other builds after this

v4a - 22 jan 2021 - https://pastebin.com/m2XkndGE
- current plan as of day 6 of 3.13
- my current profile, with awakened gems added for POB warriors out there!
- 1.5m Sirus DPS at around 10ex investment
- awakened gems add around 10% more dps at the cost of ~5ex for awaken ele focus, swift aff, burning
- thread of hope will go down in price
- total investment so far is around 10-13ex or so during the first 6 days of the league

v3b - 18 Jan 2021 - https://pastebin.com/sb1KYXPE
- Alternative plan for a dodge based defense.
- not gonna maintain this as I am going block based
- 1.9m Sirus DPS (yea boi)
- Taking elusive, so your zoom is more zoom
- much higher damage ceiling. Can use dual wield wands to supercharge your FW.
- just showing tree and concept for now

v3a - 18 Jan 2021 - https://pastebin.com/0j7vPrCx
- My current plan for a block based defense.
- Able to take Unwavering stance, becoming stun immune
- 1.8m Sirus DPS (yea boi)
- stacking block and spell block
- As usual, gears are flexible, grab more life and resist, dont be a cheapskate like me! Don't judge this build by the HP in POB, I CBA to update with t1 life/t1 resists etc.

v2 - 17 Jan 2021 - https://pastebin.com/5XipvzYY
my current gear as of day 2 of the league (lvl 84 with ~100 chaos invested) - 542k Sirus DPS, 3.3k life

v1 - 15 Jan 2021 - https://pastebin.com/9sGnqAMf

lvling tree added, thanks @Xuinzo !

v0 - 14 Jan 2021 - https://pastebin.com/yUVFg0zM
concept/rough draft
1.6m flamewall secondary dps
168k RF dps (ignore it)
- RF is on (sustained by stone golem). Assuming trash dps. For hard bosses, use frenzy and enable frenzy charges (12% more dmg)
- assuming 2nd day gear. +1 all fire spells on wand (~5c), +1 all fire spells on shield (~5c), no cluster jewel
- prim chain and golem jewels (anima stone, 2x primordial harmony) might be hard to get in the first day, might be expensive. Dropping them reduces your golem count from 9 to 4, and you might not be able to sustain RF without them.

- https://pastebin.com/TULfENEt by noknok0427 using vaal arc to shock for more shock effect. This requires no special gear, highly recommend to check this out.

- https://pastebin.com/E1qR5ns1 by XenoPOE tankier version for HC?

- an idea by HAPPYFUNSUNSHINE to use ele hit to proc EE. I havent tinkered with it much but it's a cool idea.


Trickster version, lvl 86
779k clear DPS (not boss)
cost around 40c total within 2 days of flashback
notice shit level gems, no awakened gems, only 1 cluster jewel

Chieftain version, lvl 77
795k clear DPS, 1m+ with covered with ash
cost total around 2-3ex but still with shit gems, invested in cluster jewel
notice much better gears and gems as it was my second char, I wanted to get a feeling of leveling chieftain using flamewall


See notes in POB. I will paste the stuff here if you cant find it for yourself.

Flameslinger Guide by Dejuvenate

You are welcome to use this POB freely but please give me credit if you plan on making videos and/or further guides about this flameslinger build
Thread: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3009295


Look up individual skill gems for required quests to get them.

lvl 1 - choose stormblast mine as reward and use it till lvl 4

lvl 4 - flamewall, holy flame totem
drop flamewall and hft, run around to the next packs

lvl 8 - get combustion linked to HFT, and efficacy linked to FW

lvl 12 - grab power siphon linked with pierce, learn to place FW between you and mobs, and shoot thru the FW.

lvl 16 - grab Wave of conviction, link to combustion. Use on tougher mobs to debuff their resist

lvl 18 - grab cont dest and ele focus. Link FW - ele focus - efficacy/cont dest (look which one gives more dps)

lvl 24 - get 4L - FW - spellslinger - ele focus - efficacy/cont dest

lvl 28 - grab kinetic blast but continue using power siphon - put KB in your offhand sets to lvl it up (better AOE as you lvl it)
KB costs too much mana and needs too many links to be practical early game

lvl 31 - grab burning damage from siosa quest and link FW - spellslinger - ele focus - burning damage - This is the highest DPS 4L

lvl 34 - grab stone golem & flame golem & ice golem (do your first lab so you can use 3 golems at once)

lvl 38 - grab chain, GMP, hextouch.

