Angels and Demons Microtransactions on Sale This Weekend and the Dragon Apparition Effect

All these new MTX and sales are great, but free box when ?
chinese dragon hu?
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this makes me remember that i have demonic and angel aura effects, why cant i have pandemonium aura?
"We don't want dragons in our game." - Chris Wilson, GDC 2019

Never say never.
ched_21h wrote:
Free Mystery Box when spending points - WHEN?

Sorry man but they only doing it to start the box addiction, In this case the twilight mystery boxes made the most $$$ of any existing boxes so i doubt they will give any of these for "free" or for weta
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
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Anyone else surprised that there still hasn't been a single free mystery box with a purchase of any amount of points after 2 months of them coming out, AND with the delay of their next expansion?
The video doesn't show what it looks like while walking. . . .
that looks great time to buy some :)
Darklou wrote:
The video doesn't show what it looks like while walking. . . .

Er.. Apparition only appears above you when you stop moving for a period of time
knowfear wrote:
the race doesnt start for another 35 hours, how is that less than a day?

The same way "weekend sales" run from Thursday through Monday.

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