The Maraketh Character Effect

Not my type.. I bought many Caractereffects.. But no one could reach the celestial effect. Celestial Character-effect is just to amazing. Maybe you can bring more of the type like celestial out. :)
5 Way/100% Delirious service and more -

Map/Blueprint Duplicate service -
I dont get it but can bring a new style for mtx in the future
Can I get one with a green exclamation point?
No, useless and most important annoying garbage.

You really should cut down all these ugly floating-around thingies and focus one more "character bound" stuff, skill MTX etc.

But, well i guess there are again enough "POG"-zombies around paying for this lul ...
Ok, so it's a drone. Next they'll have little toy RC monster truck as a 'pet'.

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