Your PS link should now be PS - chain - hextouch - flammability
Your Flamewall link should now be FW - spellslinger - ele focus - burning damage - (efficacy - swift affliction) for 5th and 6th link, respectively

from this point onward just keep upgrading your life and cap your resists as much as you can.
play this like EDC, such that you just drop the dot, shoot thru the FW, and run. Watch the videos to see how it plays.

As usual, grab other utility skill gems as you see fit.

Get precision and dont level it too high, check your chance to hit for your PS/KB. Try to get 95-100% chance to hit. If you have 100% chance to hit, stop leveling precision.

Righteous fire, try to get a vaal RF and lvl in your offhand sets. You can sustain RF easily as elementalist as our stone golem gives good regen
flame dash - arcane surge for moar deeps. You can use shield charge if you prefer.
steel skin / your favorite guard skills, or enduring cry
portal skill gems if you are lazy like me and cba to click portal scroll


all empty slots maximize life and get decent resists
adjust lvl of precision aura so you have 95-100% hit chance for KB (important). Dont level all the way to 20 unless you have tons of mana unreserved


Use Frenzy instead of KB for the trigger. You can swap pierce/chain for Frenzy if you have no white socket. Enable frenzy on POB.
Frenzy charges give 4% more dmg per charge, so 3 frenzy charges give 12% more dmg. This can somehow offset the higher resist and higher curse resist those bosses have.

So Frenzy - GMP - combustion should do
last link can be pierce or chain or unbound ailments (waiting for interaction between unbound ailments and shaper of shock)


Please read this as these questions have been asked and answered many times over.

Bandits, Pantheon, and shits like that

Just take whatever. It should be common sense.
For Bandits, Alira gives crit multi, mana regen and all res. It is supposed to help you earlier. But I skipped and just killed all bandits. +2 passive points are very huge and noticeable at 90+.

Pantheon. Since I am going block based and got stun immunity, I dont have to take Stun immunity pantheon. I took Solaris as I feel physical damage is the boon of this build. For minor, I take chaos damage resist cos poison hurts and Al Hezmin is a big bully.

Details and Intricacies of this build

Accuracy plays an important role in this build. You just need to scratch the mobs to apply the secondary dot of Flamewall. If your projectiles miss, then the burn won't get applied. Open your char sheet and look at kinetic blast. You want the chance to hit to be around 95-100%.

I've seen many folks with BIS gear and 70% chance to hit complain why their dps sucks. Well because of this very reason.

Ignites Numbers and Combustion
Ignites override one another. The highest value ignite will be picked and it becomes the "dominant". If you use KB-combust, ensure that your total KB fire dmg (sum of local mod/gear mod/from flame wall's additional fire damage) is the highest fire damage. Otherwise, other ignites will override it and we'll lose the combustion debuff (-19% fire resist).

Thanks @Omniocean for pointing this out

More to come/added

Why Elementalist? Dafuk is Golembro?

Golems give tons of buffs and QOL. Liege of Primordial and Elemancer give 50% increased golem effect per golem, plus the Golem Commander Cluster, giving a total of (50n + 70), where n is the number of golems you have.

The buffs don't stack with duplicate golem. Assuming level 20 golem gems with a total of 4 golems, you gain 270% increased golem buff (3.7 multiplier).

