3.12 HC AURA CHAD ~5ex budget | 9k+ ES | 700k+ BL DPS on 5L | 82/82/83 Res | 90% Phys Reduciton

Are you tired of being just an "aura bot"? Are you tired of being flamed for picking up currency in a public party? Are you tired of relying on some "carry" with an inflated ego to clear maps? Then oh boy do I have the build for you.

Introducing, the AURA CHAD

I missed out on the herald stacking shenanigans in delirium but it inspired me to make a build that is amazing for party play while also being able to solo all* content.

*I'm still progressing through maps but it should be able to do anything.

Path of Building:


I added a crit tree, you can switch to it by clicking the drop-down menu in the bottom left of PoB. I haven't tested it out yet and it doesn't have glancing blows so you might have issues with getting stunned. It's also going to have about 400 less es but you get about 200k more dps. Once you get to level 96 or sacrifice some es nodes, you can get 3 jewel sockets and use triple crit multi jewels to get over 2mil dps.


The hardest map I cleared with this build was a t15 Lava Lake with extra cold damage, monster move+attack speed, and ele res. I'm leveling a new character now and I'll post some actual videos when I get geared up again.


Stats in Hideout with Flasks:

DPS with Charges:

Ball lightning actual DPS should be around 13x the tooltip with Slower Projectiles support. The tooltip also doesn't include damage from Pinpoint support. My current DPS should be about 790k (900k while leeching es).

Please let me know if my math is wrong. Also I'm unsure about the 13x multiplier especially with the aoe nerf, I just saw someone say that on an old reddit post.


Required Uniques:

You also need any cluster jewel that reduces an aura's cost but I can't get the item link to work.

Highly Recommended Unique:

Everything Else:

Since we get most of our defense and damage from auras and passives you should be able to find fairly cheap gear with just Energy Shield, Intelligence, and Mana. You will need to get dex on a few items as well as some elemental resistances. Also try to get chaos res wherever you can.

I used a wand with +1 Lightning Gems, Spell Damage, and Mana until I got this lucky scepter drop from a Grand Heist.


Shavronne's Wrappings: Ball Lightning-Slower Projectiles-Energy Leech-Added Lightning-Pinpoint

Added Lightning can be swapped for Controlled Destruction for higher DPS but less consistent Elemental Overload procs.

I might use Added Cold in the sixth link to apply brittle to enemies and convert this to a crit build, but otherwise Controlled Destruction or Spell Echo should be good.

Prism Guardian: Choose any 3:
Wrath, Zealotry, Anger, Determination, Grace, Haste.

First 3 are the best for dps. Anger allows me to apply scorch to reduce enemy elemental resists but without Secrets of Suffering it might not be worth using.

Everything Else:
Purity of Fire
Purity of Cold
Purity of Lightning
Vitality-Blood Magic
Shield Charge-Faster Attacks-Fortify-Stone Golem
Cast When Damage Taken-Molten Shell-Increased Duration
Iceblink/Flame Dash/Dash

You can also use Precision if you have enough mana and an open gem socket.

Enlighten isn't required in this build but it would allow you to have higher level Clarity or Precision.



I didn't save my old non-crit tree but this should be pretty close.


This tree is for the crit build I'm currently using on my new char.

I leveled with Freezing Pulse and then switched to Ball Lightning. After the campaign, I played as a support running triple Purities, Discipline, and two curses until I got enough money for shav's.

For Ascendancy I went Harmony of Purpose->Bastion of Hope->Radiant Faith->Unwavering Faith

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Jesus Christ the title is fucking cringe.
Also first.

Too. Much. Clutter.
Did this build and now my parents are getting a divorce :(
I wanna play this now coming from another aura bot, when is the next time you are going to stream this?
Rodneyking wrote:
I wanna play this now coming from another aura bot, when is the next time you are going to stream this?

I'm going to start the stream at about 5pm EST today. I also enabled vods in case you miss it.
is it good at farming simulacrum?
woof say that death live
Going to give this build a go this week
Really enjoying this build, tweaked a few things and made it glacial cascade instead, about 1.5 ex in. (well 90 chaos now) doing fine with no real investment. trying to get up to red maps
Awesome build thanks
pastebins arent working in pob for me for some reason

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