Path of Exile Community Designed Microtransaction - Poll #3

Community Designed Microtransaction - Active Skill Gem

Summon Carrion Golem
Raise Spectre
Blade Vortex
Toxic Rain
Essence Drain
Ice Nova
Ball Lightning
Blade Blast
Poll closed
My vote: Blade Vortex

My reasoning:
Celesital Blade Vortex effect to pair with Celestial Cyclone effect would be nice.
1 Blade vortex please.
5 Way/100% Delirious service and more -

Map/Blueprint Duplicate service -
Would love the ability to put armor and weapon MTX on my Animate Guardian, it is currently the only thing in the summoners arsenal that sticks out due to the mish mash of gear you put on him
Oh, so sad - Ice Nova seems way to far behind to have a chance now...
Aren't EIGHT MTX for cyclone enough? There are skills without even 1 MTX and Cyclone already got 8.
Feel free to ckeck some skill suggestions:
Anything but yet more cyclone?

Honestly I don't like this voting process.

I absolutely would like an interesting skill mtx... but everyone voting for that option probably had a different skill in mind.

It meant that a majority of minority opinions banded together, until we ply it down to the point where we look like having a 9th cyclone MTX win.

If we went back & had a vote of "do you want another cyclone MTX or literally *anything* else?", I suspect 'anything else' would win just due to the lack of vote splintering.

Infact I suspect even letting people see the current voting prior to voting would probably lead to a surge in the 2nd place option (it's Toxic Rain btw, for anyone reading this prior to voting).
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I decided to vote for Cyclone because I thought it would be funny. I’m hoping Purifying Flame wins :)
Ok. So that happens when you let the community decide on something. A 100% stupid decision on an active skillgem, so a community designed MTX on something you definitely can only use on one single skillgem. Stunning.
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Toxic Rain almost about to catch up to Cyclone! Lets go TR!

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