Stone Golem gives 105 * 3.7 = 388.5 life/second
Flame Golem gives 20% * 3.7 = 74% increased damage
Chaos Golem gives 4% * 3.7 = 14.8% additional phys damage reduction
Lightning Golem gives 9% * 3.7 = 33.3% increased attack/cast speed (FYI lvl 20 faster casting gives 39% increased cast speed)
Ice Golem gives 30% * 3.7 = 111% increased accuracy & critical chance

As homework, do the math and see if you can calculate the buff effects for:
- 6 (just using anima stone) = 4.7 multiplier,
- 7 (just using primordial chain) = 5.2 multiplier,
- and 9 (using both primordial chain and anima stone) = 6.2 multiplier

See the buff effects and decide yourself.

Which Golems?

In terms of importance, IMHO, stone - flame - chaos - lightning / ice
If only using 4 golem, you can choose to use ice golem and drop lightning. It will easily cap your hit chance, but would feel sluggish as you'd be missing the cast and attack speed of lightning golem. I personally use lightning golem and bump up my precision aura lvl.

EE and WOC

EE is separate from WOC.
EE adds 25% to resist of last hit element, and subtract 50% from resist of elements not hit

WOC subtract 25% resist of the highest hit element

So ideally you wanna hit with WOC hitting with fire element dealing the most dmg (WOC is phys converted to 25% fire and 25% lightning)

then you apply a hit using another element so the mob is weaker against the element of your choice.

It goes like this:

Sirus has 50% fire resist
You hit with WOC-combustion (fire dmg dominant) - Sirus has 50% + 25% (EE) - 19% (combustion) - 25% (WOC) = 31% fire resist
Then you hit with anything but fire (make sure no flat dmg to fire on gear)
Sirus has 31% - 50% = -19% fire resist

EE: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Elemental_Equilibrium
WOC: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Wave_of_Conviction

Wearing Malachai's Artifice Ring allows us to have EE specifically on the socketed skill gem, letting the remaining skills unaffected by EE.

The EE applied by Malachai's Artifice used to be reduced by 25%, but now it is applied in full.


Make sure your gear has no added damage to the element you wanna bring down (in this case, fire element). I noticed a few of you have that and unwittingly nerf your own dps.
discord id: dejuvenate#5828
[3.13 Ritual] Flameslinger - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3009295
[3.5 Betrayal] Brutus AW Chieftain - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2320224
[3.4 Delve] Toxic Rain - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2207700
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This looks very promising thanks for sharing. The clear will no doubt be S Tier. What about single target with elementalist, do you think this will be able to handle the 10 boss fights? Since PoB hasn't been updated, do you know what ascendancies nodes you will be taking from elementalist?
BwenR wrote:
This looks very promising thanks for sharing. The clear will no doubt be S Tier. What about single target with elementalist, do you think this will be able to handle the 10 boss fights? Since PoB hasn't been updated, do you know what ascendancies nodes you will be taking from elementalist?


Single target would be nothing to write home about.

My initial try to make a pob results in 700k shaper dps, with no cluster jewel and lvl 20 flamewall (simulating early setup within 1-2 days of fresh league).

This figure shoots up to 1.5m shaper dps, once I have primordial chains, anima stone and 2 primordial harmony, giving me 9 golems in total. This allows me to sustain RF even with 75% fire resist, giving me 40% more spell dmg.

Once POB updates with 3.13 tree I will see what I can do to share.
discord id: dejuvenate#5828
[3.13 Ritual] Flameslinger - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3009295
[3.5 Betrayal] Brutus AW Chieftain - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2320224
[3.4 Delve] Toxic Rain - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2207700
Thank you for the post!
Can't wait to see what you can do when pob updates :)
That really looks sick. I'll keep an eye on this build, most likely will be my league starter :D

*Btw, you're talking a lot about Chieftain and and Trickster without really talking about the benefits you think Elementalist has compared to those two.

Where POB? I need this build) Thank you.
im really waiting for elementalist update, souns unethical. i love it!
PoB thoughts with new elementalits?
I'll probably do acts and initial low tier farming for money with this build.

I'm a bit worried for single target tho.
Last edited by FedeS on Jan 15, 2021, 10:31:48 AM
im playing this build as trickster currently lvl 43 end a5/beginning a6 it feels good sofar
Last edited by tuberiolses on Jan 13, 2021, 5:29:20 PM

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