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[3.12✔️] MONK INQUISITOR ✦ Hollow Palm Technique ✦ Consecrated Path ✦

Monk Inquisitor is all about slapping monsters with your bare hands and purging everything with circles of light.

Be prepared! Speed, flashiness and constant blinks can get you motion sickness in the end of the day.


Here is fully voiced VIDEO GUIDE:

✦ YOUTUBE full video guide and gameplay footage ✦



For 3.12 nothing really have changed. New Punishment still need to be tested live (can be super OP for clear) and it can be easily replaced by Flammability on Magmatic Strikes variant.



Pastebin PoB: https://pastebin.com/AU3RJ79J



Just slap it until it is dead.

We are stacking over 1k Dexterity for damage and life pool. We do convert Physical damage to Elemental and stack ele/phys/AoE mods. We do not have any weapons or gloves while we are using Hollow Palm Technique keystone.

We are rather tight on our gem slots. We pretty much limited to only 6-link damage, dual curse, 1 aura, 1 warcry, 1 travel skill and minimal utility. That is why we can go for the Blood Magic / Mortal Conviction / Supreme Ego keystone combo and do not feel any guilt at all. xD

Considering our main offence skill - Consecrated Path we do benefit greatly from our Inquisitor Ascendancy synergy with Consecrated Ground immunity to aliments and damage buffs from both Pious Path and Sanctuary.

Call to Arms and Iron Reflexes keystones pretty much tops out our damage and tank utility. Dodge version failed around T14 maps so Iron Reflexes is really great and viable option.




Overall I spent less than 10ex on this current gear setup. For a Dexterity stacking build this is VERY cheap. You can swap Astramentis for Dexterity stacking amulet, but that would be THE investment.

You can swap Increased Area of Effect for Concentrated Effect on big boss encounters.

Both Boots and Helmet are the best in slot choices for damage and life pool stacking on this build. You can get +2 AoE gems corrups on Helmet to boost dual curse and Blood Rage setup.

Astramentis is incredible solution for your INT requirements and since 3.11 Split Personality nerf grants us ability to use triple Brawns in the build.

Fluid Motion is occupying slot near the Agnostic Keystone.
You can go with 1 Split Personality with +DEX and +Life instead of one of the Brawns near Acrobatics Keystone. Considering price/dps boost I just rolled with Brawns all the way.

Thanks to our immunity to elemental aliments from Inquisitor we can have almost any flask mods outside rather mandatory Anti-Curse and Anti-Bleed.
Lions Roar is mandatory for good damage.
Atziri's Promise can be swapped for Wise Oak if you can balance your resists.




Loreweave is really great and cheap solution if you do not have currency for proper 6-link chest yet.

Nomad is also surprisingly cheap and great attribute staking unique before you can get influenced Rustic Sash with increased attributes.




You pretty much can go for the Hollow Palm Technique keystone ASAP.

After that you just try to slap faster than enemies slap you. Rather one-shot experiences before you enter maps and start to properly gear yourself. But it is rather fast compared to a lot of more traditional leveling skills!


Magmatic Strikes variant:

PoB: https://pastebin.com/aSwf7HQM

We are simply swapping Physical to Lightning to Elemental Focus and go on the tree for extra 3 points with Magmatic Strikes.

It is extra 3 points and it will convert 90% of Physical damage to Fire instead off 50/50 Fire/Lightning conversion.

- You will increase DPS of build by 25%.
- You would not be able to do physical reflect maps anymore.
- Elemental Ailments are no longer available, so potential use of flask suffix "of Infliction" is out of perspective.
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My other build guides:

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Infernal Legion Skeleton Bomber

Cyclone Zombiemancer (NERFED, can be recovered tho)


YOUTUBE video guides:


ANIMATE WEAPON POPCORN FACTORY ✦ Poet's Pen ✦ Infernal Legion Minion Instability


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Thanks to the some community brainstorming added Magmatic Strikes. It will net 25% more damage at cost of some utility and skill points.
How well does the build kill bosses?
Had no real issues up to A8 Sirius, there I have died twice to my stupidity. And Minotaur can be tricky with big dps mods. But Overall like any other melee build with reasonable damage - by doing mechanics.

Would not call it universal league starter, but this build definitely can do both mapping and end game bossing with enough attention.
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For 3.12 nothing really have changed. New Punishment still need to be tested live (can be super OP for clear) and it can be easily replaced by Flammability on Magmatic Strikes variant.
Hey, i love the idea of your build but i'm a bit retarded and i did it as a league starter. Can you give me some advice on how to itemise before one whith nothiung ? for end of leveling and early mapping ?
Sry for delayed response. New league to exiting xD

It would be a struggle as league starter in passive tree department. You would definitely need to go for generic melee build first and then do 30-40 Regret orb respec into dexterity stacking.

Otherwise Consecrated Path should be fine as leveling tool with full gear and some cheap DPSy unique like:

It defenetly can carry you up to T14-16 and T3-4 Conquerors (optimistically) and from there you can slowly build up gear for dexterity stacking and One with Nothing.

Blood Dance boots can fix your Frenzy charge generation for this sword if you need accuracy for hit chance.
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