Divination Card Stories - The Skeleton and The Bones

Quite interesting story, thank you for sharing.
The Bones was bae for two league starters, nice job.
PoE 2077

Einhar: Wake the fuck up exile we have Wraeclast to burn and beasts to capture!!
My cat Jake discovered the best entertainment ever. He jumped up on my desk and stepped on my vaaletons key by accident while I was afk in a map. Soon the screen was teeming with sparkly, ethereal cat teasers. "Look at all the souls you wasted," I said as I wiped cat nose prints off the screen.

Jake's favourite vaal skill by a long shot.
"How do you lure the Elder to the centre of the Atlas?"
"A box trap with some candy should do the trick"
Its cool and all.. But why is it always the random guy with money that hasn't dedicated half his since beta solo to the game. Or has he? Its interesting for sure. But hey GGG why don't you just hand me a random common item for me to create and we will call it even...? more cards for me to collect i suppose. ;p
Nice story and interesting cards! ;)

I wonder how many skeletons you are hiding in your closet :smirk:
Monarch of Darkness
25/25 summon spectre gem card pls! xD
great stuff!
Can we all take a minute to appreciate the greatness that was Nox? I feel like you had to have listed it first on purpose... Underrated classic and arguably the last great game to come out of Westwood Studios before EA assimilated it into the collective. A formative game for me too. Thanks for sending me down a nostalgic rabbit hole... if only we could get a Lands of Lore remaster.

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