Divination Card Stories - The Fool

I was asking myself for a long time now what the story of the fool is. First I thought the thumbs up reference is what Jackie Chan always gestures when breaking a leg or harming himself doing a stunt.
Now I finally got closure and can continue my grind in PoE without going mad thinking about it :D

Cheers to you and Tom!
el Babo
Great insight into the card. I like the Orb of Chance, it is a gamble. But when it reveals something great it's like finding a rare in a pack of trading cards.

I always get "Ace of Spades" by Motorhead in my head when I use Orbs of Chance. And "The Fool" card is almost mirroring the line in the song about gambling being for fools. But a lot of things in life are a gamble - you win some, you lose some.
Absolutely amazing! Love this series and everyone at GGG that made this happen. Great card, great story. :)
The more I read about people paying a thousand dollars in order to troll the community or, even worse, a single person in an online game, the more I appreciate The Goddess swords and Oni-Goroshi.

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