New Pets - Corgi, Cats, Rabbits and Ducks

Xzorn wrote:
Come to think of it. How is there no toucan pet?

I mean you guys are obviously still having fun with Fishing given the replica belt.

i'd buy a celestial toucan in a heartbeat

or an infernal toucan

or a Summon Raging Toucans

or a lifelike Toucan

or a Sunprism Toucan
Le Toucan Will Return
These MTX looks nice.... i would buy them IF THE GAME ISNT SUCH A CLUSTERFUG LAGFEST....

solve the problems with your coding on sudden-freeze-insta-lag-unless-you-have-5k PC.... i'm sure alot more peeps would buy your MTXes.
The pet can in my h/o isn't interacting with the pet canary from Delve. Please fix.
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Quelex wrote:
Also, we really need a kakapo. Come on, New Zealanders!

While I agree, I also suspect GGG haven't made enough money from the Pukeko to justify adding another pet nobody outside of NZ has heard of.
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At last! A Corgi!
Shih Tzu please
A fucking Corgi.
I like Synthesis. Deal with it.
Looks cool.
Though it's more for hideouts.
Imagine going into a Sirus fight with a duck, feels weird.
When do we get a Gritty pet

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