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The Flood of new MTX lately is scary.
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It's pretty normal for GGG to release MTXes on a daily basis. In fact, it's good business strategy, as it increases the likelihood that someone will see something they want. You can't buy what isn't available, and they can't pay devs with money they don't make. There is no point of satiation or saturation for MTX releases under their business model. To merely tread water, they must continue to release new products as fast as they can.

GGG can't go on a hiring spree right now. The borders are closed. Reading between the lines, I think they've already hired every single qualified person in New Zealand as well as quite a few unqualified people.

We're already getting a longer development cycle for the next league so it will be less buggy.

If you want to stop losing Heists, try these preventative steps:

  • Move to a country or landmass that actually has a PoE server in it. The servers in Frankfurt and Washington DC might as well not count.
  • Get an internet connection that isn't a single shoelace with two plastic cups. Instance crashes, Rogue misbehaviours, and many other problems can be caused or exacerbated by network instability, data inconsistency, and the dark matter that is inadequately-tested lag compensation code.
  • Drink the Big Blue Kool-Aid and ditch all AMD hardware. GGG's dev machines seem to be biased toward NVIDIA and Intel, even though they test on both.
  • Play the game less. If there is a fixed % chance that a Heist will crap out, then a lower overall number of Heists played will reduce the number of lost Heists you encounter. Also, seriously, at this point the league is pretty old. Don't you have anything else in your life? At all?
  • Buy an SSD already. Asset loading times are still a great way to get killed in the middle of action, and probably always will be. Custom loot filter sounds still cause cache misses, so if you have a kewl kustom noise for an exalt orb dropping it can get you killed.
  • Make posts on Reddit asking where tab affinities are. This makes you look smart and like you have good long-term memory, while complaining about bugs sounds like caveman rabble-rousing. Secretly, both of these come from the simple fact that you're trapped in a Skinner box and losing control over your life, and all you have left to live for is the blind hope that some clueless people on the other side of the world will sand off the remaining sharp bits so you can continue slurping down dopamine in a numb and oblivious state to the imperfections and hardships of the world outside your computer. You don't need anger management classes, you need therapy for your crushing anxiety that makes the real world impossible to face, and that's fine, but blaming a group of small, fuzzy flightless birds in a far-off land that are so easily baffled by their own existences that they sometimes peck at themselves just to make sure they still exist will not solve your problems.
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The hue game of your internt team is top notch
To the MF Windripper go the spoils
may it be a light in dark places where all other hope is lost...
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
webas wrote:
dachoppa wrote:
japaloco wrote:

Yeah I wonder why they don't make their art designers, or w/e is the name of the people that make mtxs, fix the game definitely the same department. *SARCASM*


you know, they could just downsize the art department and hire developers instead.

Its as if people refuse to use brains.. You are right on point sir.

And then again, the cavemen would come up with "but how you expect them to get money if they release no mtx" type of questions..

"Refuse to use brains..." right. As if I was arguing that there is nothing they can do such as that to improve the game.
I guess reading is hard for some people. Yeah player unhappiness decrease mtx sales and they "could down size the art department". But they probably have a release schedule to mtx it's completely pointless complain like that every mtx post as if they are not putting any effort in fixing the bugs when the game is free to play and the revenue depends 100% on people's willing to support them.
But hey do w/e you want you'll keep complaining I'll keep to pointing how ridiculous this kind of posts are, we're all brains users right.

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