Righteous Fire Spell Totem Hierophant 3.12 (Yes this works and its amazing)


This is a Cheap, Strong, Sustainable build that started as a meme but ended up being really strong so I decided to post it on the forums if anyone would like to try it, I love messing around with quirky random builds like this so if anyone wants to try something new and original at least I didn't see anyone have this idea, then here is my Righteous Fire Spell Totem Hierophant



+ Strong Bossing Power
+ Relatively Cheap
+ Endgame Viable
+ Great Sustainability
+ Decent Clear
+ Totems Last Way Longer than Expected


- Leveling Can be Somewhat Annoying
- Relies on Flat life not Armour, ES, Evasion



Ascendancy Points:
1.Illuminated Devotion
2.Arcane Blessing
3.Pursuit of Faith
4.Ritual of Awakening

Bandits: 2 Passive Skill Points (Because Eramir Sexy)

Minor God: Soul of Ryslatha
Major God: Soul of Brine King

PoB Link:https://pastebin.com/XxTwMsL0
(This is PoB Community Fork)

Hierophant is the strongest choice for this build because of the Totem Notables where as inquisitor would also work very well for the elemental dmg and crit chance/ailments it just didn't compare to the %dmg added to our righteous fire and the added Hp to our totems. Chieftain Was also considered since you can get your totems to take no fire dmg from your righteous fire but this didnt seem good enough to me for the fact that your totems already last considerably long and the reasons they usually die is from mobs attacking them.

Top Mods:
#% inc. Burning Damage
#% inc. Fire Damage
#% inc. DoT
#% #% inc. Maximum life
Usefull Jewels:
X1 Spire of Stone (Unique Crimson Jewel) with #% Damage or #% Pen Corrupt

SKILL Damage over Time
Righteous Fire Totem 6L: 1,593,891.8 total DoT

The main goal is a high life pool
(Will also be using Holy Flame Totem, Enduring Cry, Stone Golem)

My Current Gear at lvl 74:
(You get a better view of the needed gear on the PoB)
https://pastebin.com/XxTwMsL0 (This is PoB Community Fork)

You're Gonna Want a 6L Searing Touch Unique Staff

Body Armour
You're Gonna Want a 6L Carcass Jack Unique Body Armour
(I was still using tabula and it felt smoothe)
There's always a Soul Mantle Alternative with combustion support replacing spell totem gem. But the Hex is what made me decide against it and the AoE off the carcass jack feels more satisfying

You're Gonna Want any 4L with Resistances, Life, and if Possible Burning Damage Corrupt or Max Life Corrupt with 40% Inc. Righteous Fire Damage Enchant

You're Gonna Want 4L Fingerless Silk Gloves With Resistances, Life, and extra ES if Possible

You're Gonna Want any 4L with >25% Movement Speed, Resistances, Life

You're Gonna Want a Xoph's Blood, its just that simple.

You're Gonna Want a Pair of Unique Pyre Rings
(The Inc. Burning Damage is just so strong for this build and you can start using them really early on too, also resists never hurt nobody)

You're Gonna Want a Leather Belt with Resistances, Life, #% Inc. Fire Damage, and Armour if possible

1.Life Flask (Of Heat)
2.Diamond Flask (Of Staunching)
3.Quicksilver Flask (Of Warding)
4.Atziri's Promise, Amethyst Flask
5.Forbidden Taste, Quartz Flask


Main DPS Setup Vaal Righteous Fire 6L

Vaal Righteous Fire-Burning Damage-Spell Totem-Elemental Focus-
Swift Affliction-Inc.AoE


Orb of Storms-Hextouch-Flammability-Chain

Mobility 2L Setup + DISCIPLINE

Flame Dash-Second Wind-Discipline

(You might ask why I Run Discipline here well pretty much the more ES and Mana you have the more DMG you deal so I had to put it in somewhere and this was the only available slot)


Holy Flame Totem-Faster Casting-Greater Multiple Projectiles

Golem/Warcry 4L

Stone Golem-Enduring Cry-Inc.AoE-Inc.Duration

Act 1- We focus scaling early damage here gaining pretty big chunks of life on the way anyways, We can use any of the Skills Gained by Tarkleigh. I like Frostbolt Personally but if you want to scale fire damage early you can always take Magma Orb, Molten Strike, Purifying Flame. BUY HOLY FLAME TOTEM FROM NESSA (Breaking Some Eggs) Also you can pick up Spell Totem Support from Nessa (Caged Brute)

Act 2- This is where you Scale more dmg but you're gonna want to find a wand with high spell damage and maybe extra fire damage. By now you should have a movement ability and also try to use 1-2 quicksilver flasks and maybe also movement speed boots early on. You can also now Pick up Righteous Fire from Yeena (Root of the Problem)

Act 3- You're Gonna want to complete the First Lab Hopefully Before Going to Fight Dominus gaining Illuminated Devotion for AoE and Dmg, You Start to scale some Fire dmg and gather some Totem Nodes here too.

