[3.13] Gryph's Burning Witch - Volatile Dead Necromancer - Burn Yourself Through the Atlas CoC VD

Hi guys, I'm currently playing this build following this guide, I'm at red maps and struggling a bit staying alive. I do okay enough damage, I'm wondering what I should upgrade next. https://pastebin.com/02FdFMBp

Thanks guys!
Growliff wrote:
Hi guys, I'm currently playing this build following this guide, I'm at red maps and struggling a bit staying alive. I do okay enough damage, I'm wondering what I should upgrade next. https://pastebin.com/02FdFMBp

Thanks guys!

Well quickly looking at your character on here.

Quality those gems. If you didnt know you can sell a level20 gem with a GCP to the vendor to get a level 1 with 20% quality.

Also are those points at the start even giving you anything with the Glorious Vanity socketed ? Normally you refund those and take the 2 int nodes so get an extra 2 points for somewhere else.
I did not even notice that the tree had been changed at the very beginning. Those points are giving a couple of things that could be of value, but I don't think it'll be as good as having those extra points. I'll definitely swap that around to the int node setup. This is my first time making it into the proper endgame so I really appreciate your help. I'll also look into the gem quality.
Woute wrote:
I still think Martyr as an endgame option makes a lot of sense and depending on playstyles and wishes, either option is more than viable. (especially considering the cost of Replica Duskdawn)

Martyr is still more damage (even including corpse explosion scaling) and a free suffix on either boots (elusive !) or flask (wise oak !).

I don't think I'll ever get a Replica Duskdawn, PoB just points towards it not being worth it.

And an other detail Gryph, about CoC, re-reading the reddit thread I'm having a lot of second thoughts about the paragraph in your guide. Are you sure that the issue really is "don't get too much AS" ?
From the thread's wording, assuming 14% CDR, I would assume that :
- An APS of 7.57 is ideal, perfect CoC sync with attacks, max procrate achieved
- An APS of 15.14 is ideal, perfect CoC with every second attack, max procrate achieved
- The further you go away from these values, the worse it goes, with worse being reached at 10.1 APS where you lose 37.5% of your procs

Doesn't that mean for us that getting as close as possible to 15.14 is the best ? (and kinda hard to achieve even with Corpse Pact + Tailwind + Onslaught tbh, highest I could realistically reach in PoB was around 14 APS)

But ! All in all, our effective dps is probably limited by VD's cap of 60 balls anyway, right ? Assuming max procs at 14% CDR, we would get 7.57*12 VDs per second, which is 90, kinda hard to believe they would all manage to spam and hit in time without hitting the cap, even on melee range...

With Replica Duskdawn you get much higher APS than Martyr and gets very close to 15.14 APS. Close enough that 16% attack speed boots put me over the BP.

As for Balls per second, don't forget that corpse explosions happen regardless of balls hitting or not. You might lose some of the VDs but not substantially so. Also why I like the faster movement speed VD alt quality too.

The CoC breakpoints for a single spell are:
0% CDR -> 6.06
14% CDR -> 7.57
52% CDR -> 10.1

That's for single spell, we double spell and thus double the cap:
<- We are here somewhere.

I get over the 12.12 BP with no CDR with Martyr as it is, so getting a Woke CoC (level 3+) is still very worth to not lose DPS. If you are UNDER the APS cap you are not missing ticks and attack speed is a more damage multiplier up until the next breakpoint.

In my heist POB I get 55% more damage from the corpse explosion side of the damage pool with Rep DD over Martyr btw. This is especially important for those choosing to go DD instead of VD where that damage is far more significant and will overlap more.

Martyr is better if you have ALL your crit chance buffs as it can still reach almost 100% with Bottled Faith+Attack Crit Chest+Assmark online. At which point it's 10% more damage on VD. (200k vs 220k for me) Corpse Explode damage on Martyris 78.5k vs 121k on Rep DD.

As for prefix slot on boots, I'm fine without Elusive personally. It's nice for some burst MS% but overall I have always been underwhelmed by it. It's not as though we are scaling Dodge+Spell Dodge to make the defensive aspect of it better.

Martyr is and always will be the best Budget option. Replica DD is superior but maybe not worth the price tag. ALSO! if going Detonate Dead, Rep DD is even more ahead of Martyr bc of much stronger corpse scaling.

That's my 2 cents anyway. It's not wrong to forever use Martyr. Just understand that it really is not quite as good as Rep DD.

Link your POB perhaps? I can take a look to see what might be different.

Alamandaros wrote:
Thanks for the build. Swapped to it this league as my second character since I had some currency built up for what feels like the first league ever, and had never played a CoC build before.

Had a question about Watcher's Eye since I'm in the market for one. Is there a priority for the best Anger/Zealotry mods I should be looking for on one?


I prefer Zealotry for the Consecrated ground in general but:

Crit multi
Flask charge on crit (10 per second across all flasks at random)
Attack speed (only if you need it, be careful there)

Increased Damage against enemies on C-Ground
Ele Pen with crits
Arcane Surge when making C-Ground (saves a socket)
Effects of ground linger for 2 seconds (QoL for 6% regen)
Increased Crit Chance against enemies on C-Ground

Crit Multi
Fire Pen
Fire Damage
Phys as Extra Fire (this scales explosion damage and if using Martyr some damage from that, low priority overall)

Discipline (2nd mod, GL)
Spell Block - Dream mod for defense
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If you have curse and T2 Spell crit, is it possible to remove the curse and nothing happens if you use rem/add ? or it only rerolls the spell crit?
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even with replica elusive is worth i run through maps with 150+% ms its awesome to map i also get to 14.99 aps on ideal setup so yeah i could not reach that with martyr
whitewing789 wrote:
If you have curse and T2 Spell crit, is it possible to remove the curse and nothing happens if you use rem/add ? or it only rerolls the spell crit?

it is possible to remove curse and add curse. That can happen, it won't just annul it.
Hi just started playing POE this League with this build and I've been loving it! Working on my explodey chest and was able to remove everything except the +Int. I read the earlier reply of using the "Remove non-Influence and add Influence modifier" to get rid of it. But it has the risk of adding an un-Harvest-removable mod.

The two of three mods I'm most worried about are the Consecrated Ground and Max. Mana prefix mods as they lockout the bigger choices. Do you think it's worth the risk of getting either of these useless prefixes vs. keeping the flat int on suffix forever?

Also any suggestions to improve my other pieces or if I've made any fatal/newbie mistakes with gems/etc would be welcome and greatly appreciated :)

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Finished to craft my gloves. Are there any good enchants from ulab that i could get?

Also 10% Elemental Penetration if you've not killed recently is probably the best enchant for boots i guess? Fire Damage enchant doesn't do anything in PoB somehow.
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Well ... I got yesterday the Replica DD, also Awak CC and Awak Spell Cascade after some days saving currency and farming :)

I did for the first time and try the Maven`s -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kksTPZ4kZnE

I watched a video about 2x or 3x , so some mechanics I really learned during the battle.

10 Bosses Hamlet -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJCHQr26kBc

Minotaur with Replica DD -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGGJzysJzFc

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