Hideout Competition

My firs edit hideout, i dont have microtransactions for HO but i try do the best.

A dark place to learn the diverse of species.


Stately Hideot, templar headquarters theme. hope you like it :)

The unrighteous Cove.

In this reddit post you will find the links for hideoutshowcase.com where you can find video and download links for both hideouts.

This is the first version of the hideout, Praise Cassia.

The unrighteous Cove: Kitava's coming.

Then Kitava came.

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Redblade wrote:
Your hideout must be created after the release of the Heist expansion.

This rule always gets me as I only really make hideouts towards the end of the league. Never entered before should be enough in my mind but what ever I guess.

Yeah, I don't follow the logic for this rule either.
I'll start a hideout in one league and then add to it across future leagues until I get it exactly like I want it.

My current hideout is contest level quality, but I worked on it across 3 leagues.

Oh well....
The theme for this is an Island Sanctuary. An escape for those who want it for a time, but are ready to go back out if they must.

First Hideout that I've made and looking for ideas to improve it as well, I do not have a full grasp of all the deco and stuff one can do with them.

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My hideout, based on Glacial, 100% MTX free (exept for portal and character herself). Theme is: Magic cave of Ice and Fire. My charachter is a powerful mage, and it is a suitable place for her and her crew. The cave is covered with glowing crystals. Lava flows underearth, and mythical trees with red leaves grow close to its warmth.

Portal area and zoom in:

Crafting bench

Map device:

A spot close to hot springs so my buddies dont get cold:

Just hanging there =)

Thanks for your attention, I hope you enjoyed it.
I love these! And there's also a community-run one with Autumn theme :)
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Forum moderation is pathetic.
the theme is the jungle in fact its name and BAD TRIP INTO THE JUNGLE represents the adventure of a small group of exiles who get lost in the wilderness of a dark world ....

what could it be hiding?....

Natalia_GGG wrote:
Hideouts that have previously been featured in the Hideout Showcase news series or submitted to the Hideout Showcase forum are not eligible for entry.

I hope this time you won't break your own guideline ;)
My hideouts: 2257515 2325653

Forum moderation is pathetic.

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