Act 4-This is where you can start to use Spell Totem Righteous Fire but it will feel quite week for a while in leveling this changes over the span of act 5 and 6 though. Try to start looking for your elemental resistances.

Act 5- Since we Pick up Elemental Overload Here we try to start Scaling Crit.Chance. This Act is relatively simple and your Righteous fire starts to feel better. We also get the Amplify Notable Temporarily. Looks for some nice ele.res rings.

Act 6- Here is where Righteous fire Spell Totem really starts to shine while we temporarily have the Amplify Notable. You Should Really have +60% for all ele.res' now especially moving into the second part of the story.

Act 7-This is Where you might feel some downtime so try to go and buy all of your needed gems or most of them from Lilly back in Act 6 Lioneye's Watch. You can also get yourself the Spire of Stone Unique Crimson Jewel Making your Righteous Fire even stronger

Act 8- This act is mainly for finding the gear you will be using for the next while meaning high life and res', movement speed and strong weapons, maybe now moving into staff territory. You can also Now enter the 2nd Labyrinth and get yourself Arcane Blessing.

Act 9- You should be using respec's points now to get rid of Amplify and get yourself some life out of the Constitution Cluster and keep scaling your totem's efficiency.

Act 10- This is where you look for those max resists since you will lose 30% more after defeating Kitava. You're Looking for a 3,500+ Life Pool with Max Res' and Strong enough damage off your Righteous Fire Totems to be comfortable with.

Items: If you can Get yourself some of the following Uniques leveling will be so much easier.
Tabula Rasa, Simple Robe
Wanderlust, Wool Shoes
Nomic's Storm, Strapped Boots
Lifesprig, Driftwood Wand
Goldrim, Leather Cap

Good Luck, I Hope you enjoy my build.
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looks nice
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was trying to decide between RF and some totem build. Bam Problem solved. Thanks it looks like fun
Hi there,

Thanks for the guide, just one quick question: You have two spire of stones socketed in your tree in the pob link, but it's limited to 1. Is this intentional? Am I missing something?

Last edited by Karpathos on Sep 29, 2020, 9:46:33 AM
For the PoB, I did have 2 Spire of Stone Jewels but it is now limited to one so I will get to changing that but you can always replace it with another Jewel with the recommended mods.
#% inc. Burning Damage
#% inc. Fire Damage
#% inc. DoT
#% #% inc. Maximum life
Thanks for the Notice and i will get to updating the PoB soon.
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Thanks for posting this. I've been missing Righteous Fire Totem builds since Milkyslice stopped running them.
Recently started liking totems A LOT! This one looks like fun however your POB link gives an error.

Response code 404. :-(
The concept of the build seems cool and I'd definitely try it, but some of the gear choices seen weird and the damage doesn't make sense. This might be solved when the PoB actually works but for not I'll comment on the problems I see without it.

Firstly, why the Pyre Rings and Xophs Blood???
I understand the burning damage helps but the conversion doesn't help whatsoever as RF is a pure fire damage over time skill which means conversion doesn't work at all (especially cold conversion since there's no cold damage in the build).
Its the same thing with Xophs Blood, the only slightly useful thing on that is the 10% fire pen because nothing else on that amulet gives this build anything at all.

Next your "damage calculation"
In the guide you say 1.5 Million Dps. And unless you have a magical skill tree and more than perfect items I don't see how that number is possible. In my testing using a level 100 tree that focuses solely on damage, using a 6 link, with maxed out god gear, I was barely able to break 1 million.

So I would love to see your PoB because I love the concept but I don't see how the build is actually viable.
I get what you're saying, I really haven't dug deep into making builds but I chose the pyre rings because of just the high amount of dps it gives and the fire pen off the xoph's blood is nice to have but you can still always get some very strong rare amulets, this was just off the bit of experience I had with it and I kept it cheap, you can always MinMax and Optimize my build but this guide gives relatively simple and satisfying gameplay from what I know. The PoB guests links haven't been working for anyone, if you are in the official Path of Exile discord they had made an announcement and that there is no current fix.
Like I said too there is definitely room for improvement and this is a cheap simple fun meme build I had put together that worked out better than expected so I decided to share it. Now its no Enki Arc Witch but for someone who wants to try something new because they have the time, why not?

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