[3.16 RDY] Gladiator Bleed Earthquake 85/73 Block / League Starter / Budget Friendly

Essence Worm
has changed, we can't run all those aura's
To overcome you can use a normal ring, take command of steel passive, and anoint sovereignty, then you can run all.
I'm sure there are plenty of other ways to solve this, but this worked for me :D

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Hey so they changed Essence Worm, can you update the POB with alternatives? THanks :D
Looks like this isn't going to be completed or updated for 3.16, which is sad. I just finished Act 10, and was hoping to carry this build forward more, but I need some advice on gear and skill gems.
Is the Surrender not good anymore since you dont include it in the POB?
Gronlaender wrote:
Is the Surrender not good anymore since you dont include it in the POB?

He got it as alternate shield but it kind of pointless though as the character hit 90% physical resist cap with the other shield.

In fact he got more armour than is needed by a decent amount at lest in the POB I been looking at and a few passives that are not right.
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Anyone manage to clear end game content with this? I really love this concept having returned fully to PoE this league since stopping around abyss league, and missed out on when this was strong.

Its going great so far but I wish to push higher and need some tips and have some questions:

1) How do I improve my boss damage? Tips on this would be greatly appreciated. Right now with little investment I can actually clear t14s easily, so im sure t16s are fine too, I simply ran out of t16s to try otherwise I would.

2) Not sure whether or not to take the versatile combatant passive since our max block is +10% on gladiator so its not as bad when it takes a -25% hit. Since we can't get spell block early, capping spell block this way with a single point (albeit a lower, 50% spell block) is still pretty sexy? I mean its pretty much 85% block 25% spell block (without sacrificing army for stone of lazhwar and traveling far on the tree for some small spell block nodes) VS 60% block

3) Is it possible to do end game bosses with this build, kinda just tank our way through them? I feel like this character is even tackier than my 92 jugg.

4) I read the swap setup ensnaring arrow means that the enemy always counts as moving, and I don't have this setup for bosses, is this why my boss damage feels lacking sometime? Or does this setup not work anymore / got nerfed cuz I don't recall seeing bleed EQ juggs (2hand build, different setup but also bleed-focused) using a swap.
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Need help.

What stat affects on using speed (not reuse) of earthquacke. Now I have so slow animation of strike on low lvl. How can I speed it up?
Alright, so I've been tweaking the PoB and these are the changes so far:

- +85% to attack block chance
- +75% to spell block chance

- 5k HP
- All resists capped (Chaos included)

- Bleed DPS increased by ~7m
- Fully functional Pride without Essence Worm

A fair word of warning, though -- I'm no expert at creating builds. Just because of this, I'd like you to check for any possible mistakes (or better options).

Here's the PoB: https://pastebin.com/bAvxtz6w

... and the list of changes:


- Main hand > Jack, the Axe (edited)
- Off hand > Shagreen Tower Shield (idk where OP got the +12% spell block to be honest)
- Helmet > Eternal Burgonet
- Body armour > Astral Plate
- Boots > Two-Toned Boots
- Amulet > Stone of Lazhwar (Arcane Guarding)
- Ring 1 > Two-Stone Ring
- Ring 2 > Essence Worm
- Flask > Quicksilver Flask (+ Increased movement speed suffix)
- Flask > Granite Flask (+ Increased Armour suffix)
- Flask > Empty slot
- Small Cluster Jewel > Mage Hunter
- Small Cluster Jewel > Mage Hunter
- Timeless Jewel > Brutal Restraint

+ Main hand > Runic Hatchet

Expensive and kinda tricky to craft, but offers ~4m more DPS than Jack, the Axe, not even to mention that you'd be saving 10% HP from Thirst for Blood.

+ Off hand > Ezomyte Tower Shield

Chance to block spell damage, increased damage per 1% chance to block attack damage, etc.

+ Helmet > Nightmare Bascinet

Chance to block spell damage, maximum life, mana reservation efficiency (essential for aura management), etc.

+ Body armour > Astral Plate

Chance to block spell damage, maximum life, fire res, etc.

+ Boots > Two-Toned Boots

Maximum life, resistances, movement speed.

+ Amulet > Onyx Amulet

Chance to block spell damage, additional physical damage, maximum life, etc.

+ Ring 1 > Amethyst Ring

Intelligence, maximum life, elemental res, etc.

+ Ring 2 > Amethyst Ring

Maximum life, elemental res, crafted mods.

+ Quicksilver flask with Freeze and Chill immunities
+ Rumi's Concoction
+ Amethyst Flask with Bleeding and Corrupting Blood immunities
+ Small Cluster Jewel > Second Skin
+ Small Cluster Jewel > Second Skin

Extra armour is always nice. Besides, you can already cap block spell damage without Mage Hunter.

+ Small Cluster Jewel with some DPS mods.

[Gem setups]

- Molten Shell + Increased Duration
- Shield gems (Brutality + Culling Strike + Maim)
- Blood Rage
- Awakened Melee Physical Damage & Awakened Brutality to normal versions
- Awakened Swift Affliction

+ Swift Affliction is replaced with Deadly Ailments, though not really sure if PoB is correctly taking into account the damage.

+ Shield gems are replaced with Reckoning + Maim + Brutality. Optional, anyway.

+ Shield Charge + Fortify + Increased Duration [+] War Banner

War banner doesn't have to be linked in this setup. On the other hand, Shield Charge can generate Fortify stacks and apply bleed when charging through. It can help you to avoid dangerous packs of monsters.

+ Flesh and Stone + Enlighten + Pride + Tempest Shield

This setup must be placed on the helmet for reduced mana reservation.

+ Immortal Call + Summon Stone Golem + Cast when Damage Taken + Increased Duration

Some sort of classic gem setup for extra defensive layers. Golem will give you extra life regen + taunt monsters, and you know pretty much know the rest.

[Passive Skill Trees]

Original PoB: https://i.imgur.com/komsZCs.png

Updated PoB: https://i.imgur.com/wIeqEs9.png


Other than that, I'd like to mention that this build is amazing. I had first tried it on Heist, and even now it's pretty decent. However, the nerfs are pretty noticeable, and working around block chance can be really annoying, especially when you've just hit maps and you're still gearing your character. But if you're persistent and have the currency for it, give it a try!
0 hp node selected 3k life exists

lol :*)

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